Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ozeri ZK13-5PW Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection- Review

Disclaimer:  I received the Ozeri Kitchen Scale in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale features a Microban antimicrobial product the prevents the growth of stain and odor- causing bacteria- the only kitchen scale with this technology.  It has two buttons- which are more like touch screen and four precision sensors.   The blue screen is backlit and precise tare button makes the scale super easy to use.  The scale does use two lithium batteries.  

What I like about this scale is the scale will automatically turn off after two minutes of not being used!   I am always forgetting to turn things off but I hate wasting batteries so this feature is perfect for people like me... forgetful!  :)

We have had the scale for about two weeks and it has been perfect for measuring our food into appropriate portion sizes.  We eat smoothies almost daily and this scale makes it easy to portion out the fruit and veggies so I know exactly how many calories I have consumed.  

The scale has several different units of measure- grams, ounces, fluid ounces, pounds, and milliliters. So no matter what you need to measure you have some choices on the unit.   

The best thing about the scale is the tare button.   When you turn on the scale it will automatically tare which makes it easy and nice!  The scale is small and compact so it can store very easily in any nook and cranny in your kitchen.

To get your scale you can click HERE.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Selfie

Do you have the confidence to take a selfie and post it on social media?   

This year I turned 30 so I might not fit in the trends with the teens and young 20's but I was determined to try to take a selfie and post it on social media.   

There is always that vulnerability I have with putting a close up picture of myself out there but after a dozen or so pics I finally picked this one and put it on instagram and facebook.   

It's so easy to take your phone is times of boredom and take some pictures but the dreaded selfies were and far and few between... I mean I have kids to take pictures of! 

So what is really behind a selfie?   Some say it's bad as it shows selfishness, others say it creates drama.

More than 31 million Instagram photos have been hashtagged #slefie!!!  Another shocking stat 91% of teens have posted a selfie of themselves online. 

Wowzers... that is a ton!!  So I myself took several shots before finally liking the above image enough to share it on social media.   I did have control though I could have deleted it instead!   

So what is your take on the Selfie?  Good?  Bad?  Self Esteem Building?  Jealousy enduing?   

So let me know- have you shared a selfie lately?   

He was begging to paint my nails... silly boy!

I was having a mommy-daughter moment painting our nails when my 3 year old son was so jealous.   So I gave in and let him paint my nails!   Yep I am that daring but he was so thrilled to join the fun!   

What are some crazy things you have let your kids do?

Guest Post: Sophisticated Fashion During the Spring

With the flowers blooming and the sun shining, doesn’t it make you want to seize the day and go on a fashionable adventure? Now that spring has arrived you have a reason to head outdoors and get all dressed up for a fun outing. From spending time with your girlfriends to taking the kids to a movie or friend social, why not take advantage of the nice weather and the new seasonal fashion trends by embracing sophisticated fashion. You’ll look fabulous and will feel your best too in your new ensembles.

Graphic Tees are Basics that Create a Smashing Silhouette
Graphic tees can be your new bff because they can be used to create any type of stunning outfit by layering a tee-shirt underneath a dress or sweater, wearing your favorite tee with a pair of jeans, and also using a tee as a swimsuit cover up when it’s time to hit the pool or beach. There is a fantastic selection of graphic tees for gals carried by rue21 that you should check out. Browse the site for graphic tees and you will find a variety of tee-shirts that come in fun colors and patterns that you will adore and will create a smashing silhouette.

Leggings are Comfy and Chic
Leggings never go out of style, which is why they’re ideal to wear with a variety of ensembles. Pair leggings with a new floral spring dress for added security and hit the town. Leggings also work fantastic for when you’d like to arrive at the gym in a stylish workout outfit. Not to mention leggings also look great with a sparkly tunic or glam tee-shirt when you and your hubby have time to go on a fun, romantic date. Leggings can work with any outfit once you find the right printed leggings that you adore.

Embrace the Sales to Create Affordable Fashion
If you don’t have the budget to create all new outfits for spring time you’re not alone. It’s hard to have enough money for your family and yourself! If you love fashion there are easier ways to come up with a stylish silhouette: embrace the sales! Rue21 has excellent markdowns on their site, making online shopping convenient. Snag a tie dye tunic top or slim boot cut jeans and you’ll have a new affordable spring outfit that’s sophisticated and trendy. Now go out and enjoy the fabulous spring weather! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Twirly Girl Dress Review- Coupon Code Within

My daughter's thoughts on her new dress:

My Review:
What an excited and happy little girl I had after she put on her new unique flower girl dress from TwirlyGirl.  She immediately was spinning in circles and full of giggles and joy.   I imagine any girl would be thrilled to get a toddler flower girl dress or girls flower girl dresses like these.  

