Bathtub fun: Pipe Cleaner Letter Making

The other day we had fun with Pipe Cleaners and a strainer, go read about that HERE

We took the pipe cleaners and strainer up to the bath tub.  The kiddos sure had a fun time with it in the tub.  I sure love finding ways to keep the bath fun because my lil guy is not always a bath fan.  

Titus my toddler put the pipe cleaners in the strainer and also had fun watching water pour out of the strainer and splashing with the pipe cleaners.  

We have letters for the tub and my daughter had a challenge of trying to use pipe cleaners and twist and turn them into the letters.  Some letters are very hard while others are very simple.  :) Some simple letters to try include, C, G, J,L, O, S, T, U, and V.  Some letters we had to use more then one pipe cleaner so she needed a little assistance but it was still fun and she had fun! 

Keep coming back as I hope to post some more pipe cleaner activities over the next couple weeks.  :) :) 


Unknown said…
Looks like fun. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

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