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30-Day Tylee's Dog Food Challenge for Kiah

Well, it has officially started!  Kiah is 6 days into a 30 day challenge on this new human-grade dog food from Tylee's.   First let me get to delivery!   It was fast and it was packed in dry cool was that!   Super cool if you were my kids because their daddy did a cool science experiment with them right away!   :)  I know that was a side note but one I wanted to share. So what is neat about this dog food? So many things, like   Buy 1 Get 1 FREE with code "TYLEES" or even the fact that the ingredients might be healthier than what I may have eaten for the day which flax seed and chia seeds!  Or maybe just knowing that there is no fillers or that nothing comes from China!  So here is a picture of the food. I have never served my dog food that looked more like human food.  The fact that it has the green, yellow, orange color is pretty awesome.  The next thing that caught my attention was the smell, it had a very sweet smell. What did Kiah think?  Well,

Lily Girl Music Box

First Precious Moments - the Lily Girl Music Box  I remember growing up I had a friend who had so many Precious Moments collectibles .   It is safe to say I was a bit jealous as I didn't have any.  I might have been a bit more excited than my daughter when I had her open it up but she was just as excited when the music started to play.   This week my daughter got one of her own!  The above "Lily Girl Music Box" is so precious.   She already has a couple musical snow globes and figurines so this one goes with her collection really well.  She played the song several times while cleaning her room last night.  :)  The new Precious Moment figurine is adorable with the bright green color and the sweet music it plays.  This sweet gift would be such a nice surprise in any Easter basket... who needs all that sugar anyway.  Go get your own Precious Moment's for your child and give them something that will last a lifetime and not just a couple hours wit

"Smurfs: the Lost Village" Win Movie TICKETS!!!

How many of you are excited for the release of "The Smurfs: the Lost Village?"   I have enjoyed these movies and this one looks like a really fun one to watch.  The movie comes to theaters nationwide on April 7th, 2017!  Will you be taking your kids?   Win tickets for opening weekend by clicking HERE !!  GOOD LUCK, hope you and your family can have a blast!   One thing I do with my kids after watching a movie is talking about connections we make from the movie to our Bible!  (At my church I get to do monthly movie nights and this is so fun) Here are a few questions to get you started discussing this movie with your kids! Questions for Consideration:  1. What words would you use to describe yourself? How can you give those things to God?  2. What’s the problem with trying to find your identity in accomplishments, careers, money, abilities or relationships?  3. How does finding your identity in Christ give you greater freedom to pursue your g

Book Review, "God Loves Daddy & Me"

Book Description God loves Daddy and me, He listens when we pray, When we tell Him “Thank You,” it’s the best part of our day! Cuddle up cozy-close with an adorable reminder of God’s love for daddies and their little ones. Celebrating loving fathers, precious children, and the God who loves them all, God Loves Daddy and Me will remind parents and little ones of how much they are loved. My Review Thank you Booklook program for sending me this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine. This board book takes gives you all the warm fuzzy feelings.  I just love books that showcase the love of a parent!  This book also showcases God.  The cute raccoon pair is a father and child and with each page, you see them have fun and on some pages, you learn more about God too.  Some of the adventures in the book include fort building, walks, helping each other, wrestling, bonfire, and even bed time pray

Brain and Mood Boost with COUPON CODE

Supporting your brain and its functions—memory, learning, focus, etc—along with regulating your emotions, can play a major role in your optimal health. Now you can do just that with the all-natural, easy to take nootrpoic Brain & Mood Boost. A Nootropic is defined as a dietary supplement that helps promote the enhancement of certain brain functions, such as memory, focus, cognition and the facilitation of learning. The origin of the name is Greek meaning affecting the mind (noos 'mind' + tropic 'affecting'). Whether you need improved focus for work, emotional clarity for life’s little joys, improved memory recall for study and learning, or more concentration to reach your goals, try Brain & Mood Boost to see what it can do to enhance your life. Formulated with earth-grown nutrients, amino acids and more, Brain & Mood Boost is designed to defend against cognitive decline and support the clarity you need every day. Ginkgo Biloba One of the oldest living

Happy 61st Birthday in Heaven Mom

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom!!! Sometimes it's a challenge to try to make these events loving and fun but when you have a dear friend buy you a cookie cake and lights a candle the next thing you know is your misty eyed and thankful.  Thankful for friends who understand the grief and sadness.  Thankful for a family that will do whatever I tell them when I talk about my mom or their grandma. Thankful for sweet memories that pop in my head as our birthdays roll around or whenever. Thankful that I know without a doubt that she is with her loving savior! Thankful everytime my kids want me to tell a story about her. Thankful that I can cry with my kids in a way that they understand that it is tear of love and missing her. Thankful for my family who always encourages and helps keep her memory fresh in all our minds.  Thankful to a God who gave me my mom for 18 great years here on earth but eager to see her again in heaven.   I love you Mom! 

Collector? Collections??

Do you have something that you collect?   Not just those coin collectors but something else?  Stuffed animals?  Random animal?  Keepsakes?   I don't really consider myself a collector but I do have over 10 Willow Tree Figurines.  There is something so sweet about these faceless figurines.  For me, they are almost like milestones in my own life.   Like I have a sister one, then a couple one, one holding a baby, then a family one.   Willow Tree figurines are sold all over but one online place is .  The prices seem very similar to prices I have seen in other stores.  is a website based out of Italy that sells way more then the figurines I collect.  They have items that your church might need from communion supplies to candles to cross necklaces.   They have so many different religious items that you can spend a long time browsing their site.  I even found a small selection of tea!  I will admit that the website does favor more of the catho

Super Mario Party

 Happy 6th Birthday Titus!  He loves both Mario and Luigi but chose to be Luigi all afternoon.      We had so much fun with his Super Mario themed birthday party!  A huge thank-you to Oriental Trading for helping me get most of the supplies I needed for his party!   Oriental Trading had birthday banners, plates, cups, balloons, and of course Mario and Luigi masks and mustache.  WE adored the masks and the posters which helped us decorate and set the mood for fun for the whole party!  So the first game we played was pin the mustache on Mario and Luigi.   This was a fun game and the kids enjoyed doing the game but then taking their mustache off and putting it on themselves!  After the mustache game, we played the pie face game... that was some good laughs. Next we needed to pose in our mustache's and so mom would have a fun picture for years!  We also had yummy cupcakes!  Thanks to my friend Randi for coming over the night befo

It's Easy-Peasy To Develop A Cooking Habit

Whether you want to eat healthily or you want a better vegan lifestyle, food has to matter to you. Finding great, easy products to make that lifestyle easier is always a plus. But at some point, you’re going to have to conquer that part of the home that seems insurmountable to people who barely set a foot in there. We’re talking about the kitchen, how you can use it like a pro and get into the habit of using it often and well. Photo Take a class It’s a simple piece of advice, but it works. If you really don’t know your spatula from your whisk, then it’s a good idea to get started with a class. If you’re trying to cook for yourself but you don’t know how, the pressure of making yourself a meal can cause the most novice of novices to mess up and never try it again. Good cooking classes, like the vegan options available at , are a stress-free environment. There you can get used to the kitchen, get used to food preparation, and get hands-on expe