Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review- Blessed are the Peacmakers

Yep, another Berenstain Bear book... because you know I love and so do my kids! 

This summer in children's church we walked through the fruits of the spirit so this book was very nice to have to go along with it.  

About the book:
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.”
Matthew 5:9
In this new Berenstain Bears 8x8 book, Blessed are the Peacemakers , Brother and Sister have a wide circle of friends at Bear Country School and they get along with pretty much everyone. But not all their friends get along with each other. Too Tall and his bullying gang, for instance, are often in conflict with Cousin Fred, Ferdy Factual, and their friends. So what happens when the cubs all need to work together on the annual school play? Brother and Sister have to decide whether they should “mind their own business” or get involved as peacemakers and try to calm the troubled waters.'

My Review:
I think I have reviewed a half dozen or so of the Berenstain Bear series and every time you will find a positive review.   My kids have fallen in love with the characters just like I did when I was a child.  I don't remember as many faith based ones as I do now bu either way I have always been a huge fan.   

This book fit in nicely with our fruit of the spirit lessons at children's church.   I love when a children's book provides a problem and an easy solution for kids to figure out even if you pause before reading the story.   Not only could we discuss the fruit of the spirit peace, but since this book deals with bullying we were able to discuss this in further details.   Bullying seems to be a national epidemic and as a mother and a school teacher I am always trying very hard to make sure it is not an issue for my kids or my students.   My son is only 3 years old but he has been picking on a younger girl at daycare so it was vital for him to hear this story.   My daughter is in first grade so talking about problem resolution was a big topic and something we will come back to often.  

Any parent who is trying to find books that will provide good discussions then BUY this book! 

Thanks Zondervan for providing me with a copy of this book to conduct my review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.    

Thursday, September 11, 2014

When the view is threatened....

Yes, that is a sunrise progression of pictures and yes I did take the pictures while sitting on my deck.   I have been very blessed to have a wonderful view since moving to Iowa.   

Sadly, my view is going to get built on...:(   I have already cried some tears and questioned it but deep down there is nothing I can do to fight it.   I do not own the land across the street so it makes sense that the city would want to build on it and make some money off it. 

You see the reason I really struggled with this news is first my view will be limited but also because the distillery wants to expand and because a new brewery wants to build.  

In many states there are laws that prohibit an alcohol establishment to be within so many feet of a church, daycare, or school.   Sadly, my community  does not hold that rule or regulation because there is a daycare a couple doors down and my church right across the street from this distillery and soon to be brewery.  

I have been praying for my miracle and I know God can do what he needs and wants to do but deep down I feel like God has been telling me to stop being selfish and enjoy the view you have currently and don't take it for granted.   So I wake up every day looking out at the view!   I may have cried several tears and wondered why my view would soon be gone but again God keeps reminding me that I need to just have a thankful heart for the view until it is built upon.  

God is working on my sad heart and putting things into different perspective for me.   

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Breakfast on the Go-

I just finished a giveaway for Canyon Bakehouse that you can read all about by clicking here.  I was also lucky enough to hold a giveaway but sorry fans it has already come to a close.  

Anyway, one of the products they sent me to review was the gluten free cinnamon raisin bread.   

So imagine toasted cinnamon raisin bread topped off with sweet potato pecan spread!  Yes, it is heavenly tasting!   

I found that spread at a local canning company and I promise you I will keep them in business!  :) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Zucchini Pizza

Is your mouth watering from that picture?   I hope so because mine is and I know I have leftovers in the fridge and as I type this I am tempted to sneak in the kitchen and warm more up.   I mean it might be close to 10 p.m but its mainly veggies so no big deal, right? 

I was blessed my a co-worker who brought some huge zucchini's into work to share.  She grew some huge ones and I was excited to try a new recipe after another co-worker said "mini zucchini piazzas!"   

So let me share how easy this was:

1. slice the zucchini
2. melt some butter and garlic salt and put on sliced zucchini
3. back at 375* for 5 minutes
4. take out of oven and put on pizza toppings (I used sauce, onion,peppers, mushroom, and cheese.)
5. Bake at 375* for 20-30 minutes.   

EASY!   I would do a few things different after doing it that way.   First I would grab some paper towels and try to soak some of the natural zucchini juices since they were very runny, and I would consider grilling them rather then baking.  Either way they were still delicious and  I plan on making more.  


Friday, September 5, 2014

Soothie Suckers Review and Giveaway

About Soothie Suckers

web-header_rev3In the course of a year, individuals in the United States suffer 1 billion colds.  Children suffer, on average, five to nine colds annually although it would not be unusual for a younger child to suffer up to 12 colds per year.
Over-the-­counter and prescription drugs are being called into question due to overuse and regular recalls.  Consumer concerns continue to escalate regarding the long-term use of these chemical-laden products with children.  Soothie Suckers provides safe, convenient options for the millions of consumers demanding natural solutions.
Soothie Suckers provides great tasting, pre-­measured herbal remedies formatted for children.  These proprietary herbal formulas are packaged in ice pop pouches and come in two natural flavors (grape and orange) for daily or seasonal consumption.  These first formulas help support the immune system and the upper respiratory system.

Are you like me?  Have you been hoping to find more natural ways to support you child's immune system during vacations, travel or in preparation for fall?

Are you already dreading the back-to-school slog?

I remember how difficult those months were when my kids (I have 5 of them!!) were small....ugh....searching for healthy alternatives in the OTC aisle, and being unable to find any options.      

And then it hit me while reading some old history books. If natural plant remedies have been used for thousands of years... and we are still here....and the plants are still here.... 
Why not me? Why not here? Why not now?

