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Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies Review with Naked Nutrtion

  Thank you Naked Nutrition for sending me a dozen Naked Cookies to taste test and review.  I was a smart cookie and allowed my friends and family to also take part in this review so you will hear from several people on the review of this protein filled cookie.   Let's start with packaging... The cookies I received were chocolate chip.  The package was the one you see below.   Visually appealing and the tagline, "premium gluten-free protein cookie with nothing to hide" has a good ring to it.    Once out of the package the cookies look just like cookies.  These cookies are a soft not crunchy type  So on to my friends and family thoughts on this protein cookie: First my husband and his thoughts: For what it is, it accomplishes its purpose well.  It's a health alternative.  Unlike traditional cookies, 1 cookie is enough.  It satisfies a craving without the impulse to grab for another.  To me, that makes it an effective health snack at 190 calories.   I don't think I&