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Increasing Your Energy Levels As A Parent

  Pexels - CC0 License If you’re a parent, experienced or new, you’re more than familiar with the lack of sleep and lethargy that comes with taking care of a little one. As our children develop and become more comfortable with routine, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to keep consistent sleeping hours, which of course, they tend to notify us about. Increasing your energy levels as a parent, then, might seem like a pipe dream, as there’s nothing better for feeling refreshed and capable than actually being able to sleep. This is why it’s heavily recommended for new parents to take naps where and when they can, such as when placing their own baby down for a nap (with a baby monitor plugged in so that they can attend to their needs if necessary). But from there, there’s not much advice. We’re just expected to get over it, as the cost for daring to bring a child into the world in the first place. Or at least, this is how it can seem. But worry no longer, in this post we’ll discuss how

10 Tips On How You Can Set Your Teenager Up For Success

  As a parent, you want your teenager to be successful in life. There are many ways that you can help them reach this goal, but it will take some effort on your part. So how can you set them up for success?  Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash Here Are 10 Tips On How You Can Set Them Up For Success: Set Clear Expectations And Boundaries. It's important to set expectations early on with your teenager. Explain what is expected of them in terms of school, work, and home life. Be clear about your rules and the consequences for breaking them. This will help your teenager understand what is expected of them and avoid any confusion or surprises down the line. Encourage Open Communication. Open communication is key in any relationship, but it's especially important between parents and teenagers. Encourage your teenager to come to you with any questions or concerns they have. Let them know that you're always open to talking about anything that's on their mind. Help Them Develop A

Spinal Tips You Might Not Have Known

  The spine is, without a doubt, one of the most significant structures in the body. It provides support for the body, aids in walking, and even assists with simple acts such as sitting up in bed, which is why it is critical that we take good care of our spines. As is common with spinal injuries, the spine is one of the most delicate parts of the body, and even a little accident or damage can leave a person with chronic pain and movement limitations for the rest of their lives. So, in order to help you in taking proper care of your back, we've come up with an outline on spinal information that you may use to help yourself .   Exercising helps. Many people avoid physical activity because it is time consuming and, at times, unpleasant. Failing to exercise frequently, on the other hand, can and will deteriorate the joints at the base of your spine, increasing the likelihood of discs slipping out of place.

6 Theme Ideas For a Baby Shower to Remember

  Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming. It’s a big responsibility, and you want to make sure it is perfect! Which theme should you choose? There are so many beautiful themes to pick from that it may take some time to decide. From rustic and contemporary to modern and classic, or even seaside or floral, there is sure to be one that fits just right for your event. You’ve got the party details down—now all you need are the decorations. No worries—help is here! Check out this article for all the information you need on six themes for a baby shower so that no matter what your style is, you can have the perfect event.   Picture by Terri Chude on Pixabay Rustic If you want a baby shower that has a pleasing and warm feel to it, then rustic may be the theme for you. This type of party is best suited for an outdoor event. There are many decorations in this theme, so you can mix and match as your heart desires. For example, if you wanted to have a farm-themed shower, you could use food co

Lardera Coffee Review

  Lardera Coffee  works directly through relationships.  We recently had the honor of reviewing all four of their coffees. One thing that really jumped out to us is that they only have four coffees.  This is so special to us because it tells us the value they place on two things, relationship, and excellence.  They work hard and focus on delivering excellence in a few products, rather than mediocrity with many products.  My husband roasts his own coffee as a hobby and side hustle, so I figured his input would be best for this review.  Here is what he thought of each bean: The first thing I noticed is that all of these coffees were lighter roasts.  In my mind, this is a great indication of someone who truly cares about the bean.  Light roast coffee is NOT weak coffee.  Light roast beans have not been roasted to their 'second crack' which expands the bean like popcorn.  A lighter, smaller bean represents more pack for the punch.  There is a greater variety of flavors as the bean

How to Teach Your Children that it’s Better to Give Than to Receive

  One of the greatest gifts that you can give your children is to teach them about the art of giving. They can carry this with them long after you have gone, it will be something to cherish, and it allows you to live on in their memories. The first step is to inspire your children to participate in the process of gifting. Giving someone a present is a way of recognizing his or her worth by providing something of value. Of course, we're talking about a lot more than just money, because a gift represents the giver's concern and gratitude for the recipient and being deliberate about the gift enhances the experience from all angles. Earn and Learn Buying a gift with money you have earned yourself is more meaningful, and it's a crucial lesson for children to learn at a young age. Assist them by suggesting age-appropriate extra chores around the house where they may earn some extra money. Work on a list and budgets with your children, allowing them input into what, who and why.