Hi - my name is Marietta Harrison and I have been making herbal remedies for my children for the past 20 years.  When my 5th child was born we decided to try to make something that would taste good.....and I developed Soothie Suckers the only all-natural ice pops infused with herbal remedies. 

Soothie Suckers Herbal Ice Pops bring the ancient wisdom of herbal healing to today's families in pre-portioned, BPA-free pouches, and are blended with a yummy fruit base that tastes great.

Soothie Suckers are the cool way to feel good! 

The Soothie Suckers' product line launched with two herbal blends:  Immune Support (Orange) and Nasal Support (Grape).  These gentle blends were formulated in partnership with thePresident of the American Herbalists Guild, are sweetened with organic agave nectar and monk fruit and contain no artificial ingredients whatsoever.  

Now, I can give my kids herbal supplements that are tasty, fun and all-natural!(The college kids take them to school too!!)

In addition to online availability at Amazon, we are in several natural foods chains in the Pacific Northwest including Whole Foods, New Seasons, PCC Natural Markets, Chuck's Produce and more - yep - we are from Portland, Oregon! 

My Review:
I am always excited when I can find a good product for my kids.   I am thrilled that these frozen pops have no food coloring and help my kids immune systems.  We have been in school for a couple weeks and my kids are healthy.   They enjoy the flavor which made me one happy mama and they have been asking me buy more!  :)   If you are like me and trying to find alternative all natural medicines instead of grabbing in the medicine cabinet then this is the next product to try!  :)

I am also a fan of the website that lists the natural herbs that are used in the pops and how they help along with the history of it!  Very interesting!

Nasal Support

Echinacea – Used by Native Americans and quickly adopted by European settlers, echinacea has become one of the most widely used herbs and is best known for its immune enhancing ability.
Pleurisy Root – Known to be used in North America for more than a thousand years, pleurisy root is most popularly used during the winter season.

Immune Support

Astragalus Root – One of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus is commonly used to strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism.
Mullein – A valued herb used by the Greek Dioscorides over 1800 years ago.  It is also said that Mullein is the plant that Ulysses took with him on his legendary voyage.
Thyme – Best known today as a culinary spice, Thyme was grown in monasteries during the Middle Ages and has been used for centuries to promote overall health and well being.  It was originally grown in the Mediterranean region and came to North America with the first colonists.

Enter the giveaway below using the easy rafflecopter form!  :)  

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School Breakfast Ideas and GIVEAWAY

After years of practice most moms have the healthy lunch routine down.  But what about back to school breakfast?  The kids need a nutritious meal that’s tasty and filling enough to provide focus and energy for the long school day.  You need something that’s fast, easy, and mom-approved. Plus many moms also need gluten-free options. 

Canyon Bakehouse provides gluten free breads that taste and feel like “real” bread. Made with 100% whole grains for energy and nutrients, the breads are baked with ingredients you can pronounce and find in your own kitchen, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic agave syrup and eggs.

Pair Canyon Bakehouse with protein in the morning for a satiating breakfast that provides sustained energy and brain power for a productive and fun day at school. 
Try these gluten-free breakfast ideas:
·         Cinnamon Raisin bread with almond butter or peanut butter.  Canyon’s Tip: choose all-natural nut butters to avoid harmful trans fats. 
·         Mountain White cheese and avocado sandwich.  Canyon’s Tip: Avocados are a great source of healthy fat for energy and keeps the belly full.   
·         7-Grain toast with a slice of turkey. Canyon’s Tip: lunch foods (ie: turkey) make great breakfast foods since they’re low sugar and full of protein.
·         Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffin with a hard-boiled egg.  Canyon’s Tip: hard-boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday for quicker prep each morning.

Plus Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free breads are great for lunch sandwiches, so kids can love PB&J again!   

At school about 2 students in each classroom have a food allergy. To help parents prepare for the school year, here’s our checklist for staying safe with food allergies:

Tips for Staying Safe at School With Food Allergies
·         Keep teachers and staff in the know – Set up a meeting before the first day of school with your child’s teacher, the school nurse and principal to talk about your child’s allergies.
·         Provide a list of safe and unsafe foods for your child – Especially with gluten allergies, many people don’t understand what it is or where it can be found. Creating a quick run-down of foods to avoid will eliminate fear or confusion on the school’s part.
·         Make an allergy action plan – Provide the school staff with medical information, emergency contact info and a food allergy action plan in case your child has a reaction at school.
·         Attitude is everything – Along with school staff, it’s important to talk to your child about the allergy so he/she understands it. If you don’t treat the allergy as something “weird” then they won’t feel embarrassed.

My Review:
Thanks Canyon Bakehouse for sending me the Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffins, 7 grain, Mountain White, and Cinnamon Raisin breads to review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

We do not have any allergies for gluten but I honestly have been trying to eliminate them for my own health! I absolutely loved the muffins!!   The cranberry crunch muffins were amazing!   I loved the crunch and the sweetness together.  I was nice enough to bring one of the muffins to my friend who does have a gluten allergy and she loved it too!  :)

For the loaves of bread I am satisfied and excited to see if I can find these breads in one of my local stores. I have enjoyed several sandwiches with the white bread and my kids have not even noticed a difference in bread!  The Cinnamon Raisin toasted is a great choice in the morning!  I enjoy putting my sweet potato pecan spread on it!  :) SO GOOD! 

The products from Canyon Bakehouse are absolutely tasty for the whole family! So what are you feeding your kids before school?  

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