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White Chocolate dipped Preztels- 4th of July Style

Last night my daughter and I made these yummy treats to sell at her lemonade stand.  :)   She is raising money for her aunties "Light the Night" walk to fight Leukemia.  Read our family story by clicking HERE .  Any donations is welcomed and thanked!  :)  Our theme for the lemonade stand is red, white, and blue so we found several great ideas on pintrest.  A big thanks to  for the white chocolate sprinkled pretzels.  :)   As I was making them with my daughter I told her I really wanted to eat one but her response was, "mom, you can buy one at the lemonade stand this weekend."  WHAT!?!  LOL, she is a great salesperson at age 4!  :)  LOL This was a very simple to make.  I melted the white chocolate carefully in the microwave!  Then I put the chocolate on the pretzel and my daughter helped with the decorating!  :)  We dried them on wax paper and now they are in are freezer staying cool since it is humid and hot and our stand

God's Team: Kids Camp 2012

Here is a lil snapshot of some fun we had while at kids camp last week.  I am so blessed that I can go to camps with my husband!  Ministry is a family thing not just my husband's job!  :) As long as I can keep a good balance then it works our great!  :) :) Also, my daughter seems to really enjoy it and I hope my son does too!  :) 

UDI's Granola Review

*I received one or more of the UDI's Granola products for free to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% mine! I was very excited to recieve 4 bags of different flavored granola. I love granola!  I love mixing it in yogurt, ice-cream, cereal, and other fruit!  What do you like to mix granola in?   So far I have only eaten the original and the vanilla flavors.  I like both and I am excited to try the others but did not want to open another bag until I finish one bag.  :)  The UDI's Granola retails for 5.99 for a 13 oz bag.  So what does UDI's say about how they make the granola?  Well, I took this from their site , " Made with patience and passion, Udi's Artisan Granola starts with pure, wholesome ingredients - the best nature has to offer. We then measure and mix in small batches, and toast and turn by hand. All told, this takes hours to do, but our reverent obsession with edible perfection pays off in a granola deep with crunch, caramelized goodness,

Healthy and Trim Giveaway

Graphic Designed by: Deals from MS Do Praises of a Wife and Mommy has teamed up with some bloggers to bring you this giveaway.  Praises of a Wife and Mommy has not been given this product to conduct a review but rather has teamed up with other bloggers to bring it to all our readers.  Good luck!   Welcome to the Healthy And Trim Giveaway sponsored by Meg's Moxie! Are you looking to get healthier and more trim this summer? Enter this fantastic giveaway and win the chance to try some awesome products valued at $300! We've purchased a one month supply of It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps from Angie's Wraps to give away! PLUS, we have a one month supply of Body By Vi Health Products from Body By Vi With Michelle F. This includes: One bag of Vi Shape Shake Mix Vi-Trim Appetite Control Packets Sample Flavor Packets To Add To Shakes 3 Boxes of Neuro Smart Energy Mix On top of this, we have $20 PayPal to Give Away as well for you to shop with! This giveaway be

15 Month's Old

I am a little late posting my lil man's 15 month picture but better late then never!  :)  It continues to be a joy being this boys mama.  He keeps me on my toes all the time!  If I have not already said it BOYS ARE VERY DIFFERENT from girls!  (well, at least in my kids) Titus is starting to talk a bit more which is fun.  He is working on learning to say Kiah our dog and Se-Se for his sister. Teeth are still slowly coming in and I am ready for them to be in as Titus can get so whiny when getting teeth...more then I remember with Selah. Titus seems to enjoy playing with the dog.  He will pet her and throw balls to her.  I really enjoy watching the interactions between the two.  :) Titus is a big eater, but at the same time he throws a lot of food and sneaks a lot of food to Kiah.  SNEAKY!   One thing I hope he does not grow out of is cuddles, I love love love his hugs and kisses and morning cuddles!  :) Dear Titus, Mommy loves you so much!  I adore watching you play, but I l

