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Tips To Help Your Children With Homework

When your child brings home homework, many parents likely grimace. The curriculum that they once studied has likely changed in years gone by and suddenly your child’s homework seems like the hardest thing in the world. Helping children with homework is not only a great parent-child bonding moment but it’s also going to help the child learn more out of the classroom. Here are some tips to help your children with homework. Image Source Be supportive When it comes to your children, it’s always best to be supportive. Regardless of the outcome, showing support can help your child feel like they have someone fighting their corner. Of course, we all have to have disappointments in life - that’s just part and parcel that comes with the good times. Show your support as a parent by praising them for a job well done, regardless of how little or how much they struggled to get the homework done. There are also lots of resources online that a parent can use when it comes to those that experience le


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Bible Review and GIVEAWAY #csbbible #kidsbible #explorerebible #christmaswishlist #kidsgift #childrensbible

  This new Explorer Bible is jam packed with FUN!   My favorite features are the badges for each different category.  The categories include Excavating, Exploring, Truth, Character, and History.  Right away I found myself skimming this page to find the different topics.  Out of curiosity I immediately turned to page 528 to figure out what "squeeze, please!" means.  Once I found that info I knew this Bible is a great Bible to let your kids investigate and find little gems as the discover each interesting fact. These investigation gems offer real pictures to guide in understanding.   The exploring creation badge has facts and images connecting modern day objects and things in the world today!   I am so glad there is this feature!   This badge is going to help connect these facts to tangible things!    The truth badge has 237 discoveries of truth to help kids understand the essential truths of the bible so they can apply it immediately to their own life!   There are 79 Character

Holy Pals PJ review and discount code and giveaway! #Biblepajamas #ChristianPJs

  First, I have tried to get Christmas jammies for my family for that amazing photo opportunity... it only worked one year as my kids are older and don't want to get into that so much any more.    I however, with or without my family being as excited absolutely love my new Christmas jammies!   They are comfy and the fit is perfect on my body because my husband and daughter both complimented and said the jammies were very thinning on me!  BONUS!!!  :)  Yes these Pj's are very comfy and slimming!   Lets chat packaging!   When I opened the box I got this greeting.  This goes along with the mission of Holy Pals.   See below to see the mission statement.   TEACHING OUR CHILDREN Our purpose at Holy Pals is to make the Bible a part of every child's life at home. Have fun with story time before bed and use the pictures on the pajamas to tell the story or even have your child do it! Each pajama has a fun Biblical print and has the passage reference stitched on the sleeve. Look up th

Book Review and Giveaway- "Room 1010" by Billye Survis #Room1010 #Room1010Book #Miracle #JesusHeals

  About the Book: Room 1010.mp4 from Steph Carse on Vimeo . My Review: I agreed to review this book as I love to read about miracles and faith.   The book is easy to read and understand.  It reads very quickly, and she added pictures of each step of this story.  The story depicts details in a way that will keep you reading.   I will have to admit... a couple days after I got this book started we had our own church family accident and found ourselves praying for a miracle.   Sadly, we did not get our miracle that our hearts desired so badly but we did remain in a state of worship because our God is still worthy of al praises.   With that said I have shifted from finishing this book to grieving with a family.  I am thrilled that in this story this family had a miracle!   I am not mad at my circumstances but I am not in the right mind frame to finish this true story book.  I know some of you will be able to understand.  I do think many of my readers would enjoy so go get your copy or

How Can You Manage Your Kids And A Full Time Job?

  Life is hard. We know this, and so does everyone else, but there are going to be some things that are a little harder than others such as trying to manage having kids and a full time job. The problem with this is that because it has become so normalized over the last few decades, people assume that it should be easy and that they shouldn’t be struggling with this. This is not the case at all, because it is going to be difficult, and you’ve just got to do the best you can. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you can do to try and manage having your kids and a full time job. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more. You’ve Got To Make Time Image Link - CC0 License The first thing that we’re going to say is that you have got to make time for the things that you need to make time for. We know that there are going to be times where  you miss things when it comes to your kids because you’re going to have to work whether this is a sp