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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

This year we had three Thanksgiving meals!  Blessed this year for sure!   First a family from church invited us to their Thanksgiving meal.  Second we helped cook and eat at our local community Thanksgiving meal.   Thirdly we traveled to Grandma's house for some family time!    He made me laugh...he still went for seconds! Bahahaha Five hours in the car and we were with this lovely group of family!  :)   One of the best things was watching my daughter bond in the kitchen with her Great Grandma!  :) What are you thankful for this year? 

What God Showed Me the Day I Put My Car in the Ditch

It was the first real snow fall of the 2014 winter season and when I woke up and saw the conditions I knew it would be a long and slow commute but this girl is from Wisconsin and can handle a little snow driving.     Here was the view from my window before leaving for work.   It is hard to see but it was snowing and very windy.   I was driving cautious and at speeds of 30-40 most of the way.   I had to decide what route to go and after debating as I drove I picked the route I thought would be best but sadly that route had me in the ditch.   Here I sit in the ditch about 20 minutes from home and all before 8am.  I was going very slow and the slush just pushed me off the road with the help of the wind.   I was very upset!   I immediately called my husband and before long I realized there are a lot of people who do care!   I had car after car stop and several people get out of their car and knock on my window to make sure we were okay.   One nice gentleman gav

ShaveMob- Stocking Stuffer Idea #ShaveSmarter

The stocking stuffers contain: -1 handle (men's or womens) -2 month supply of men or women's razor blades (customers choose if they want 3,4,or 6 blades). -1 mustache monocle  The last available day to plan an order and have it received by Christmas is December 17th.    December 17th . My Review: I know NO Shave November is in full swing but let me tell you it is about time to grab for a razor!  December is almost here and don't let your face get angry with a dull razor.  ShaveMob has razors for him or her and with there great stocking stuffer package your sure to bring smiles on Christmas morning.   I have used ShaveMob razors for quite some time!   I reviewed them a year ago and still have been using the big supply of razors.    Make sure you put something that they need in their stockings... something like ShaveMob razors!  

Mrs. Cavanaugh Chocolate Review

Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas season making pecan rolls and homemade chocolates for holiday gifting. “It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe,” Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. “I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties.  Then I began dipping chocolates.  Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business.  Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.'” Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets. ...In 1972, the family moved to Utah, leaving good friends and their beloved cattle ranch.   “It was a difficult decision, especially for George,” Mrs. Cavanaugh said. “He was excited about making our new venture, which we chose to call Mrs. Cavanaugh's Candies, a great success.  We felt Utah was blessed with good chocolates and that we would en

Thank You Crimson Cord #TellMeYours

It's Thanksgiving Week and I am so inspired by my husbands spoken word video he created to thank the many people who have helped shape him in the man he is.  :)    He also entered this in a contest!  :)  Feel free to share and like it!  :) Hope it encourages you to say THANK-YOU  to the ones who impacted you!   

The Legend of St. Nicholas Book Review and Giveaway

In  The Legend of St. Nicholas , the new artwork, created by  Marley and Me  illustrator, Richard Cowdrey, captivates audiences and tells the story of a young man named Nicholas, who was moved by the plight of the poor and needy. Nicholas spent his life secretly helping the poor all over the world, giving gifts on Christmas Eve to remind people of the greatest Gift of all, Jesus Christ. This gentle Christmas book introduces the original St. Nicholas and offers inspiration for readers to become cheerful givers themselves. The final pages in the book include fun Father Christmas traditions in other lands. My Review: As a christian parent it is so easy to get caught up in the worlds view of Christmas.  Every where you look is Santa Claus.   I have always enjoyed the history behind St. Nick and this story not only captures the true meaning of Christmas it also inspires kids to take a look around and fill a need rather then receiving.   My seven and three year old loved hearing

NIV Plush Bible- Review

The  Plush Bible Collection, NIV  has the same convenient size and readability as the incredibly popular NIV Thinline Bible—now in fun and furry designs for kids and teens. Features include the words of Christ in red, an easy-to-read font size, and measures less than one inch thick.  Thanks Zondervan for sending me this free book in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.   My Review: Do you like purple or zebra print?   If so then this is the bible for you!   (They do have other animal print and some other colors too)  No longer do we have to all have the same color and look to a bible!   We can have our bible match our personality!    I have always enjoyed reading the NIV translation and this Bible design is going to make a great gift!   I think I know several girls that would be very excited to receive it.   I pray you each find a Bible that makes you eager to jump into God's word and grow closer to Him. 