Genesis- Juice Box Review and Giveaway

I, like many parents are checking food and drink labels all the time.  We are trying to remove high fructose corn syrup and every day I keep getting frustrated!  ANY ONE WITH ME??  It's everywhere even when you least expect it!  A few months ago my mother in law was visiting and even noticed the bread I bought had it.  :(  I never even checked bread!  Also, I really love ketchup and I have yet to find a Ketchup that I like that does not have it?  Can anyone recommend one?   Juice is a big area where I am checking labels, the hard fact is many juices have pictures that catch my daughters attention and she wants that type of juice.  Sadly, I look at the label and have to tell her we can't buy that kind of juice.   Genesis Juice has created a great juice that even has Power Ranger characters to interest the kids.  :)  It has no High Fructose Corn Syrup, no preservatives, no added colors, 50% less sugar then most other juices, and it has some great vitamins in it.  If you are l

God's Not Dead...

I have not posted a Worship Wednesday in a long time!   Enjoy!!

Wordless Wednesday

Easy Canvas Prints Review

I know I shared the picture when I took it of my daughter and our puppy.  Well I took that picture to Easy Canvas Prints and ordered my daughter the picture for her bedroom wall.  :) When the package arrived it was like a present for my daughter and she excitedly opened it up and was so excited to have the print.  :) I really liked how easy it was to pick and choose my photo and how I wanted it sized onto the canvas.  The quality is beautiful! The site is so easy to understand so go and play around and order your canvas print today!  :) Canvas prints also make really good signs.  So if you are in need of a sign for work, home, or any other type of sign then check into it now. :) Go order your canvas prints at  

6 year Anniversary Recap

I had a fantastic day with my man celebrating our 6 years of married life.  Time has really gone fast!   We had two dates so it was an extra special day for us.  :)  First we went out to a new buffet in town.  I was not impressed with it so I doubt we will go back.  :(   We thought we were going to go for a hike but then we found a mini golf place that we thought had closed down but it was open!!  :)  It was really nice too!  :) We played 18 holes and I went first... I GOT A HOLE IN ONE!!!  What a way to start the game! :) Not only a hole in one on hole one but I got another one on hole 5!!!  :)  WHOO HOO... it was a great game even though the hubby still beat me...only because on one hole I got frustrated and ended it with 9 strokes.  OOPS!  What are some Anniversary dates you have had??  :)  

Father's Day Gift: Picto Review

Did you read my review before Father's Day explaining the Picto program at ?   READ IT HERE So what did Dad think of his gift?  He loved it, but I think his daughter loved giving it to him more.  :)  I was very pleased with the mug.  The design that my daughter and I created was printed twice on them mug.  It matched the inside color very well so that is a bonus.  :) The mugs are all dishwasher safe so that makes it easier to purchase when you know hand washing is not in the future.  :)  The reason I really love this mug is because my daughter was able to create it with the picto app here: .  There are so many different ways to create your own masterpiece on the picto app.  I imagine most children could be occupied for a long time playing and create.   So go have some fun and create...make sure you share with your kids.  :) 

Offense and Defense?!

Devotion from Jeremiah chapter 50. God is our offense   and our defense. What is His promise, whose battle are we fighting? Jerimiah  50:33 -34  This is what the Lord Almighty says: "The people of Israel are oppressed, and the people of  Judah as well. All their captors hold them fast, refusing to let them go.  34 Yet their Redeemer is strong; the Lord Almighty is  his name. He will vigorously defend their cause so that he may  bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in  Babylon.

