Kiah reviews

Halloween is right around the corner and it's time to get the pets dressed up too!   Kiah or should I say Dino was very excited the treat box arrived at the door. Actually, she was pretty mad that she was wearing this costume... so I put a different one on her and you can see that below. I know my dog has a great smell because she usually knows there are treats in the box for her.  
This month Kiah was sampling the Pro Plan Savor Strips made of lamb and sweet potato and the Nulo turkey and cranberry strips.   

Treat your pet to the furry best with Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips Made with Real Lamb & Sweet Potato Dog Treats! With mouth-watering lamb and satisfying sweet potato as the first ingredient, these soft and chewy goodies are guaranteed to have your little one happy dancing for more. Plus, these treats are easy to tear so you can use them as training incentives and rewards or simply break them apart to prevent overfeeding. From the Purina Pro Pla…

Book Review and Giveaway- "I'm Not a Scaredy Cat"

"God, you are good. God, you are near. God, you are here! And, God, you love me."  This repetitive line will get engraved in your brain to really help your kids rely on God when they get scared.   

"I'm Not a Scaredy Cat" by Max Lucado is adorably funny.   I love that it follows a kitty cat and showcases all the little silly things it gets scared of.  It had me giggling with my 6-year-old because we both knew that the issues the cat was scared of were really silly.   It is similar to us though... we all sometimes have irrational fears.  We also have a deceiver always trying to make us fear stuff so when we go to God and pray for God to be near fear has to leave.  "Perfect love casts out fear" 1 John 4:18.  So when we ask God to come near it has to leave because God is love!   AMEN! 

Parents you have to trust me on this book.  It is cute, funny, and the illustrator has great artwork.  
Go Enter the Giveaway HERE.   Purchase the book HERE

Emoji Party! Selah is 10!

HAPPY BITHDAY SELAH!!!!!!   My hope is that you will remember your 10th birthday forever!  It was your first birthday sleepover with lots of emoji fun!  
These girls left here with so much emoji fun all thanks to Oriental Trading!   Emjoi characters are a hot thing in my daughter's grade right now...well for a few months.  These girls had so much fun winning emoji prizes!   We had inflatable balls, to poppers, to rainbow poop lollipops, inflatable balls, to notebooks, and pencils!   There was emoji everything. They all had a few things in a gift bag but then we played a fun dice game where they won more and more prizes.   The dice game was simple, if they rolled a certain number there was something they had to do.   So it went as follows 1. pass to the right 2. pass to the left 3. get a piece of candy 4. eat a piece of candy 5. Steal from a friend 6. Get a prize
The girls loved this game more then I had anticipated!  WIN WIN for me! Seriously, this party was so easy to plan because I did …

How to Improve the Neglected Areas of Your Home

If you are extremely proud of your home, it is likely that you spend a lot of time making sure that it looks its best. You may have a stylish kitchen, a stunning living space, and a luxurious bedroom; but what about the other areas of your home? Is every part of your property up to scratch, or is there still room for improvement? If you are unsure, you will need to read on. Below are four typically neglected areas of your home and how to include them in your interior design scheme. Your garage Although it is important for your garage to be a practical space, there is no reason for it to be lacking in style and sophistication. Make sure that your garage is an extension of your interior design scheme. Don’t leave the walls bare. Instead, paint them with light reflecting colors that will open the space. You should also invest in a high-quality flooring that is functional and hardwearing but not at the cost of its aesthetics. At, you can find garage floors to be prou…

Saving Sight- A cure is in sight! #FFBAMD

I don't know about you but anytime I hear of a cure coming for any disease or condition I get excited!   Thank you, Jesus, for bringing new options and answers to many people.  
Did you know that nearly 10 million Americans go blind due to AMD or Age-related macular degeneration?   So you can understand my excitement above with hearing there is a cure coming soon!  I personally have worked with people who have lost some or all of their sight.  I could never imagine not being able to see my families faces again or the beautiful creation outdoors.  
Help spread the news, A Cure is in Sight. Listen to these Radio PSA’s below about AMD from a Grandmother’s perspective. This year’s campaign is, ‘Driving Research & SAVING SIGHT!’ Foundation Fighting Blindness is offering a free educational packet on AMD and it can be downloaded from this link.   The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a non-profit organization, has provided funding for research on cures for blindness, specifically AMD, sinc…

Preparing For The Holiday Season - Your Ultimate Guide

The holiday season is coming up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all collide over the period of three months, which is fantastic for your celebratory spirit, but horrible for your wallet. It’s likely that these three months will stretch your finances to such a degree as to cause worry. In these instances, wise financial decision making is often the best course of action. Not only this, but preparing in the right way. If you begin now, you’ll be able to meet the demands of these holiday periods with much more ability and encouragement, compared to how you’re feeling now.
Here are some tips to getting started:
While Halloween is just around the corner, the other two major seasonal events are a little way off. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your finances now. The further ahead you think about these, the better planned you will be. Many people neglect to budget at this point in time, and as a result, they need to rely on loans both short and long-term t…

5 Reasons to Try Plexus

5 great reasons to start your journey to a healthier you with Plexus:
✅1. Do you take a multivitamin? -Choose Plexus #XFactor instead of whatever drug store vitamin you're taking. -The aloe in XFactor helps your body absorb all the nutrients up to 300% more. Not only will you FEEL the vitamins working, you'll see a difference in your skin, hair and nails… really! -PLUS: The aloe soothes your intestinal track. So if vitamins normally burn or irritate your stomach, this will be an added benefit that you'll love. (We can take these first thing in the morning & on an empty stomach even!) And now we offer #xFactorPlus, with an added PREbiotic! More awesomeness! ✅2. Do you take a probiotic? -Swap your next bottle for #Probio5. -Similar to some other probiotics, ProBio5 loads your intestinal tract with good bacteria. -PLUS: In addition to best quality probiotics, ProBio5 contains antifungals and enzymes to break down yeast overgrowth… important, because if you don't kill th…