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Adorable Prayer Journal

  Prayer Journal for Girls: 52 prayer scriptures, prayer guides, & devotional sessions  including a list of 52 Scripture verses, and journaling prompts to help you grow as you pray. The perfect companion for individual Bible study and daily prayer times, this 52 session full-sized journal features: A spacious 8.5 x 11 trim size with lots of space for your reflections. Two full pages for each prayer session. Everything will be right in front of you. A smooth Matte finish feels so nice in your hands. Clean, modern, high contrast page design to help you focus without distraction. Each guided prayer session includes: Praise and Thanks - Every time of prayer should include, and often begin with thankfulness and praise. This is a space dedicated to the recognition of answered prayers, the character of God, and gratitude for His activity in our daily lives. Prayers for Others- Love is not self-seeking. We want to make sure we are cultivating love in our prayer life by making sure we aren&


  What does "brand new" mean to you?   I think the church has forgotten this piece of identity over the years.  Many people do not view themselves as brand new and therefore continue in bad habits and sin.   When we surrender our life we get a brand new one!  IT IS SO MUCH BETTER with the brand new life.  2 Corinthians 5:17 17  Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away. Behold, [ a ]   all things have become new. Get your sweatshirt HERE and help tell other people your testimony! Let them see the brand new you!

Life Journal Reading Plans and Journaling

  The SOAP Bible study method is one of the most simple and powerful Bible Study Aids. The S.O.A.P. Method is as follows: S. scripture: It wouldn’t be a Bible study, if you didn’t use the Bible. This is where you write scripture references or even the scriptures themselves used for your study. O.observation: If you were to retell the events, facts, and truths in the above scripture; how would you say it. What stood out to you? What did you observe or notice about the scripture, nature of God, or purposes of God? A.application: How does this scripture and observation apply to your life? What changes will you commit to? Ultimately ask, “How does this change me?” This is where the scripture and observation gain traction in your life. P.prayer: Taking your time to write out a prayer in response to what you’ve learned and committed to as a result of the study. It’s amazing to journal your prayer life and look back and see how God answers! This journal is the perfect gift for Christian men a

Letters back and forth with my daughter

  Just like I have mentioned in a past post I write letters to my son but I have actually been doing this longer with my daughter since she is older.   We started when she wasn't writing but drawing me pictures.   When we sit down and look back at our journal we laugh and share sweet moments.   I enjoy it!   So here are the top reasons why I love writing back and forth with my daughter: 1. We have great communication 2. She is working on all aspects of writing 3. She feels encouraged 4. She feels heard and loved 5. We reminisce when we look back at the older pages 6. We create a bond that wont be broken  7. We share faith moments Click the pictures above to go order that journal and get started today! 

Why you should write letters back and forth with your son

         My son is 10 years old and we have a journal that we have been writing back and forth in for several years.   We have some large gaps in between some entries but that makes it more special when we get it out again and reread some of the topics.   I also love to see the improvement in his writing.   We talk about all kinds of things and sometimes he doesn't have much to say but he does enjoy reading the encouragement I write for him.   I really see this journal as something he will take when he leaves our household.   I see it being a treasure when I pass away some day too... I guess because I lost my mom when I was 18 years old I think about things like that more.   So my favorite reasons to journal back and forth: 1. open the door for good communication 2. My son asks questions more 3. I see his growth on pages 4. I love to reminisce about the past with him 5. He loves the encouragement 6. He feels the love 7. I feel the love So don't wait any longer start a journal b

Grieving Parent Journal

  Letters to my Rainbow Baby features a smooth, matte, cover. One of the hardest things in life is grieving the loss of a child. This journal is a space for grieving parents to process through the pain, and into joy by writing letters to their unborn or stillborn child. The first letters may be very difficult, but the healing will take, and the letters will move from pain to therapy. This is a great idea way to feel connected to your child in heaven. Some write prayers down in these books. Use it for messages, words of wisdom, and to chronicle funny stories you would have otherwise shared in person. This is the perfect gift for grieving mommas. Surprise them with this lovely 6x9 journal for parents. It is the perfect place to write letters of love, prayers for them, advice, dreams and desires, words of wisdom, and lots more. It's perfect for sharing too! A must-have shared mother-son, father-son journal for the pair who are seeking a thoughtful, creative way to connect with one ano

8 Life Tasks Your Teenager Should Know

  As a parent, you want your teenager to be successful in life . But do they know everything they need to know? Chances are, there are some things that your teenager didn't learn in school. That's why we've put together this list of 8 life tasks that every teenager should know! These skills will help them succeed both now and in the future.  Image Credit Task #01: How to Manage Their Time Wisely Another important life skill that your teenager should learn is how to manage their time wisely. This means learning how to set goals and priorities and then organizing their time accordingly. Help your teenager develop good time management skills so they can succeed in school and beyond. Task #02: How to Cook a Basic Meal One of the most important life skills that your teenager can learn is how to cook a basic meal. This skill will come in handy not only during their teenage years but also throughout their adult life. Teach your teenager how to make simple meals like pasta dishes a

The 5 Easiest Sewing Projects You'll Ever Make

  Are you a beginner sewer? If you're thinking of taking up sewing, 2022 could be the best year to start!  In the past decade, "sewing" has actually gone through a bit of a renaissance. More people than ever are learning how to sew.  It can be hard to know where to begin when you're starting out, especially if you want to sew your own clothes.  As such, we've got you covered on this list with the most beginner-friendly sewing projects ever! We promise all these projects will be super easy for even the most novice sewer! Why Take Up Sewing? As mentioned above, sewing has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Why is that? Partly it's because of the internet, which has given people new opportunities to learn about the craft.  People are also starting to discover how easy sewing actually is. 5 Easy Sewing Projects That Anyone Can Do Ready to get started? Grab yourself some fat quarters and start your projects! A Tote Bag You need a new bag, everyone needs

5 Things to Do for Friends in Difficult Times

Many of us want to be there for our friends during difficult times. Whether your friends and family are experiencing grief and loss, a tough time at work, or challenges within their own families, there are several things you can do to help them and make them feel better, even temporarily. While everybody will react differently and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what is the best approach for your friend, these are some of the common ways you can show friends that you care during difficult times. Send a Care Package Getting a care package delivered to their home can lift their spirits and help them to feel like somebody is thinking about them. You can make up a care package yourself and send it in the post, or you can order them online. This could include snacks and other foods, wine or other drinks, spa items such as bubble bath or creams, and essential oils or relaxing candles. Phone Them For many people, a listening ear is the most valuable thing you can offer. Send your friend