Like my daughter mentions in her video she loves the colors, the pattern on the front and the obvious reason because of the effect the dress has when she spins.   She even made the comment that she might need  to wear leggings so "boy's can't see her underwear."   Or if it is younger girls wearing their toddler flower girl dresses they would see their diaper.   ;)  

My first and foremost goal is to make sure my daughter is comfortable and when we received the package and opened it I was surprised at the stretchy material the dress was made of!   It seems very soft and breathable! My daughter immediately asked if she could wear this dress to church the following Sunday.   She was adorable singing in the front and even did do her twirl a couple times. She got several compliments and people asking where she got the dress!   I always get a giggle when my daughter says, "my mom's blog got the dress."   She knows we get items to review because I'm a blogger but the looks of confusion on peoples faces make me giggle.  

There have been no complaints from my daughter so I know she is comfortable in her new dress.  She is waiting for more warm weather so she can wear it to school.  

 After comfort is settled I always turn my focus on modesty.   It is very important for my daughter to learn to love who she is because Christ see's her as a daughter of the most high King, a princess!   I want her to remember that identity and not the worlds lies.   My daughter and I did discuss some options if she wants to wear her dress and twirl.  She agreed that if she wears it to twirl she would wear some leggings under her dress.   The neckline is not to low and the dress is a good length.   It takes time to teach our kids these morals but she is getting it! Thanks TwirlyGirl for creating so many dresses that are appropriate for kids to wear and are modest!  

TwirlGirl has tons of toddler flower girl dresses and girls dresses so make sure you take a few minutes to visit TwirlyGirl.  You will make some girl feel beautiful so is a birthday coming up or any  other special even to surprise the little girl in your life? Make sure you checkout using coupon code: TGPraise to receive 10% off your order!   

Disclaimer: I received this dress for free in exchange for an honest review.   All opinions expressed are 100% mine!

About Twirly Girl:
The creator of Twirly girl grew up with a unique fashion sense.  Once she had her own daughters with the same picky and unique fashion.  TwirlyGirl was created in 2007 and has grown into a huge name in kids fashion.  TwirlyGirl is in boutiques around the country.   The business is 100% run in America too!  There are 6 inmportant factors that a TwirlyGirl syle must be which include:

1. Comfy
2. Unique and Extraordinary
3. The Right Fit 
4. Fun
5. Built to Last
6. Easy Care

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guest Post: Fit and Firm: The Importance of a Supportive Top and Sports Bra

As a busy woman and a mom, exercise may seem like it doesn’t have a place in your schedule, but busy moms who do exercise know that it’s vitally important for personal self-care and sanity. Exercise gives you an opportunity to shut your mind off, be away from the children for a time, and work out some stress. Getting started on an exercise program may seem overwhelming or inexpensive, but the truth is that there are only a few key things you need to purchase to get started. You can run outdoors, purchase some workout DVDs, or use internet guides to help you if you don’t want to get a gym membership. One of the most important things you’ll want to purchase is a supportive running top and a sports bra if it doesn’t have a built in bra already. The Clymb offers discounts of up to 70% off retail so you’ll be able to find a quality top there. Here’s why you need the support for your breasts.

Stretching of Ligaments
Surprisingly, the sports bra was only recently invented in 1977, and despite its prevalence nowadays, many women aren’t wearing a sports bra with enough support. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue and are supported by skin and fragile ligaments. These ligaments don’t stretch, so high impact exercise or repetitive movements can cause the ligaments to loosen up. A good sports bra is a key investment to any workout wardrobe – running tops, aerobics outfits – because the last thing any woman wants is saggy breasts.

Back and Neck Support
Women who are more heavily endowed will especially benefit from a good running top and sports bra, because the weight of their breasts can cause upper back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and breast pain. Though the price tag for a good workout top and sports bra may be daunting, it’s important for lessening the risk of injury and pain during your workouts. 

Even if you don’t experience pain while working out with inadequate support, small uncomfortable results can lead to more painful, damaging injuries along the way. Sports bras and supportive running tops fit tight enough that they typically don’t rub, even when your body is constantly moving. They are also made out of materials that soak up moisture, so your sweat doesn’t exacerbate the problem. A good bra and sports top will last quite a while, so invest in something that will last – and help you long-term.
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