Wal-Mart Fail

I bought this french bread which I normally do not buy but it looked so good.  Then I get it home and cut it and realized there is this huge hole with no bread... SO SAD.  Each piece of bread has a big hole.  LAME!   Ok, that is my vent!  Thanks for listening!   I guess the good news is I did not feel guilty for eating two pieces of bread!  :) 

Organizing! YAY

I saw a tutorial on pintrest to build a storage shelf that would slide in and out from the side of the refrigerator.  I was thrilled as my new kitchen is not  huge and more space would be fantastic.  I wanted the hubby to build it but then I was browsing a facebook group that is like the community garage sale site.  :)  I found a entertainment center thing that I measured and found it would fit perfect!  I got it for $15!   We had to take the glass doors off and add some wheels but it works great!   I think the hubby was thrilled he did not have to build one!  :)   

Light the Night- Find a cure for Leukemia!!!

The Norden family changed forever on a March day in 2002. The word leukemia was spoken and the diagnosis was on our mother, Bette. You see Bette was sick for about a month before her diagnosis. It was a struggle to find out what was really going on with our mom. She was pushed aside with a wrong diagnosis of Hepatitis. After our mom went to get a second opinion at Mayo clinic they finally gave us answers. Immediately after we got the diagnosis Mayo worked immediately on a treatment plan and our mother’s new home would be a hotel in Rochester MN since it was over 2 hours from home. She would start radiation and chemo right away in March. Also in March my mom celebrated her 46th birthday. On her birthday we shared wonderful get well cards and pictures! Even through the terrible treatment and feeling icky she remained JOYFUL. Joyful in every aspect of life even facing the hardest challenge of her life. We love your smile and we miss your contagious laugh! The treatment seemed to be

Dry Idea: Deodorant Review and Giveaway

I know most of you know I was at kids camp last week and I think I mentioned the humidity and heat that we had that week!  I was daring as I only brought my new Dry Idea  deodorant  that I had never used prior.  I had no idea if it was going to keep me from smelling like B.O or if I was going to have sweaty pits. So how did the Dry Idea hold up to the hot and humid days at kids camp???  Arms raised high during worship in the morning and in the evening!  :)  I was dry and I did not stink!  :) WOOT WOOT!  I had the unscented brand and I usually do prefer a pretty scent but it worked and they do have scents which include powder fresh and cotton dry that I might try in the future.  :) The Dry Idea Roll-On is 24 hour protection, fast drying MicroCotton Formula, hypo allergenic, and contains Vitamin E.  :) Don't like roll on's??  They do offer Clear Gel and an Invisible Solid.  :) Dry Idea provided a free sample of their Advanced Dry roll-On so I could review them.  However,

The Avengers Review

Yes I know that this movie debuted weeks ago but to be honest we do not go to the theater very often, but since everyone was talking about this movie and it was our anniversary we thought we would go and enjoy it!  And we both did!!!   The night before going to The Avengers  we found Thor on   I do have to say that both movies were great and I am glad I watched them in order.  :)   Everyone has heard that this movie grossed 200 million dollars it's first weekend in the box offices so it is no surprise that I felt I was the last one to see it.  LOL  So what did I like most about it?  First, let me just say that the car ride home with my husband we were discussing all the parallel links to the movie and the Bible!  :)  Very neat!  One line that I absolutely loved hearing was "There is only one God, Ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that."   The other line I liked was, "Have you heard of the story about Jonah."  :)  2

6 Years! Happy Anniversary- LOVE MY HUBBY!!!

Some reason's why I am so in love with my man: 1. He makes me laugh- he is so goofy at times and it cracks me up!  2. He is helpful/team player/caring/loving/genuine-  No matter what I need help with he is always there!  3. He is an amazing FATHER!  It is joy on my face as I watch him interact/play/and parent our kids!  :)   4. He knows how to cook!!!  He makes the best food ever!!!!!  (This is our Anniversary present...awesome grill)  :)  5-11. He loves me, he helped me make 2 wonderful babies, he is a man of God, he preaches the WORD, he provides for this family, he is handsome/good looking, and most importantly he encourages me to be better!  :)  I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!!!   So blessed by you and so excited to see where God leads us over the years!  :) :)   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

