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Fall Health

Slim’s new formula is microbiome activating and is designed to help your gut thrive. Slim has been tested in an independent, highly advanced and scientifically validated in vitro study created to mimic the gastrointestinal system. This study demonstrated Slim’s ability to help beneficial microbes flourish in the gut, improving your overall health.◊ * Here’s what they found: • Our clinically demonstrated prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) works to feed the good gut microbes increasing Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times.◊ * • Slim increases Akkermansia - an amazing microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associated with being overweight by 250 times.◊ * • Increases metabolism boosting short chain fatty acids - butyrate by up to 58% and propionate by up to 25%. SLIM’S PRIMARY BENEFITS • Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight* • Promotes the growth of good gut microbes* • Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 2

God Loves Me, My First Bible

The children came to Jesus Who hugged them in his arms. He blessed them, and he said a prayer To keep them from all harm. It’s never too early for little ones and toddlers to learn that—“God loves me!” The God Loves Me, My First Bible contains simple, rhyming verses about Bible characters and important lessons about God’s love for his children. Parents and children will enjoy reading each story that emphasizes the overriding theme of the Bible: God loves his world, his people, and me! My Review: Thank you, Zondervan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.   Let's start with the dedication page.  I really like how it says, "God loves _______ and so does _______ who gave this book on ___________."  It really is a very nice dedication page with a special truth of God's love.  This adorable board book hits many of your typical bible stories for kids the last page

Happy First Decade!

Happy Birthday, Selah!!! I am that parent that is in denial.  Denial because I don't know how I have a 10-year-old!   Selah is a great young lady but I am not ready for those tween and teenage years quite yet.   Thankfully she still likes her dolls and playing like a kid!   Even though last Sunday she came out wearing a dress, makeup (needed a lot of touch up, and my high heels (yes they pretty much fit her) claiming she was going to church that way.   Dear Sweet Selah, I love being your mom!  Even though we have had some disagreements lately and I'm sure more will come I am still your best and biggest fan in life!  I love watching you play basketball and run!  I love watching you play your ukelele and sing!  I know you are going to continue to surprise us with all your gifts and talents.   I am excited about your party... and thank you for being understanding that we couldn't do it until later in October.     As you turn ten and continue to get o

Book Review: "Captain Snout And The Super Power Questions"

Book Description:  Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions; Don’t Let the Ants Steal Your Happiness , written by board-certified child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, playfully encourages children to correct their negative thinking patterns in order to live happier and healthier lives. Comical illustrations bring the story alive as our main character, Captain Snout, reveals the superpower questions that can rid us of our automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and lead to accurate and truthful thinking. This picture book, based on a popular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy technique, will help readers do just that. My Review: Thank you, Zondervan and the ZSquad for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was very excited to read this book because in the title it says, " Super Power Questions" and that made me curious.  Then also on the cover, it says, "Don't

Mess and Moxie

Book Description New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker, with playful hilarity, shameless honesty, and refreshing insight, assures readers they have all the pluck they need for vibrant, courageous, grace-filled lives. Jen Hatmaker believes backbone is the birthright of every woman. Women have been demonstrating resiliency and resolve since forever. They have incredibly strong shoulders to bear loss, hope, grief, and vision. She laughs at the days to come is how the ancient wisdom writings put it. But somehow women have gotten the message that pain and failure mean they must be doing things wrong, that they messed up the rules or tricks for a seamless life. As it turns out, every last woman faces confusion and loss, missteps and catastrophic malfunctions, no matter how much she is doing “right.” Struggle doesn’t mean they’re weak; it means they’re alive. Jen Hatmaker, beloved author, Big Sister Emeritus, and Chief BFF, offers another round of hilarious tales, frank

6 Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Read

Are you under 5 foot four inches and looking for some style inspiration? If so, you’re in luck, as we’re offering helpful fashion advice to complement your tiny frame. Whether you’re a size 00 or a size 16, read our six style tips that every petite woman should read. Balance Your Bust Are you a petite woman with a big bust? You might find it difficult to find the right style of clothing for your body shape. You will, however, be happy to learn that there are styles that can highlight your beautiful body shape. For example, empire waists can be the perfect fit, as they can nip beneath the bust-line, while a fitted top can be perfectly combined with a stylish high-low skirt . Try to balance a fitted base with an outer layer, which will highlight your shape rather than detract from it. Discover the Perfect Shoes One of the best things about the kids’ section is the affordable footwear, right? You can often find the best sneakers and flats for a fraction of the adult sizes,

