A Comprehensive Guide To Fashion & Trends In LA

 ashion and houses and catwalks throughout the world are finally getting back to doing what they do best: creating, developing, and advertising the very latest in haute couture fashions and, after the devastating effect of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic halted the fashion industry as it has many others, the fall/winter season of 2021 is fashion personified as every part of the industry strives to make up for the lost time. 

In Los Angeles, fashion is constantly on the minds and bodies of nearly every single person strolling the boulevard. Therefore, for your reading pleasure, here are some effective, fabulous ways to keep up and know everything about LA fashion, with a few tips on how you can afford breaking the bank. 

Browse The LA Fashion District

As a resident in one of the most fabulously fashionable, forward-thinking City of Angels, you will be all too aware of the notoriety and prestige associated with the LA Fashion District. 

Consisting of approximately one hundred blocks, the LA Fashion District, formerly known as the Garment District, is quite literally the central hub of the west coast fashion industry. Shops located in the LA Fashion District include, but are categorically in no way limited to, Lumiere, Charlotte Russe, B & J Apparel, Tea & Cup, and Honey Bell. 

Autumn/Winter Fashion 2021

LA Fashion Week is one of the major influences on west coast style and, subsequently, what the LA style fashionistas and trendsetters start to buy and wear, usually the rest of California and then the whole of the United States, follow suit. 

For fall 2021, oversized shirts are a leading player constantly seen on the streets of Los Angeles, and they can be worn in a variety of ways, from buttoned up and tucked into charcoal grey checked trousers or unbuttoned over a logo tee and high-waisted mom jeans. Sticking with the high-waisted trousers, neutral tones with a light pattern or loose and baggy light grey culottes with a black body underneath are the perfect fall staple for those autumnal walks around the city.

Other fashion staples visible throughout the streets of Los Angeles include oversized sweatshirts, vintage logo t-shorts, and 90’s black wedges. Thankfully, your bank balance will survive as there is a plethora of discounts, sales, and vouchers, such as a YesStyle coupon, that will help you stay ahead of the fashion curve without leaving you penniless.

American VS English Style

There is often talk of how the styles and fashion trends of the United States greatly differ from those of the United Kingdom, and there are certainly a few key, consistent differences between the two.

British fashionistas favor charity shop chic and, especially in the major cities, such as London, Leeds, and Birmingham, quirky and edgy fashion is always considered to be at the forefront of true and personalized style. Wellington boots and raincoats are a staple of a British girl’s wardrobe, whereas, in the States, both items are strictly reserved for Coachella and other chic and fun music festivals and gigs.