What to do with leftover Garage Sale Stickers-MAKE A GAME

I had several sheets of colored circle stickers that were used for a garage sale and I knew we could create something fun with them.  :)  First, I asked the hubby to create dice for me and he so kindly did.  :) Then on one die we wrote numbers and on the other we put one of the sticker colors.  Then my daughter and I played a game and would shake the dice and then put the number of stickers on a piece of paper and create a masterpiece together.   Our picture has some flowers and butterflies and a big sun.  :)  

Pick and Draw Review and Giveaway

  I was so thankful I brought this Pick and Draw game with me to summer camp!  On one of the days the humidity and heat were so uncomfortable that our craft room with air conditioning became the popular area of the day. :) Pick and Draw was created by Rich Davis.  When I opened up the deck of cards and read the first couple sentences my heart melted because I loved his creative way of sharing the Gospel.  :) On the first card it shows a picture of Rich and it explains why he created Pick and Draw - "I have made this Pick and Draw game so that you and I can draw together.  I want it to be fun for you and I think you will be surprised how well you can draw.  Your ability to create is a gift from God."  It is a gift from God and we all have so many different gifts!  I LOVE IT!  :)  The second card was even better and a great tool for any parent, pastor, teacher.  The second card talks about Jesus and is a great guide for a salvation message.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!   I am n

Congrats to the Newlyweds!

  CONGRATS NEWLYWEDS!   A week has already flown by since the newlywed had a special and fantastic wedding day.  :)  I felt so honored to be a part of their special day.  :) The bride was stunning and I absolutely enjoyed watching the groom as his bride walked down the isle!  (It's my favorite part, while most people have their eyes glued on the bride I can't help but look at the groom!)   I get so excited as I think about the future of this couple!  I know God has some big... HUGE plans for them and I am so excited to stay in contact and here them!  :)  CONGRATS- LOVE YOU 2 On the right is a picture of me and the groomsmen I walked with.  We had some extra fun at the grand march as I made him pick me up since he is like 3 times bigger then me.  :) It was fun!  :) 

Congratulations 2012 Graduates!

This last weekend we celebrated our graduating Seniors at church.  It just amazes me how fast time has zipped by since we came to our church 3 years ago.  WOWZERS! I think next year will be a hard year as we watch them graduate since a few of them we have really gotten to watch and see them grow from Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and soon to be Seniors.  We will have a big group graduating next year too!  I get excited to send these adults into the world as "World Changers for Christ" but at the same time it is hard.  I miss them!   CONGRATS Seniors!  :)  Proverbs 16:3

Shadow Dancing

The pure and innocent joy that I saw on my daughter as she danced in the sunlight gave me goosebumps.  She is at that age where she enjoys life so much that it's contagious to be around her because you can't help but smile!  I pray her JOY would continue to grow and be contagious... The Joy that only Jesus brings!  :)  

New shoes! :

It was that time of year when the outlet store has a HUGE sale!!  :)  This is the time every year I buy my new pair of running shoes.  :) Last year I got the Reebok Run Tone shoes and this year I found these awesome blue and yellow K-Swiss shoes. Guess how much I spent?? Come on guess... These shoes are regularly $70 and I got them for $20!  AHHH I love saving money and I absolutely adore these new shoes. I am changing up my workout routine for summer.  Instead of going to my favorite classes which I will miss I am going to try bootcamp class at 6 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  It know it is crazy early but if I do not do that then I am taking so much of my children's summer away from them by putting them in mini care for me to workout later mornings.  My class will be there come fall/winter and maybe every couple weeks I will show up.  :)

Bachelorette Party- The Good Clean Fun way!

