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How to Teach Your Children that it’s Better to Give Than to Receive

  One of the greatest gifts that you can give your children is to teach them about the art of giving. They can carry this with them long after you have gone, it will be something to cherish, and it allows you to live on in their memories. The first step is to inspire your children to participate in the process of gifting. Giving someone a present is a way of recognizing his or her worth by providing something of value. Of course, we're talking about a lot more than just money, because a gift represents the giver's concern and gratitude for the recipient and being deliberate about the gift enhances the experience from all angles. Earn and Learn Buying a gift with money you have earned yourself is more meaningful, and it's a crucial lesson for children to learn at a young age. Assist them by suggesting age-appropriate extra chores around the house where they may earn some extra money. Work on a list and budgets with your children, allowing them input into what, who and why.

3 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Adulthood

  As parents, we are often guilty of wanting to protect our children too much from the world. We want to prevent them from the pain of the hardships we have faced. We believe our role as a parent is to make their lives as sweet and comfortable as possible.  Don't get it wrong: It is a beautiful and praise-worthy feeling. However, it can make it hard for your teen to learn essential basic skills . The truth is that no school is going to teach our children how to become successful adults. Therefore, as parents, we need to make it part of everyday life to show them the skills they will need. So how to best introduce positive "adulting" habits into the household so children can naturally develop the skills they need? Unsplash - CC0 License Encourage them to be independent early on According to Jeanne Williams, a psychologist, parents can save themselves a lot of time and hassle by doing less parenting during the day. It's important to give notice to your child, as early a

3 Reasons It’s Important To Listen To Your Child

  As your children are growing up, they’ll say all kinds of things, and not all of it is going to make sense - but that doesn’t mean that the things they’re saying aren’t important. They don’t know much, so they couldn’t tell you anything new - but there’s a lot more to their words than what they’re saying. It’s the reason they’re talking to you, and practicing speech, or even just saying things that they’re thinking about. They’re working on their communication skills every day, and that’s something you should encourage. Source Confidence If you don’t often listen to what your children are saying, it could start to affect how they feel and how much they say. When you don’t listen to your children, they’ll think that what they’re saying isn’t important and that there’s not too much point in telling you about what they’re thinking. Try to make sure you’re taking the time to give them your undivided attention from time to time, and it can really boost their confidence . You don’t want th