Pick and Draw Review and Giveaway

 I was so thankful I brought this Pick and Draw game with me to summer camp!  On one of the days the humidity and heat were so uncomfortable that our craft room with air conditioning became the popular area of the day. :)

Pick and Draw was created by Rich Davis.  When I opened up the deck of cards and read the first couple sentences my heart melted because I loved his creative way of sharing the Gospel.  :) On the first card it shows a picture of Rich and it explains why he created Pick and Draw- "I have made this Pick and Draw game so that you and I can draw together.  I want it to be fun for you and I think you will be surprised how well you can draw.  Your ability to create is a gift from God."  It is a gift from God and we all have so many different gifts!  I LOVE IT!  :)  The second card was even better and a great tool for any parent, pastor, teacher.  The second card talks about Jesus and is a great guide for a salvation message.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!  

I am not much of an artist.  I love art and crafts but actually free hand drawing is not my talent.  This game made it so easy to create such fun and cute cartoon characters.  My 4 year old daughter was even able to create.

The game was very easy and color coded for everyone to easily understand.  You grab one card from each category: face, eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.  The card will show you what to draw and once all 5 are completed you have a fun face, but don't forget to name him/her so the picture can become a little more real.  

In one deck of cards you can create 60,000 different faces!!!  AWESOME!   Not only with that many fun combinations but a face can change dramatically just by moving a body part higher or lower or to a side!  :)

Overall I am excited to play this game again!  :)  I also am excited to encourage our church to use it when they discuss creation or salvation or gifts.  I'm sure there are more ways to use this with children and youth once you think about it more.

The cost of this game is affordable!  Feel free to order a set HERE! 

Are you ready to win a set of Pick and Draw cards?  Enter the rafflecopter from below, under these fun pictures.  GOOD LUCK!!  This giveaway lasts from 6/23-7/1!  :) 

Pick a card from each category and your masterpiece will all come together.  

Here is some of the creative cartoon's that were created during camp.  

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*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% mine!  


Sportet said…
sounds like an awesome tool!
Laura said…
My 2 sons woulve love this for family game night!

Laurasu82 at yahoo.com
Sunnymay said…
This looks like good cheap fun and good both on trips and at home. Maybe my artwork will improve with practice.
Sunnymay said…
The cartoon heads remind me of carnivals where the head of the character is big.
maryjaco1 said…
This would be for my neice and nephew when I take them on car trips.