Bumblebean Holiday Giveaway

   This year we're participating in an awesome Bumblebean Holiday Giveaway that we'd love to share with you all! Bumblebean is the destination for unique brands for moms and kids. They've put together a special holiday giveaway and scavenger hunt for parents to learn more about these great brands. You will have the chance to win one of three Bumblebean bundles with up to 35 prizes in each prize pack! They'll be giving away over $5,000 worth of top baby and kids items. You're invited to be part of this amazing holiday giveaway and join in the Bumblebean fun! How it Works Giveaway will run from November 20th - December 20th. Entering is easy, just click the button below to go to the entry page with full instructions. 3 lucky winners will receive a bundle prize pack with 35+ hand-selected items! You may also enter the "find the bean" scavenger hunt to earn extra chances to win! 3x a week we will hide the Holiday bean on . Visit this

Keeping Outdoor Toys Safe During the Winter

Outdoor play is a great way for children to burn off excess energy and get a bit of fresh air. Running around with a ball, riding a bike or playing with a skipping rope are all fantastic exercise and there's never been such a good choice of outdoor toys for kids. When the cold weather sets in, however, you'll need to find ways to  keep the toys in good condition . Storage If it's possible to keep items indoors, that's ideal. Larger toys, such as bikes, may not fit in your house, but a shed or lean-to can be purchased quite inexpensively. Small toys that are generally used outside can be kept in a box with drainage holes, such as a crate, allowing you to carry the box out to the garden or park so that the contents can still be accessed easily. It's a good idea to allow children to carry on playing outdoors throughout the cold weather  as long as they are well wrapped up  and it's safe to do so; portable storage for their favorite small outdoor toys mak

Southwest Beverages, Sippity and Kemosabe Review

Southwest Beverages manufactures and sells premium quality gourmet flavored dry mix beverages under the brand names, Sippity®-hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe®-gourmet coffee. All of our products are ready-to-serve, easily dissolvable, 99.9 % caffeine and 100 % gluten free and contain all the ingredients necessary for you to simply add water, microwave and then experience Comfort In A Cup®. Our Sippity Lite® and Kemosabe Lite® products offer the same great taste and full body aroma as our regular products but with less than 2 grams of sugar per serving. Sippity® Hot Cocoa Mix "Our Sippity® and Sippity Lite® hot cocoa mix products are designed to provide you with instant Comfort In A Cup® gratification. Each of our gourmet blended flavors will warm your heart and hands and soothe your mind on those inclement days when you are seeking some sweet relief. " Susan Jenkins, Founder Kemosabe® Gourmet Coffee "Whether it's friends around the kitchen table, stu

My daughter's Journal...

So my daughter read me her journal and I immediately took a picture.   It sure is one I don't want to forget.  Her words of wisdom are so present that this mom is grinning from ear to ear and very proud.   I keep praying God would continue to give my daughter boldness to share her faith.    In the words of my sweet 7 year old, "God is stronger then Batman...If God is not in your heart then you should pray to God." Yes, you need HIM!   The one true king, the maker of heaven and earth!   He loves you and is waiting for you to talk to him! 

