Merry Christmas 2019

Oh Christmas Lights, Oh Christmas lights, I love your little sparkle!  
We were so blessed that it wasn't too cold here in Iowa for this quick photo shoot.   I had scheduled family photos 3 times and cancelled 3 times for various reason so we grabbed some friends and went and took some great pictures!  
2019 was up and down and all around!   My kids are much more independent and we took a nice long family vacation in Florida and I will treasure those memories forever!  
Work has been more challenging so it has been exhausting physically and mentally which has really caused me to forget about self care... I gained some weight!  NO MORE! 
2020 will be about focus!   

Good Bye 2019!!
HELLO 2020

One Word to Describe your Family in 2019

My son was given an art assignment to pick one word to describe his families 2019 year.   He chose "GOD."   This makes me super happy!   It truly is what my family is doing each day!  Making God the center of our family is vital and this was a pat on the back for me knowing we are doing it!  
How would you describe your 2019 year?  
COLOR STREET NAILSNail it with Selah and April are looking to build more customers!  
This season we have had tons of people stop and ask us about our nails!   WE love that we can do our nails in the comfort of our homes, that it is much cheaper then the salon, the product is made here in America, and let me not forget that it is 95% dry so no smudges and no dry time!   AMAZING!   
Ask us any questions!   We also ship out samples!  Just message us! 

Happy Birthday Jesus Pancakes

The tradition continues with pancakes to celebrate Jesus birth!   
This year I went with a sheet cake for pancakes!   This allowed us three different types of pancakes.   1. Peanut butter and banana 2. Blueberry and cream cheese 3. Chocolate Chip
I think Blueberry was the overall winner!   My bananas needed to be a bit sweeter so that type didn't have much flavor.  

Oh Candle Light Service and Christmas Jammies!

There is something about Christmas pajamas and cuddles that I LOVE!   I know Christmas pajamas can get pricey so I was excited in my late shopping time to find these two at Gordmans the Saturday before Christmas!   They were also a great price!  

Do you go to a Candle Light Service?   We have one each Christmas Eve and singing with the candle light sure makes it feel more like Christmas!  

You make my life MERRY and BRIGHT

Easiest Christmas card ever!  Did this with several different age groups!   It is easy, not to messy, and fun!   Plus some kids could make more then one to send more love to their family!  
I did this activity at church and school! 

Christmas Program at Riverside

I am so thankful for the leaders who planned the Christmas program this year!   What a wonderful way to Celebrate Jesus!   I enjoyed the songs and the production very much!