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Are you voting for Colton Dixon?

I loved hearing Colton share is faith on national TV.  :)  He has a passion to let God use him and I think he is being a great role model of how we all should stand firm in our faith and be the light!  :)   Lets keep him on the show!  VOTE for Colton!  :) :)  American Idol airs on Wednesday night so remember to VOTE for him!  :) 

The Birthday meal my hubby made...

Yep, my birthday was on Monday and my hubby spoiled me!  One of the ways he spoiled me was by making me this really amazing cedar wrapped salmon...I want more!  :) I think we might have to do this again soon...the hubby cooking!  :) :) :) :) :) :) 

And the Winner is...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Thank you to everyone who entered!  Dont forget to enter the 2 giveaways currently going on, Dropps Laundry soap and Every Natural Fact Book .

Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open Air Parenting- Book Review and Giveaway

 This is a must read for all parents!   My review: I am a fellow Wisconsin native and this book has gotten me excited to plan (already planning) some summer road trips to several of the areas that Amy Lou Jenkins shares about.  I was also reminded of some of my own memories ranging from a couple State Parks to the neat ice caves at Lake Superior.  Amy Lou Jenkins has a great way of writing that captures stories and memories but intertwines them with Wisconsin history.    I truly am in awe of God's creation and his handy work.  Amy Lou Jenkins reminds us how we have taken advantage of our natural resources and never seem to connect with nature.  I know I have had several walks where I have been able to praise God and pray and I feel closer and closer to HIM.  We do have dominion over our resources as God tells us in his book but Amy reminds us in her book too.   I truly adored the fact that she created these trips and memories with her son.  I know one day her son will ch

Its your turn to Shine, you were born for a time such as this!

Our youth group has done this song a few times and I just love love it!  What a great declaration to sing to!!  :)  I love the lyrics and the the build up in this song!  :) 

I have a climber!

Not only has he started walking but he has started to climb!!! He is starting to make me so nervous!  Boys boys boys are so different then girls...or at least my Titus is so different then his sister.  

Dropps Laundry packs Review and Giveaway

Dropps laundry pacs are tough on dirt, but easy on your  favorite garments. Simply toss the  pac directly into the  washer drum  (1 pac = 1 load) and it dissolves  completely.   Dropps laundry pacs are compatible in HE (High  Efficiency)  and standard washers. Dropps laundry pacs  clean all fabrics  and all colors in all temperatures (cold or  hot water). The  Dropps formula is Phosphate-free,  enzyme-free and biodegradable. And, it’s safe for septic  tanks and gray water systems. The Dropps Fresh Scent  formula is approved by the EPA’s Design for the  Environment (DfE) program. My REVIEW: I was happy to receive some of the Baby Dropps and the  Fresh Scent Dropps for my review.  I was happy that both  were  pleasantly smelling and seemed to last!  What I truly  enjoyed was the ease and the no mess product!  The  bonus for the product is the safety of it!  The fact that it is  phosphate free and enzyme free is great!  As a mother I  want to make

Satan is an Imitator, Jesus is the Real Deal!

Octopus Hotdogs and Mac n Cheese

My daughter helped me make the kid dish for our potluck at church this weekend.  It was so simple yet the kids thought it was neat.  Just take a knife and cut the hot dogs to have 8 legs and then boil them.  When they boil the legs will curl up a little bit and look like and octopus.  :)   We made mac n cheese to put the octopus's on top of to be swimming.  :) Do you have any favorite item you bring to a potluck?  

Dollar Store Craft: EASTER

Our local Dollar Tree had these cute foam Easter projects so we went to town creating them today.   They had eggs, bunnies, chicks, and flowers.  :) This is a very simple craft that even the young ones can do.  :) Simple with no glue because they were stickers.  I think we will put them up on our windows.  :)

Happy Birthday Titus!!!

