Thursday, May 21, 2015

Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer

Kids don’t have much understanding of what it means to be healthy. They eat what they like, play games and don’t worry about counting calories and watching their consumption of sugar and saturated fat. Sure, increasing numbers of children are becoming more ‘body conscious’ as a result of negative media stereotypes, but for the most part, children are not plagued by weight concerns in the same way adults are.
As a parent, it is your job to protect your children from harm. You have a responsibility to ensure they eat regularly, stay clean and healthy, and don’t sit in their rooms playing video games 24/7. Eating healthy food and taking regular exercise is important for kids, too. Obesity is becoming a huge problem amongst children, in part fuelled by consumption of junk food, so anything parents can do to prevent their child from eating the wrong things is vital.

Prepare Home Cooked Food

It isn’t easy finding the time to cook delicious home cooked meals when you have to work, clean the house, and take care of the child care. However, there are a few short cuts you can take to make life easier. Good Grub People online farm food shop is just one of many small companies selling fresh, organic food to customers online. Buying food online means you can enjoy home deliveries of fresh ingredients without the hassle of visiting the local store. This will free up some of your time and give you more time to cook.

Encourage Your Kids to be Active

Kids often need a push to be more active. In the old days, children routinely spent their days playing outdoors, getting exercise without even trying. Today, however, most children end up glued to a screen for hours at a time and don’t enjoy much in the way of exercise as a result. To make sure your kids stay healthy, encourage them to try new sports or take them for a kick about in the local park every weekend. It’s good for them and good for you.

Set a Good Example

No child will see the benefit of eating healthily and taking regular exercise if their parent slobs about eating junk food and lying on the couch all day. You need to set a good example if you want your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try and eat good, fresh food and exercise regularly. Lead by example and they are a lot less likely to end up suffering obesity related health problems.

Make Family Time Fun Time

Try and schedule lots of fun time together as a family. Go camping or hiking on a weekend or take up a new sport together. If you make family time fun you will find it a lot easier to separate your children from their games consoles.

Make healthy eating and exercise your mission for the summer. Eating well and being active is a lot more fun than suffering the ill effects of a poor diet and inactivity.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review- " Princess Joy’s Sticker and Activity Book"

Sticker books girls will love! The Princess Parables come to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and 50 colorful and reusable stickers in the friendly and fun Princess Joy’s Sticker and Activity Book featuring Joy, her four princess sisters, and their friends.
Join Joy and her sisters in some creative and interactive fun with 16 pages of stickers and activities that are sure to please, featuring her father the king and her special animal friend Rosebud the Puppy.
About the contributors:

Jeanna Stolle Young is a Daughter of the King that lives in Southern California with her dashing husband, Bruce, her two sweet princesses, Danika and Emmalynn and two daring princes, Christian and Kenton.  God gave her the vision for this series that has caused her faith to grow through watching Him work.  These are her first published children’s books.
Jacqueline Johnson was born into royal heritage and is a grandmother to three little princesses, Catherine, Alexandra Grace and Megan Joy and four princes, Zack, Maverick, Payton and Christopher. She delights in filling their hearts and imaginations with stories filled with Godly character and the concept of becoming a child of the King for eternity. Her devoted husband and castle are perched on a hill on the Pacific Coast in Southern California.

Omar Aranda studied Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born. Many top publishers and companies worldwide have commissioned him for projects including story artwork, comics, and character design. He started his career as an artistic painter but now devotes all of his time to illustrations for children's products.
My Review:
I think I might like stickers more than my daughter... I grew up collecting them!   My daughter immediately started taking the stickers off and finding the places where they would go but did get frustrated when a couple of the stickers seemed to large for the place they were suppose to be.  
My daughter seems to enjoy Princess Joy as she can relate to her because they both have a love for dogs.  We have had many discussions about being filled with God's unspeakable Joy and this book was fun to have to help us in those conversations.   
The stickers are a great activity but there is also many other pages of other activities in this book that create hours of fun and entertainment.  The stickers are reusable but if they have been on a page for several days it can be a little more tricky at getting them off.  
Thank you Zondervan for supplying a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

Gift and Award Bible Review

Early readers will love the NIrV Gift & Award Bible. And church leaders, friends, parents, and grandparents will love giving it, knowing it will be used often by hearts eager to grow a big faith in God. The New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) is an accurate translation of the entire Bible that is adapted with care from the New International Version (NIV) and created especially for early readers.
Features include:
• Presentation page
• Dictionary
• Complete text of the NIrV—the NIV for kids!
• “Three Ways to Read the Bible” – Explains how to read the Bible by story, subject, or person
• “About the Bible” – Describes how the Bible was written and how it came to us
• “Life in Bible Times” – Describes what life was like when Jesus was on earth
• “The ABCs of Salvation” – Helps explain the way of salvation

My Review:
This bible is NIRV translation so it is an easier one for kids to read and understand taking out the thou's and stuff that makes it hard for kids to follow along and read.   This is a very simple Bible that sells for $7.99 on Zondervan.   The price is great and this Bible sure would be a blessing to girls who like pink, just recieved Christ for Salvation, baptized, or any other  milestone that would require a gift that would keep on giving!  
The Bible is very simple but it includes tips on how to start reading the Bible as well as a reading plan to make it easy for kids to get in a habit of completing daily reading of His word.  
Thank you Zondervan for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pizza Tour #1- Brix- "Get Sauced" Review

My family took me to Brix for Mother's Day!   I have been wanting to try a few different pizza joints in the Quad Cities so we went to Moline, Illinois and tried Brix first.  

We did order the cheese bread for an appetizer and I was pleasantly surprised with the huge tomato and spinach on each piece.  The appetizer might have been my favorite part of the meal. My kids of course took the best part of and ate just the bread... so I had a few extra bites of the                                                    cheese, spinach, and tomato!  
Brix has a tagline of "get sauced" and it was very clear after my first bite that there was a lot of sauce.   I first tried the Tuscan pizza and the flavor of the sauce was very similar to a spinach and artichoke dip.   They were right there was plenty of sauce on it, but the sauce was a bit to over powering for my taste buds.   I liked the thin crust pizza as each pizza had a nice crunch but yet a good buttery flavor.  

The second pizza we ordered was a chicken chipotle'.  My husband like this one much more than me as well as our church intern.  The kids did enjoy the pepporoni one as well! 

The best part would be the wonderful Sunday special.   Get any specialty 12'' pizza for only $6!   So for the price and the unique flavor options I would go again especially on a SUNDAY for this special! 

Another little feature I liked was the tall pizza trays for the table!   They were classy and helped keep the table more free!   

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bridge to Brownies

My 1st grader is almost a 2nd grader and she just went from a Daisy to a Brownie in Girl Scouts.  

You have grown so much this last year.   You are reading non stop... even after bedtime!   You love school, you love to sing,  you love reading and writing!   You are also very gifted in running!   Girl Scouts has been a fun time and I am excited for next year!  You have awesome friends and I look forward to getting to know them more!  You have tons of friends and enjoy everyone... in fact the first book you wrote was about stopping bullying!   I was very proud of your work... I will always be proud of you!   I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEET GIRL!  

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