How to be Prepared for Your Child’s Injuries

One of the scariest things for many parents is when their child gets hurt. Injuries can range from a small scrape to something seriously life-threatening. You can’t keep them guarded and you can’t protect them all the time, either. Knowing what to do when your child gets injured can help both their confidence and their wellbeing. Fussing over the smallest scrape isn’t going to make them ready for the world once they grow up, but not being prepared for serious injuries can make matters worse. Here is how to prepare for your child’s future injuries:   For When It’s a Small Scrape Small scrapes, falls, and other common injuries can leave a little kid crying. Fussing over them, however, will only cause them to believe the pain is worse . When a child falls when they’re running down the street, check briefly if they’re bleeding, how much, and if they look fine to continue on their way. Children will look to you to tell them how badly they’re hurt – and if you stay calm, they will

The Best Ways to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

Alcoholism is an incredibly far-reaching disease. It will affect every member of a household in one way or another, and every time it does it makes it harder for the sufferer to recover. There’s nothing worse than watching somebody you love as they get taken under the influence of the drug, alcohol, or as it’s known to recovering alcoholics, the Spider. It’s called that because it’s incredibly good at playing tricks on people and pulling them into its web. It takes enormous strength to fight it. Prayer First and foremost you need to give God this problem for yourself and for your family member. We need to rely on God's strength through it all. Some days might be harder which is why we need to keep the faith and hope in our heavenly father to take care of our needs during this process. Acceptance Don’t accept circumstances as they are – you need the strength to change them – but to do that, you’re going to have to accept somethings. Accept the problem , that this is a

Amazing ways to attract dog’s attention

When you check internet videos you can see people being able to clearly communicate with their pet. They would issue an order and dog would instantly obey. However, this process doesn’t come overnight. In order for a dog to even listen to you, its first necessary to attract its attention . This might seem like a problem given that dog’s find it very hard to understand your commands. In this article, I will talk about attention training, little tricks that allow you to retain dog’s focus for a long time and how to do all of that with a smile. Let’s get to it! Dog attention training basics Like with any other dog training, it is best if you start doing it when dog is still a puppy. All these skills are best adopted at early stages of dog’s development; if you wait for time to pass it will become hard. Unfortunately, this is the biggest issue at the same time. Given that you will start your training at a very early age, this means that dog will be really young and as s

Tips for Juggling Post-Grad Study and Parenthood Successfully

If you didn’t attend graduate school after completing your bachelor’s degree, there are several reasons why you might be considering going back to college and furthering your education a few years down the line. Today, many individuals wait a while before choosing to attend graduate school; some of the reasons for this include needing extra time to gain relevant work experience to add more weight to their extra qualification, the chance to save money and repay some or all of their present student loans before embarking on any extra study, or even to start a family and settle down before pursuing their career path further. If you are a parent who has decided that it is finally time to return to the classroom and pursue your graduate degree, here are some top tips to help you stay on top of these two huge responsibilities. Tip #1. Be Clear on Your Future Goals As a parent, you will likely have some big goals and aims in mind when it comes to why you are choosing to achieve a gradua

Taking Care Of Your Family’s Mental Health This Winter

We all want to take care of our families throughout every season of the year and that includes physical health, emotional health and of course, protecting their mental health. When the bright, warm days of summer end, autumn filters slowly through the air and eventually winter brings upon us her icy chill, winter depression sometimes takes hold of us and those we love. Also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter depression may affect some of our family members who may have normal mental health throughout the year but who show signs of depression at a specific time of the year, namely winter. Seasonal affective disorder ( SAD ) is a form of depression associated with seasonal changes. Usually, symptoms tend to appear during those months that have less sunshine and starts and ends at about the same times every year - from the fall and continues through until the end of winter. Symptoms usually involved lowered energy and depression. So What To Do? Light Therap