New Year’s Eve wedding

My husband has officiated several weddings this year but this wedding on New Year’s Eve was one of my favorites!  I’m not sure if it’s because it was his cousin getting married or because the simplicity and the beauty of the wedding.  
We had fun sparklers as the bride and groom left the ceremony and walked to the reception just a block down the road! It was so beautiful as everyone held out the sparkler and the walked by. 

Hope you all had fun bringing in the new year.  Happy 2019

Annie Production

This was a great mommy daughter date to start our winter break!  We got to eat a nice meal and enjoy a play! Selah loves the movie Annie so seeing it live on stage was very special for her.   I enjoyed every second of it with her.   Everyone in the show did a phenomal job.  The singing was wonderful and the acting great.  I have to admit I miss theater, in high school I did drama class and the all school play. It was hard work but I loved it.  I think my daughter may have an interest in doing a show.  

Christmas 2018

Happy Birthday Jesus 2018!  

I apologize for my long silence on my blog!   Christmas time gets busy and you know the drill!  So here I am to catch ya up!  

We had our usual Happy Birthday Cake at church the Sunday before Christmas!   As well as watching the kids perform a couple songs and a short skit.  They did great!   

One of our family traditions is pancakes so this year I made a butter pecan pancake.  Not my kids favorites but it was still very tasty!  

Christmas Eve service was fun as I always enjoy singing songs in the candlelight.  I was in the sound booth but still enjoyed my candle!   

I love how our church looks at Christmas time and every year we take a picture by the trees!   I could just sit and relax in there with the glow of the lights.   After we did our family Christmas here in Iowa we headed to Minnesota and Wisconsin to see family.   One tip... driving on Christmas is hard as nothing is open so eating gas station food is not the best idea!   Should have packed sandwiche…

Five Brain Boosting Alternatives To Screen Time

There’s no doubt about it, smartphones and tablets sure make life easier. Whether we’re plugging in GPS to take a road trip or asking Google for a recipe, they certainly come in handy.

However, when we reach for our devices, what example are we showing our kids? Studies suggest that too much interactive screen time can have a raft of negative effects on our children, causing disturbances in mood, memory, focus and social skills, among other ill effects.

It’s down to us as parents to lead by example and show our kids an alternative. So, here’s the challenge: how do you fill a whole vacation day with no screen time at all?

Take a walk outside

Kids can become lethargic if they spend too much time on the couch. It’s essential that we start the day right and encourage them outside. Need groceries? Leave the car in the garage and walk to the store!

What is the weather doing? Do we need to wear our rain boots? It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the countryside, a walk outside is an o…


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"How Do You Say Goodnight" Review and GIVEAWAY!

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ABOUT THE BOOK:Zoey the zebra is on a quest to find the best way to say good night. She asks different animals how they say good night, and in the end, she says good night with her zebra family in their own special way, and it feels just right! How Do You Say Good Night? is a fun story that encourages kids to celebrate differences.

My Review:
So how do you say goodnight?   In my family, we read our Bible and or Devotional book.  Then we say our family prayers.  After that, we have some secret handshake/kiss goodnight routines.   The kids like their special ways to say goodnight.  My kids are getting older but this book was super fun to read with them.  We truly enjoyed the board book with all the different animals and their own traditions and routines for bedtime!   I hope one of my readers will win this giveaway!   GOOD LUCK and be sure to enter!  

Dinosaur Devotional

Book Description “Michelle Medlock Adams has created a fun, lively devotional that’s sure to appeal to dinosaur lovers of all ages. Filled with fun dino facts, journaling prompts, and Scripture, Dinosaur Devotions shares truth from God's Word in a way that kids will understand and enjoy. What a great way to get children interested in the Bible."

—Victoria Osteen, New York Times bestselling author and copastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas

Dinosaur Devotions will help your middle grade children dig deeper into the Word while uncovering fascinating facts about dinosaurs! These 75 devotions also include segments like Dino Stats, Bible Excavation, Digging Deeper, Did You Know?, and Jurassic Journaling. Dinosaur Devotions blends fun dinosaur facts with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, making your child's faith journey an extra fun adventure!

Award-winning author Michelle Medlock Adams offers Dinosaur Devotions—a fun way to help your dinosaur-loving kids connect with …