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How to End Frequent Fights in a Relationship

Many couples believe fights and arguments in a relationship to simply be a normal part of being together and sharing your life so intimately with another person. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and if your fights are frequent, aggressive, or lead to more bad emotions than they should, then it certainly shouldn’t be this way. Whilst disagreements are a normal part of a healthy relationship, it’s important to note that they should never result in name-calling, aggression, or have devastating effects on other areas of your life. If you find that you and your spouse seem to be constantly at war with one another, then it’s a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship, even if you love each other very much. Here are some top tips to help you put all the bad fights with your partner to an end. Tip #1. See a Therapist: If the fights between you and your spouse are getting out of hand and there seems to be nothing that you can do to talk it through and come to a solution together, th

Iowa History Bus

The Iowa History Bus was in my town this holiday weekend!  It was free so of course, we went in and learned a few things about our state.  The kids now have a better understanding of the farming state we live in.   It was about 75% farming and now down to about 35% farmers.  The kids saw some old roller skates, records, rotary phone, and so much more.  

Congratulations Graduate!

How can both of my nephews be graduated?   My miracle nephew Devin graduated high school this week.   This little one pound 13 ounce boy has made me proud!  I am praying you enjoy this next chapter in your life!  Love you Devin! 

Dog Treat Review: Oven Baked Dog Treats- Lamb Recipe

I already reviewed the "Greenies " treats a couple weeks ago so this time you need to hear about the "Oven Baked Lamb Treats" because my dog is begging me to get her more.  Description: American Journey Lamb Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Dog Treats are grain-free, crunchy snacks sure to please your pup whether you’re both on the go or right at home. Small, but full of flavor, these bite-size dog treats are packed with wholesome ingredients that will keep your pup energized for any daily adventure ahead. Real, high-quality lamb comes first, followed by tasty veggies and fruits, including sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, blueberries and apples. And these naturally preserved, filler-free treats are also free of poultry by-product meal and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Treat your dog to quality and taste with American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked Dog Treats. Available exclusively at Key Benefits Protein-rich dog treats with real meat as

Spring Soccer 2017

This boy could be voted Most Valuable Player with 25 goals for the season!   He impressed me every game!   I truly feel blessed to watch and cheer him on!  He makes me excited for next season!  

Book Review: "The Beginner's Bible Carry-Along Treasury"

Book Description: The Beginner’s Bible ® has been a favorite with young children and their parents since its release in 1989 with over 25 million products sold.                                                               The Beginner’s Bible ®, the bestselling Bible storybook of our time, is now in a special carry-along edition with over 30 stories! Children will love  The   Beginner’s Bible Carry-Along Treasury  created especially for tiny hands to carry with them wherever they go. The carry-along edition features a smaller size, a go-anywhere handle, and an easy magnetic closure. Kids will come to know and love the key stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Now updated with vibrant new art,  The Beginner’s Bible ® is the perfect starting point for children. Little ones will enjoy the fun illustrations of Noah helping the elephant onto the ark, Jonah praying inside the fish, and more, as they discover  The Beginner’s Bible ® just like milli

How does filtering the water in your home actually work?

Getting home water filters is no longer a luxury for the wealthy, or for the overly paranoid health nut either. It's well-documented that tap water can contain a long list of potential contaminants, not to mention the deliberate addition of chlorine and fluoride to water treatment systems. Having a whole house system, or even just a basic undersink water filter in the kitchen or bathroom is now becoming the norm. If you are thinking about getting one, you might want to know a bit more about how they work and what they can actually do. The catch is that not all filter systems operate the same way, and there are different filtering technologies that are used in various models of home filters. Mechanical Filters This is the basic type of filter, and nearly every home system will have a mechanical filter involved. All that means is a fine mesh cartridge that physically filters out larger particles. That will usually include sediment, rust, scale fragments and some larger m

Love it or hate it: Here’s why every home needs a coffee maker

Ask any coffee lover (or dependent user) and they’ll gladly tell you that one of their greatest pleasure in life is drinking a cup of coffee. With the rise of coffee makers in the recent years, virtually anyone can get a perfect cup of their choice of coffee flavor in a snap. Choosing the right coffee machine There are literally thousands of websites out there detailing why coffee machines for your kitchen is a must. Websites like Choice , for instance, covers reviews for espresso coffee machines, filters, grinders, roasters and others. You’ll be surprised how many coffee paramours are out there – or perhaps you already knew it. Here’s a quick tip. The number of people using a particular brand and model of a coffee machine should be a major factor in your buying decision. Also, acquiring a piece of equipment that is too small or slow will be impractical. Therefore, don’t be too judicious when buying but also don’t splurge so much on a single appliance. Impress your guests .

Sunglasses Review- 50% off Coupon Code!!

