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Chicago Trip Lesson

Don't follow the mold of the world. God has big plans for each of us. Be bold and don't give up. Be the "red" in a world of "white".

Softball Star in the Making!

My gal is doing coaches pitch softball this year and enjoying it!   I know we have many skills to work on but she is improving each and every day!   I am so proud of her!  

Newborns bring lot more than joy only – 3 things that you won’t like!

Newborns are a bundle of joy –there is no doubt about that. But they come with a lot of other emotions too. Although everybody around you like to prepare you for what’s coming, but no one can ever put into words what it like is to be a parent to an infant for the first time.
I am a father to a baby girl. She is now six months old. We are pretty used to her now – I and my wife. But the first six months were a roller coaster for sure. I know each parent is different and so is every baby but if we are to summarize general emotions or feelings of being a new parent than following mentioned aspects will fall into the universal category.
There is no parent on planet earth who hasn’t felt the following ride of sensations during their early days of parenthood. Here we go;

Sleep deprivation – no baby bedding can make your child sleep

We have heard so many stories about sleep that during the baby preparations and shopping, our major focus was to create a perfect sleeping environment for baby. We did a lot of things which includes changing the color of our room, installing new lights, buying new bed sheets, white noise machine and what not.
Another interesting idea that I experimented with was to buy some finest baby bedding from a very popular baby store to make a comfortable nest for my baby girl to sleep. On the other side, IZZZ can be a good alternate to buy baby bedding in Australia.
However, the end of all these preparations was nothing. She did not sleep (even baby bedding didn’t work) and we didn’t sleep either. The worst punishment you can give any living and breathing human being is sleep deprivation. I went through it for quite a while.

Exhaustion – even if you manage naps throughout the day

Although I wasn’t looking after my newborn full time, I had taken a month off from work to enjoy being a father. During that month, I and my wife had a little schedule to where she would take care of our daughter and I would sleep and vice versa.
I think we managed a pretty good timetable; still the exhaustion was very much there. It used to feel like I have been the doing physical work for days and there is no limit to it.

Unpreparedness – no matter how much you have prepared

I have told you how much we prepared for the kid but even after so much fussing around, we felt like we haven’t prepared enough. There used to be a new situation every day which we never anticipated. One day we wouldn’t know how to do the pamper, next day we will be suffering with the pump and the list continues.

It is actually very disappointing when you have geared up for being a parent with all your heart and then you fail really badly at simplest of the things but hey, that's what it is like to be a new parent.

Baby shower gift ideas: Baby Bedding, Gadgets, Skin Care, clothes

Baby showers are an amazing celebratory event for the parents. The only way you can participate in the celebrations is by giving a thoughtful gift. While looking for gift ideas, you should focus on its usability. A gift that can be used by the baby and his/her parents will always remind the family of your kind gesture.
We have some great baby shower gift ideas and the philosophy behind them;

Baby Bedding:

New parents are hyper aware of the need of many beds for the baby. The will buy a co-sleeper, baby cot, carrycot, baby box and what not but they usually miss out on baby bedding. Well, you can’t blame a tensed or stressed soul. It is a great way to help them out by buying bundles of baby bedding.
It may have sounded like an expensive idea but it is not if you buy from the right place., an online store for baby product, greatly deals in online baby bedding in Australia for newborn babies. You can get the gift of baby bedding from there at a good price and awesome quality plus design. The prices are very good and any one can buy with confidence.

Baby Gadgets:

Although babies don’t start using iPhones and iPads immediately, a few gadgets might actually help the parents. There is a cool gadget known as “Baby Cry Detector”. Most first time parents are confused as to why the baby is crying – does s/he need to feed? Is s/he hurting? Does s/he want to sleep? There can be so many scenarios so a cry detector tells the parents why the baby is crying so they can provide what s/he wants immediately.
There is another gadget that’s called “Baby Shusher”. As the name is pretty self-explanatory, it helps a crying baby by making a soothing sound. “Baby Thermometer” can be used to check the temperature of little ones.
There are so many options if you decide to get a baby gadget. All you need to do is search in the local mall or online to get a fancy gadget. To what extent these gadgets work? Well, you can find out later from the parents.

Skin Care Products

Babies are fancy little human beings who happen to be super high maintenance. They have their own bag of skin care products. You can buy a gift basket of Johnson's Baby products. There is a powder, oil, lotion, shampoo, cream, body wash and what not.
You have both the options; you can buy the ready-made gift basket of baby skin care products or create one of your own and put your favorite items.

Baby Clothes

You will enjoy buying baby clothes a tad too much as they are so tiny and extremely cute. You can never go wrong with the size as they are available according to the age. Do not buy zero size clothes as the couple might have gotten too many of those already. You can get clothes for six months or one-year-old baby so the parents can use them later on.

How To Help Your Kid Thrive At School


For the first months of their life, your child is your responsibility. You care for them and feed them and love them. This sets the foundations for the rest of their life. Once they reach a certain age, however, it is time for them to go to school. They are no longer only your responsibility, but a group of teachers, and other children. So, once they reach this stage, how can you ensure that they continue to thrive?

First off, it’s so important that your kids understands why they are going to school, and why they must work hard. How you choose to express this is up to you, but it needs to be done. Often, once they start, children love school, especially preschools and nurseries. They get to spend their days with their friends, playing games. It’s a great starting point to get them ready for ‘big school’ and more complex subjects. They get to express their creativity, and learn skills, and play sports. Be sure to ask them lots of questions about what they have done with their day. Even if they can’t see it themselves, there will be valuable lessons in everything they’ve been doing that day.

Keep an open dialogue with their teachers. Make sure they know that you can be contacted anytime, about anything. A good relationship between you and your kid’s teachers serves everybody well. It will allow you to know what your child is excelling at, and what they deserve praise for. It also means you will quickly but alerted to any areas your child is struggling with.

One experience that many children have at some stage in their school career is bullying. Bullying can really stop a child from thriving at school. In fact, it could make them want to stop going altogether. Parents of bullied children will tell you that facing the problem head on is the only way to deal with it. Ignoring it and hoping it goes away is futile; it won’t. This is yet another reason why open dialogue between you and the school staff is so useful. They can advise you honestly about the best route for fixing the problem. Doing this will have your kid smiling and happy again in no time, and able to concentrate on school.

When summer rolls around, your kid will probably get some time off. Don’t let this mean that they get time off from learning too. Going to the local library and picking out some books will help with their literacy. Visiting a museum can help with their knowledge of science, or history. Going traveling is a great way to teach them about different languages, and cultures, and even geography. Plus, throughout the summer, be sure they keep working on the areas they still need to strengthen. Using those weeks wisely can greatly influence your child, and for the better! They will thrive the next academic year if you keep their learning up during the summer. At Christmas, teach them about generosity. Learning isn’t just about facts and figures, after all!
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