Friday, November 27, 2015

Book Review: "My Christmas Stocking" by Crystal Bowman

Product description:
What happens on Christmas Eve while children sleep? "Their stockings are filled up with candy and toys, and happy surprises for good girls and boys." A kindhearted man hid a gift in a stocking, long ago. He did it to "remind everyone of the Gift that God sent." Christmas stockings help us remember God's love.

My Review:
"My Christmas Stocking" is an adorable board book that is in a shape of a stocking.   The author uses many great rhymes and the illustrations are bright.  This story tells you the story of the first stockings and Saint Nicholas.   Our main stream society really doesn't understand that Saint Nicholas was a real person who had a desire to share God's message and love with everyone!   It is a great story to start with your toddlers so they understand the difference of Saint Nicholas a real person as opposed to Santa Claus a fictitious character.  I recommend putting this book on your Christmas list of books to read to the kids.  

Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

Thanksgiving 2015

Well we made our way into Illinois to visit Anthony's side of the family.   We were so excited to see some of them and see the kids play together.  

This picture shows Leona, Selah, and Titus!  There are several years between them but they sure get along great.  

This picture had me giggling as Leona put up a peace sign when I took their picture.   She might not have any idea what she was doing but sure made for a good laugh and a memorable moment.  

Titus made his own turkey placemat at school.  I love it and hope I can keep it night for a long time to remember his tiny little hands.   

Bible Review- "NIV Bible for Men"

Book Description

A much-needed devotional Bible designed for a new generation of young adult men.

Combining the current writings of key young authors and pastors with a clean, accessible design, the NIV Devotional Bible for Men fills a critical gap in the Bible marketplace: a highly approachable yet spiritualty challenging Bible targeted specifically at young adult men.

This compelling new Bible speaks to the topics, challenges, and expectations that will instantly connect with men ages 18-34. It covers such critical issues as career, sexuality, leadership, pornography, relationships, financial stability, spiritual growth, substance addiction, culture, character, education, self-image and more. Each of the 260 devotions is carefully designed to ensure extensive, sustainable immersion into God's Word, leading to meaningful life impact.

Sensitive to the technologically connected, time-starved lifestyles of today, the NIV Devotional Bible for Men offers the quick impact and deep spiritual engagement that young men can't get with any other Bible.

NIV Devotional Bible for Men features include:
260 devotions of 600-800 words apiece
2 methods to engage: reading through the Bible canonically from Genesis to Revelation or topically, using the topical index
"Leveled" Scripture engagement that allows readers to choose between 1-minute, quick topic summaries or deeper, 10-minute devotional experiences
Devotions from young pastors and leaders such as Matt Chandler, Shane Claiborne, Craig Gross, Gabe Lyons and Jud Wilhite
52 "Myth Articles" state commonly accepted myths in our culture today, then refute those myths with answers from God's Word.

My Review:
Having a Bible is so very important but having a Bible that has other devotionals in it to help you grow and specifically for men is a great tool as well!   This Bible is hard cover with a simple design on front.   In fact if you pull the dust cover off the Bible is plan black color.  
This book would be a great gift for any male!   I am waiting for God to tell me who needs a new Bible so I can hand them this Bible!   
The Bible has some extra features and my favorite one that I think many men will enjoy is the many "Myth Articles."   This will get your men thinking about how our society has accepted many myths rather then relying on the truth of God's word.   This section I imagine will be favored by many men.  

Book Review- "I Prayed for You" by Jean Fischer

Book Description

Did you know that even before you were born, I prayed for you?

Mommies love their babies and pray over them before they are born and for their whole lives. This book will help them share the many ways they have prayed, and continue to pray, over the lives of their precious children.

Mama Bear shares with Baby Bear how much she prayed for her, even before Baby Bear was born. And each and every day, Mama prays and asks God to help Baby Bear grow big and strong, be safe, love God, and be good to others.

From before these sweet babies are born, and for every part of their futures, Mama covers them in prayer. Every spread will share a different prayer, and mamas everywhere will resonate with this eternally important message.

Baby bears everywhere will fall asleep knowing they are loved and prayed over.

My Review:
"I Prayed for You" By Jean Fischer and illustrated by Frank Endersby is a sweet board book.   This board book has pictures that catch your attention and rhymes that are sure fun to read.  As a parent I loved the little 1-2 line prayers that might help some new parents to remember those precious prayers.  This story walks you through a baby cub growing up and the mama praying for her cub as he learns new things each day.  The story is geared for toddlers but my preschooler and 8 year old still enjoyed the story.  I think many parents will enjoy reading this book to their kids as the reflect some of the prayers they have said for their kids.  

I received this book free through BookLook Bloggers!   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

First Snow of 2015

 Ready or not we got about 7 inches of snow!   With a warm fall I still had flowers in bloom and peppers growing in my garden!   Not to mention it is going to get warm again next week.

Even if I wasn't ready for the shoveling and the  snow mess these two goof balls were overjoyed to play in the white stuff.   We had fun making snow angels, a small fort, and just walking in the snow.   

Here is another example that fall was not ready to be done yet... pretty fall leaves still on the tree.   

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