Only 4 more school days with students and two more work days after that and then I am officially on SUMMER BREAK!  I just got a new pair of sunglasses from the!   This online retailer does prescription sunglasses in so many adorable lenses.  There were so many adorable ones it made the decision very difficult for me to pick just one glasses frame!    It is very simple to order from this online company just make sure you know your prescription numbers so you get an accurate pair of sunglasses with your vision needs.   Each pair of sunglasses comes in a nice plastic case and towel to clean them.   Packaging was done neat and secure and it arrived very quickly.   Ok, I admit I need to work on my selfie a bit more.   Give me some credit though... because remember this teacher is exhausted and just counting down the days to summer break.   Plus the sun has been hiding for days which makes it even more difficult to get cute pictures of the eyeglasses .  In

Creative Gift Basket Ideas to Make the Kids Super Happy on Their Birthdays

Every year the birthdays of your kids are celebrated with so much happiness and love. Packing surprise gifts for the kids right on the birthday night when the clock strikes 12 has been a very old concept, but friends, such gift baskets still bring the widest smile on every kids face. These gifts symbolize the love and care that is there between parents and their children. Giving the most favorite gift of your child on his or her birthday is an attempt to make them happy and feel super special. It also let your kids know how much you love and care for their happiness. But with so many options for buying a gift for your kids on his or her birthday, the way of gifting should also be altered. Gifting your babies all the things they like in a colorful gift basket adds a different meaning to the purpose. Yes!! because a package also counts and it needs quite some imaginative decoration. If you are wondering how to pack the gift baskets don’t worry and keep reading through the page: Stuf

Turning Your Neighborhood Into A Community

Image source As parents, one of our biggest concerns is where we live. We want to live in a neighborhood where our kids feel safe, and where we feel safe letting our kids go out and explore. It is an inherent want and if you don’t believe us, then go and ask your neighbors. We all want to have a neighborhood that feels like a community. The big question is how? Well, given the neighbors you have spoken to also have the same wants and needs, you are already halfway there. You are already bonding with the community quicker than you thought possible, and making in-roads to working alongside them. You see, having people in your neighborhood that also want to strengthen the community and encourage it to be a safe and fun place for people to live, especially kids, is the key to achieving it. After all, the rest of it is just suggesting ideas and seeing what takes. Image source A New Kind Of Library Whenever we think about libraries, we always think about books. A place w

Book Review- "My Bible Adventure- through God's Word"

Book Description Travel through God’s Word all year long! The greatest stories in the Bible come alive for kids in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. Watch your children develop a relationship with God while reading amazing stories of faith. Written by pastors, children’s ministers and leaders who have a heart for helping children become lifelong believers, My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word is a perfect tool for introducing your children to weekly devotions. Cute art and simple storytelling naturally lend themselves to early readers who are starting to read on their own. With tangible takeaways and prayers at the end of every Bible adventure, your children or grandchildren will grow in their faith as they read My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. Help your child engage his or her faith in new, meaningful ways through the wisdom and insight in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. By starting the habit of studying the Bible at a young age, your young believer is sig

Book Review: "Jesus Loves Me" A Sing- Along Book

Description: Read or sing along with your little one’s favorite song! Jesus Loves Me pairs sweet, snuggly illustrations with the text of the familiar children’s song. This newest board book in the beloved Sing-Along series also features a padded cover perfect for little hands and is sure to delight children and parents alike. My Review: Thank Zondervan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.   My hand is raised up high to admit or maybe proudly say that I often like to hum, sing, or whistle to Jesus loves me. I remember rocking my babies when they were itty bitty and doing this song.   I will admit that I really only know the first verse of the song but in this book, there are 2 other verses that made me smile.    Here is another verse, "Jesus loves me! This I know, as He loved so long ago.  Taking children on His knee, saying, "Let them come to me."  I won't

Finding Your Escape

Life can get super hectic sometimes - seriously. Especially when you've got a life to lead in the workplace as well as kids to look after as and a relationship to keep healthy. That's just the things we have to do and the things we have and can plan for - other spontaneous life events can rear up for better or for worse. This is just a part of life and will only add to its hectic pace. There isn’t much you can do to stand in the way of the pace of modern family life at work and at home. The home itself can be super hectic. We go there to escape the outside world and with frantic partners and hyper kids - the inner workings of a family home can be just as hectic as the outside world - on occasion. The home needs to be a place of relaxation, otherwise, it will lose a huge primary use. We need to be able to chill in the home and if we can't? Stress will only build up. You either need to make your home a place where you can escape from the outside world - or you need to f

Review: "Greenies Freshmint" Dog Treat

Description Complete oral care is important for your dog’s total body health and can add years to their lifespan. Greenies Canine Dental Chews are proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Designed for daily treating, these dental chews are low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs. Key Benefits They're the #1 vet-recommended dental chew with the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for plaque and tartar control. One dental chew a day helps clean your dog's teeth by using their natural chewing action to wipe away plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of teeth and cleans teeth faster than a toothbrush Highly soluble ingredients help Greenies break down quickly for easy digestion, making them more digestible than premium dry dog food Highly palatable and great tasting chews Teenie chews for dogs 5-15 pounds to offer the most appropriate texture and hardness

Church Gift on Mother's Day

Well, my church gave each mom a box of Raisins with a cute little note tied in ribbon (I took the ribbon off for the picture).   What a nice little recognition and prayer time we had for the moms.  The kids even were laying hands on their mom's and praying.  My heart was full of love and joy!  

3 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom

Confidence is an important trait to have as a mom. Confidence will give you that extra energy to deal with the stress and challenges that come with taking care of the family, especially children; they can be very challenging at times. By remaining calm, your children will also be calmer and you’ll find handling the situation a lot easier to do. Confidence is something you can build. More importantly, it is something you can decide to have, even under the most difficult situations. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be a more confident mom before you know it. Act Like a Pro The famous advice, “ fake it ‘till you make it , ” is actually a good advice to follow in this case. Just be confident. Act like you are the best mom in the world – a professional in taking care of the children – and you’ll keep every situation in control effortlessly. It’s not difficult to act confident. You can start by using a lower tone and reducing your speed when talking, especially when communicatin