Bath Time turns into FUN time

I am very thankful that both of my kids seem to enjoy bath time.  My daughter has always had a ton of fun playing in the tub with little squirting toys, little mermaid toys, fish toys, bathtub paint, and letters and numbers.  Today we had a different plan and it was so much fun!   We turned the lights off and we put in some glow sticks and necklaces.  At our Dollar Tree they sell them so it was very affordable.  :)  So put that on your list the next time you are out at the dollar store.  

First I drew the bath and added bubbles.  The bubbles created a layer which in turn made it a game for us to find all the glow sticks and it looked very neat.  We also worked on colors too while playing hide-n-seek with them.  "Selah, can you find me the little pink one."  We were also able to work on number by counting them.  

All in all bath time today was very enjoyable.  The only thing that would have made it more fun is if I would have jumped in with her...LOL!  

How do you make bath time fun or even educational?  

Here are a few photos... I am not a pro when it comes to taking pictures with low light!  Would love to take a photography class.  

See how the water looks so cool with the glow sticks and bubbles!!

Here are a few things you could find on to make bath time more fun at your house or would make a great birthday present for any little boy or girl.  
Alex Paint in the TubCrayola Bathtub CrayonsAlex Rub A Dub Artist In The Tub - Bath Paint Set


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katepickle said…
oh glow sticks in the bath in the dark! WAY cool! My kids would love this! thanks for the idea!
Hannah said…
What a great idea!
Aimee said…
Wow- that is pretty cool. My kids love taking a bath- until I have to wash their hair! Great ideas and thank you for linking up on The Sunday Showcase!

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