The Beauty Of Believing 365 Devotions That Will Change Your Life- Book Review

Are you ready to blossom? Faith is like a flower. In order to grow, it needs soil, water, and sun—food for the spirit. That’s just what this devotional is. Spiritual food to help your faith grow strong and beautiful. Featuring 365 days of wisdom from your favorite Faithgirlz! authors, as well as quotes and questions from real girls like you, this devotional offers pages of inspiration on everything from navigating friendships, to taming the tongue, to trusting God in everything, big and small. Growing up can be tough, but Jesus is guiding you every step of the way. Beauty of Believing  combines the talents of Faithgirlz! authors Tasha K. Douglas, Mona Hodgson, Kristi Holl, Lois Walfred Johnson, Allia Zobel Nolan, and Nancy Rue, and their words of wisdom will help your faith bloom and flourish as you grow into the girl God wants you to be. My Review: This year devotion is sure to spark an interest with your daughter.   I enjoy the short yet effective and thought provok

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates

Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas season making pecan rolls and homemade chocolates for holiday gifting. "It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe," Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. "I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties. Then I began dipping chocolates. Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business. Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.'" Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets. ...In 1972, the family moved to Utah, leaving good friends and their beloved cattle ranch.  "It was a difficult decision, especially for George," Mrs. Cavanaugh said. "He was excited about making our new venture, which we chose to call Mrs. Cavanaugh's Candies, a great success. We felt Utah was blessed with good chocolates and

Get Ready for the Holiday's with The Haywire Group

WHAT?! You want me to spend time with my family?! That's stressful and painful and long hours of talking about Grandpa's latest ailment - how am I supposed to get through that?!  Hey, it doesn't have to be that bad. Spending time with your family can be fun, especially if you have the right game to shake things up, get people laughing and enjoying themselves - and not talking about Grandpa's foot fungus! The Haywire Group has just the games for you, this award-winning game company has a great collection of fun family games  DICEcapades is a card game, a dice game, a trivia game, an action game and well, it's just a game with about anything and everything in it, which is why it's perfect for everyone. You may find yourself in a staring contest, answering obscure trivia or balancing dice on your hand while standing on one foot - you never know what your turn will bring (hint: you might want to start working on your hand charades skills!). This ga

Lakeshore's Let's Play School Review

Raise your hand if you played school as a child?   Like many of you my hand is up and ironically I am a teacher!  My 7 year old daughter has been playing school almost daily since we got this play school toy from Lakeshore Learning.   My 3 year old son tends to be the student most of the time and I think my daughter is actually doing a good job and helping him learn many things!   The Let's Play School Kit sell's for $49.99 and includes over 65 pieces including the chalkboard, pointer, name tags, stampers, and much much more!  My daughter is a first grader and loves teaching her brother his numbers and letters.  The stamps and fidgets seem to keep her little brother playing with her.   It amazes me how patient they both are with each other.  My favorite part of watching them is when they stand up to do The Pledge of Allegiance.  I highly value this and makes me proud that my daughters school values it and say it daily!      Overall this school set is getti

Dream Team Pets- Review

Dream Team Pets is much more than a bedtime toy-it's an innovative kid's sleep aid that helps end the bedtime battles of trying to keep your child in bed. Developed with the help of a pediatrician, Dream Team Pets bedtime routine empowers kids as they reward their Pet with stickers and a certificate for a good night's sleep. If the child wakes up from a nightmare, there are no hard feelings because the responsibility is on their Pet, but when they successfully sleep in their own bed, the kids feel a sense of accomplishment as they reward their Dream Team Pet. What makes this unique is that the kids think they are training their Pet, but really they are sleep training themselves! My Readers receive 30% Off Dream Team Pets with Promo Code: USFGUIDE Do you have a nightly wake-r?   My son is waking up in the middle of the night and coming to my room to

Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses and Tumblers- Review

About the thermo glasses: Set of 4 handmade, double-wall thermo glasses, each glass boasting a unique curvature that holds 8 ounces. Artisan series unique double wall design suspends drinks within an inner wall for an engaging optical effect. Each glass made to keep your hands cool with hot drinks, and free of condensation with chilled beverages. Completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Ships in an elegant 4 color printed box with a 1 Year Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Made of heat and shatter resistant borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more durable than common glass. Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the CURVA is the latest addition to the Ozeri Artisan Series of award-winning handcrafted drinkware. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass, shatter-resistant, and with the CURVA's double-walled design, it offers the ultimate insulation to maintain drinks at their ideal temperature.