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Bible Review: Moments with Jesus #momentswithjesus #childrensbible

  Let Jesus capture your child’s imagination! If you are looking for a resource to help introduce your child to Jesus, look no further.  The Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible  was designed to help kids encounter Him for themselves! What makes the  Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible  different from other children’s Bibles? While other children’s Bibles contain informative stories from the Old and New Testaments, the  Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible  puts kids in the middle of the action of twenty essential stories from the four Gospels. Through dynamic, first-hand storytelling, kids come face to face with the Living Word Himself, getting a clear picture of who Jesus is, what He is like, and His love for them  personally . A powerful resource for every parent, grandparent, pastor or teacher, the  Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible… Introduces kids to the living Jesus who knows and loves them. Captures children’s imagination with 20 stories from the Gospels. Illustrates Jesus’ nature

How To Get Yourself Properly Party Ready This Festive Christmas Season!

  The orange, browns, and beautiful reds of autumn are already beginning to fade and the harsher temperatures and bare branches of winter will soon be here. Naturally, absolutely synonymous with wintertime is Christmas and, now the entirety of the United Kingdom is finally beginning to return to some semblance of normality after the coronavirus pandemic, this year, Christmas will be more of a celebration and party than ever before. With that being said, continue reading to discover how to get yourself properly party read this festive Christmas season. Treat Yourself To Some Festive Retail Therapy Shopping on the high street is now so much more than nipping into individual shops to browse the aisles and clothing rails.  Nowadays, shopping is an experience in itself and is one of the most perfect ways to immerse yourself in all things festive and get yourself mentally ready for Christmas. Nip into a coffee shop and treat yourself to a spiced cinnamon latte and take yourself on a walk th

5 Ways to Manage Blood Pressure without Medication

  If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you may worry about the idea of taking medication to bring the number down. What you may not know is there are certain lifestyle changes you can make that can lower blood pressure. From losing weight to eating the right foods, here are five effective ways to control blood pressure without the need for medication. Lose Weight If you have put weight on, your blood pressure can often increase as a result. For those who are overweight, this can cause you to stop breathing while you’re sleeping, which raises your blood pressure further. One of the best things you can do is lose weight. This can allow you to control your blood pressure better. You can look into blood pressure monitors at home which let you keep track of your numbers. As you begin shifting the pounds, you should notice a decrease in your blood pressure.  Exercise Regular exercise each day can lower your blood pressure. You must be consistent with your health and fitness,

What You Should do If You Are in a Car Accident

  Image credit It is not always a nice topic to talk about, but it can help you tremendously if you have the knowledge to deal with this kind of situation. In the unfortunate scenario that you are in an accident, or witness one, it can be helpful to know what steps you should take. Every situation will be different, but prior knowledge, and tools, will be able to help you navigate an already stressful and frightening situation much better. Preparation is key.  General road safety  It is first important to make sure that you are as safe as possible on the road, to ensure you reduce the risk of having an accident in the first place or at least minimize the severity of injury that you may suffer. You should regularly conduct car safety checks including checking the airbags are working, your tires are pumped up accordingly, your front and brake lights are working, your brakes work, etc. Make sure you are safe on the road, take your time and extra caution.  Straight after an accident If yo

How To Make Your Wedding Day As Spectacular & Fabulous As You Are

When planning your wedding day, it is more than easy to get sucked into the nitty-gritty of table settings catering for your guests’ dietary requirements and general housekeeping organisation and scheduling. Admittedly, such activities and tasks are absolutely crucial to ensure that you and your fianc├ęs big day goes to plan and without a hitch, (aside from the getting hitched between each other); however, you absolutely deserve to spend time planning the more entertaining aspects of your special day. With that being said, continue reading to discover some top tips and piece of advice on how to make your wedding day as spectacular and fabulous as you are! Hire A Vintage Wedding Car There is no truly more spectacular way to arrive at your wedding day than in a beautiful, stunning and truly ‘instagrammable’ vintage wedding car, from an established and renowned company such as . From the 1961 classic Austin Mini and the 1934 Derby Bentley to the 1980 Roll Royce Wrai

5 of the Latest Trending Technologies & Equipment For Your Home This Winter

With Christmas just around the corner, if you, a loved one ,  or  a  close friend or family member has either just renovated a room in their home or else ha s  plans to do so in the new year, there could be no greater Christmas present than a piece of home equipment or technological gadget.  With that being said, continue reading for  five  of the latest trending technologies and equipment for your home this winter.   1.  A Professional Popcorn Maker   For a simultaneously entertaining and functional present this Christmas, consider purchasing a professional popcorn - making machine.  Obviously, popcorn from a packet can be done in the saucepan (although this may never be attempted by, or near, small children as the popping kernels can be dangerous), but a popcorn maker will make those winter movie nights all the more special.    2.  Wireless Charging Plate   A modern trend this year, what with people having spent so much time at home over the last year and a half or so, are wireless c