It is so hard to believe that my little man is 1 already.  There will be another post to showcase his birthday party which is next weekend.  :)  I still have to share a little post and reminisce about the day he arrived.   I was scheduled to be induced so the hubby and I were at the hospital early and we were very anxious. Titus had different plans and he made the day very hard.  He changed positions several times and then his heart rate started to drop during contractions so we had to do a c-section.  It was very painful!!  I really do not want to have another c-section but after you have one they recommend you have them with the rest of your children.  Now the hubby and I are not sure if we want more children or not.   Titus was a huge blessing to have.  I have truly enjoyed watching the differences in my little boy compared with my girl.  He is all boy!  He loves throwing and he will throw everything!  With such a great arm on him I think we will have to sign him up for baseball a

A Trip to the Art Museum

We declared a family outing the other day and we are blessed that our city has a free art meseum with this awesome kids activity center!  The theme is Dinatopia and its all dinosaurs! :)  The artist did a great job of capturing faces and shadows.  I loved it! I did not see any signs that said I could not take pictures so here a couple I took on my phone.  :)

More Love

Wordless Wednesday

Not a typical song I would post but just in case this is more your style of music then you might like this.  Not sure if you can worship to this song but it is listed as the number 1 Christian Praise and Worship song:

Stay Hydrated, It's Hot! :)

I just have to laugh at my husband when he came home yesterday.  He said, "Honey guess what I bought."  I had no idea so then he pulls out this enormous water bottle!  IT is so big.  He has this issue that when he is at work he kinda forgets to take a break and go get something to drink so many times he comes home and he is dehydrated.  So he came up with this solution!  :)  HAHAHA  FYI, he is not going to drink Mountain Dew in it!  I made sure of it!  

Summer weather in March= LOVE IT

 I love him and his excitement on the swing.  

Jesus Loves you...

In case you forgot, JESUS LOVES YOU!!


(Jumping with excitement)  I am only 3 pounds away from my first big goal of weight loss! :)  Can I get a Hip hip hooray!!  :):):) FEELS GREAT Had to share that and... My daughter keeps telling me I am the best mom ever and it melts my heart.  I love her so much!  :)

Giveaway's: 1 ending tonight!

I have 3 giveaway's currently going on and one is ending tonight so make sure you get your entries in!!! :)  The one ending tonight is $100 Target Gift Card: GO ENTER HERE GO HERE to enter $100 Amazon Gift Card Go HERE to enter the Copy Kids DVD

Cereal Rainbow Project

  Well, Spring has sprung early in Wisconsin but WE love it!  We also heard some thunder this week and one thing we love looking for is rainbows!  :) We have been blessed to see some amazing rainbows that last couple years.  I absolutely love to take the time to share about God's promise to us and the symbolism of the rainbow.  They are such an amazing site to see and I feel blessed when I get to witness them.  :) So we grabbed cereal and marshmallows and created our own little masterpiece full of all the colors!  :)   This activity is great because you get to discuss God's promise, discuss/practice colors, practice with glue, and then color match, count the number of pieces you add to your paper, and don't forget sneaking in plenty of cereal bites.  :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Good Morning Green Pancakes

Yummy yummy in our tummy!  The green pancakes sure started our St. Patrick's Day out right!  Oh and don't forget the bacon too.  :)

Copy Kids DVD Review and Giveaway! Get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies!

Some day's I feel like I have the pickiest eater so I knew that if this worked I would be PRAISING!! :)                                                             This mama is praising and thrilled with the results so far.  :)  Before I share all the fun details let me tell you what Copy Kids is.   Copy-Kids is a media company producing video that encourages positive habits in young children, by watching and copying other kids. Copy-Kids unique content — DVD, online and TV — helps parents get their children hooked on healthy and positive habits. The DVD showcases the following fruits and veggies: apples, avocado, banana, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, orange, raspberries, strawberries, and Tomato's.   Our results: I started with the broccoli section as I was excited to see if my daughter would eat the veggies.  Most of the time she usually will only eat carrots and spinach.  I am so happy to announce that she ATE and ATE and then ATE some more.  W

Oh March... I heart your weather this year! :)

I am not sure where you live or how your weather has been but this week has been awesome.  We have broken a few records on heat!  Yesterday we were in the sun as much as possible. We painted rocks, played t-ball, drew with chalk, and blew some bubbles.  Oh how we are one excited family for summer.  :)  I hope that all spring we have this warmth and sun!  :)