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Bible Review: NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls

NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls 9780310765257; Hardcover Bible Packed with exciting features that help tween girls better understand themselves and Scripture, the  NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls  teaches girls that the Bible is real, relevant, and, best of all, that the story of God and his people is also their story. My Reivew: Even the cover of this Bible is pretty and flowery!  I love it!  The extra's in this NIV Bible are perfect for young girls.   My daughter and I love the "Oh, I get it!" sections that pop up all over and give a little extra information to help connect any dots that might have been a little fuzzy.  We also like that this Bible will introduce each chapter with who wrote it, when it was written, where it takes place, people who will be in the chapter, the point of it, how it connects to big picture.  This is a great one to pick up for your tween!   

Nail it with Selah and April Memorial Day Sale! #freebie #deal

Who wants to get a free Color Street Nail Set??   Just place a $25 online order (before taxes and shipping) from now through Memorial Day and you will get a free Parisian Peony with your order!   Order through the "May Nail bar" here:  NAIL IT WITH SELAH AND APRIL If you place a buy three get one you now get buy three get 2 free!   Join my VIP group on Facebook  and be entered to win a different exclusive set!  

Stop-and-Go Devotional

Book Description Help your young children learn to live for God! Stop-and-Go Devotional provides short, active devotions based on Bible stories, designed for busy families with preschoolers and primary-grade children. Written by bestselling author Diane Stortz, this to-the-point, interactive devotional gives bite-size teachings on how to follow God. Each short devotion consists of an action-filled Bible story (Stop and Read), an age-appropriate devotional thought with questions and a brief prayer (Think and Talk), and an easy and fun follow-up activity, a thought to remember, and a supporting Bible verse (Green Means Go!). This book provides a way to have intentional quality time with your kids; it's fun, educational, and meaningful for your family's faith journey together. My Review The layout of this devotional is fun and interactive.  Here are the elements: 1. Stop and Read : a short story.  2. Think and Talk: questions and talking points as well as prayer. 3

A Short Guide to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Every responsible household tries to budget their everyday chores in a manner where they don’t have to face an ever-present financial strain. But we all know life is unpredictable and often throws things at us that we are least expecting. A sudden hike in medical bills is one of those things that many households are not prepared for. There are many cases when people who are amply covered for healthcare hit the Medicare donut hole and have to take care of many of their prescription drugs through out-of-pocket expenses. We can’t avoid and escape certain medical conditions and healthcare emergencies. However, we can still try to keep the expenses of prescription drugs as low as possible. Let’s have a look at all those measures that you can take to make sure you are not going to wreck all your monthly expenses due to the soaring cost of prescription drugs. Get Your Physician in Loop If you are concerned regarding the mounting cost of your prescriptions, then it is really important to ta

Purple the Color of Royalty!

I think I will be doing Ibiza Nights (purple) paired with Tokyo Light again!   I was even told at school that I had fortnite nails because of the purple looked like the loading screen.   Go order some nails from @Nail it with Selah and April today HERE !    Did you know that the color purple is a color for Royalty?   Did you know in Iowa ships tea all over and are a non profit!   They have a great mission!  

Book Review "Little Sweet Pea, God Loves You"

Little Sweet Pea, God Love You 9780310766995; HardcoverPicture Book Little Sweet Pea, God Loves You  is a heartwarming book that reminds children how special they are and how much they are loved by God. My Review:  I want to start with my love for the different animal pictures that the illustrator used.  The images are soft and makes me want to cuddle and make memories with my children.   This is another book that will help your little ones get ready for bed.   It is easy create that bedtime routine and use this book to help!  I also love the overlying message in it "LOVE."  I know my role is first love and my kids need to see and feel it daily.  The book also helps build a strong identity in our children, calling them heaven sent, perfect they way they are, God loves them, and so do we their parents.   I think this book would be a great gift for baby showers or babys first birthday.  It is not a board book but it is a hard cover book.  It retails for $15.99

Royal Tea and Pretty Nails

Who loves tea?   Who loves a pretty manicure?  How about both?   You can buy some amazing loose leaf tea from as they will ship!    Or the nails in the picture include "Let it grow" "Dripping in Diamonds" "Shang-ri-la" "Carribean Coral"  As long as these nails are in stock you can find them at HERE !