Well the evening must start with food so we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant and had us some grub.  :)  Following the meal we headed to the Maid of Honor's house and changed our clothes so we could have fun with a outside scavenger hunt and a hike up a beautiful mountain. Then the maid of honor gave us adorable bandanna's to wear that said Bride and Bridesmaid on them.  :)  The Maid of  Honor did a great job at getting creative with a neat scavenger hunt.  We had to find items around her house that the Bride and Groom could use on their honeymoon.   They are doing a camping honeymoon so all the items we had to find would be related to camping.  Next came the even more fun part.  We went on an awesome and beautiful hike.  The views were awesome and best news, I did not freak out from fear of falling.  (Long story short I freaked out on my hubby while dating when we were hiking)  The view: More fun in the woods, hiking! Once the sun had set and we were down the mountain we h

Summer Patio Retreat Giveaway

Welcome to the Summer Patio Retreat Giveaway Event brought to you by Mom to Bed by 8 the ‘ Iowa-Mom ’, Powered By Mom and Mommy and Baby Reviews and Giveaways ! We would like to thank our special co-hosts Another Saved Cent , Giveaway Bandit , To Sew With Love and Opinions of a Moody Mama for joining us for this special event. Strathwood Brentwood 4-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set Gather friends, family, and refreshments and a enjoy a little patio retreat fully furnished with this four-piece set from Strathwood. The Brentwood collection includes two arm chairs, a coffee table, and a loveseat. Designed to withstand the elements, the furniture's frames are constructed of powder-coated steel in an attractive black with bronze flecks. Powder coating gives the furniture great protection against rust. Comfortable, durable seat cushions are upholstered in a polyester fabric designed for outdoors. Cushion Care and Cleaning: Gently brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric

Still from our weekend at papa's

  After our big race we got cleaned up and then went down town for the parade.  :)  I love visiting my dad during the small town festival because it gives us something to do when visiting but I do believe that they have one of the better parades I have seen.  As silly as it sounds it is true.   There is less political crap being tossed at us, it is fun to see all the other towns Queens court.  My daughter is in awe of the girls in their princess gowns and crowns.  :)  The bands are fun and they throw yummy candy not just cheap suckers and tootsie rolls.  :) After the parade we went down to the rides, petting zoo, and yummy and really bad for you food.  :)   We settled for some cotton candy, petting zoo and pony rides! Titus sporting the sunglasses that were handed out at the parade.  :) 

Big Top Cupcake Review and Giveaway

I have joined Nancy from Penny Pincherholics in bringing you this wonderful review and giveaway of The Big Top Cupcake.  The review was done by Nancy not Praises of a Wife and Mommy.  If you're an avid baker or know someone who is, this is the giveaway to enter. Read on for more details on what deliciousness was ensued in Nancy's kitchen and how you can get one of these awesome bakeware sets for yourself. Who likes cupcakes? I do, I do! Who likes BIG cupcakes? I DO, I DO! I'm sure I speak for all the dessert lovers out there when I say that there is no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with a ginormous cupcake. When I heard that I was given the opportunity to review the Big Top Cupcake pan, I was beyond ecstatic. All of the possible frosting flavors and fillings came rushing through my mind and I couldn't help but feel a sense of giddiness knowing that I'll be having a cupcake that's 10 times the size of a normal cupcake in my possession.

Happy Retirement Dad!

I am so proud of my father!  At the beginning of the month he retired!!  He worked very hard for many years in a factory painting every day.  He deserves a great retirement!   I would have to say that his first week of retirement went really well!  First, he got a hole in one on the golf course, then he run's his first 5K!  I mean that is one awesome week for a 62 year old, and he had 2 of his grand babies visiting for the weekend!   Pretty sure he slept good on Monday once his house was all quiet again.  :)  It is hard for me to grasp that he retired, he seems to young to me to retire!!!  :) I am thankful that he was able to retire and it is good to know that all his finances are in order.  It is always a blessing for kids to not have to worry about their parents and their parents finances.  :)   YAY DAD!  :)  Love you,  now only if I could convince him to buy a computer and get internet so you could read my blog!  :)