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Taste the Rainbow

On our 14 year anniversary we were able to see this beautiful rainbow... so we had a little extra fun! 

Happy 14 Years!!! Anniversary TRIP!

Happy 14 Years!   Our couple days included Mississippi Palisades park, Dubuque Botanical Center, Mines of Spain Park,  Eagle Point Park, Thai food, and some other fun at the River front!    It was a wonderful time and much needed.  

Book Review: "Very Beary Stories" 3 books in 1

I Can Read: The Berenstain Bears Very Beary Stories 9780310768425; Hardcover; On Sale Date 05/26/2020 Featuring three favorite stories from the Berenstain Bears Living Lights library,  Very Beary Virtues  is the perfect collection of stories for children learning to sound out words and sentences. As they read along, little ones will be inspired to play fair, respect others, and work together—just like their favorite family of bears! My Review: It has been awhile since I reviewed a Berenstain Bear book!   I know you already know I love them!  I love that they incorporate such good values!   The first book, "Play a Fair Game" did not disappoint.   Well, actually the adults in it were disappointing!   I could relate as a parent going to a kids sporting event to see parents acting out in such a manner that it took away the fun for the kids.   I imagine it happens often.  I love how the older lady who taught Sunday school to both the coaches ran onto the

We Rocked Iowa City Parks!

We have been taking time to enjoy more and more parks during this crazy season.  We love finding rock structures and following deer trails instead of staying on the path.  We enjoyed our day so much! 

Selah and Prince Charming

This girly girl isn't afraid of nature!  I love her! 

2020 Summer Bucket List

It was so hard to make this list during Covid-19!   I am not sure we will be able to do some of these activities.    What did you put on your list for summer? 

Sweet Delite Ice Cream Stop

We found a cute little walk up ice cream stop in Davenport, Iowa!    I also was super pleased that they were able to try to recreate one of our favorite ice cream treats from Wisconsin.   We noticed that they had crunch coat so with the crunch coat they added th at to vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and bananas.  It was close to the original I think it might just need a little less peanut butter.... which is a shocker coming from me.