5 Things to Do for Friends in Difficult Times

Many of us want to be there for our friends during difficult times. Whether your friends and family are experiencing grief and loss, a tough time at work, or challenges within their own families, there are several things you can do to help them and make them feel better, even temporarily. While everybody will react differently and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what is the best approach for your friend, these are some of the common ways you can show friends that you care during difficult times.

Send a Care Package

Getting a care package delivered to their home can lift their spirits and help them to feel like somebody is thinking about them. You can make up a care package yourself and send it in the post, or you can order them online. This could include snacks and other foods, wine or other drinks, spa items such as bubble bath or creams, and essential oils or relaxing candles.

Phone Them

For many people, a listening ear is the most valuable thing you can offer. Send your friend a message if you know they are going through a difficult situation and offer to have a phone call with them if they feel up to it. Let them know if you don’t mind listening to their troubles and letting them share their concerns with you. Being a trusted, listening friend is one of the most valuable traits for many people in their friendships.

Send a Random Gift

When you know someone is going through a challenging time, you might want to send them a random gift or card to let them know you’re thinking about them. For example, depending on what they like, you could send them an item of jewellery from byregal.co.uk, or book some tickets to a movie you know they might enjoy. Sending something just because you’re thinking about them, rather than because it’s a special occasion, can mean a lot to people when it comes from a close friend.

Offer to Help

Even if they don’t accept your offer of help, letting them know that you are there can be a huge help in times of trouble. The knowledge that they have someone to call on if they do need any help can ease anxiety and worry. Not everyone will accept help, so make sure your friend knows that you are genuinely happy to help if they need you.

Check in Regularly

Rather than sending one message and then leaving it, stay in regular contact with your friend while they are going through a challenging time. This will help to strengthen your friendship with each other and will also let them know that you do truly care about them and their feelings. Remind them that you are there to help if they need you.

Being there for your friends when they need you is a sign of a strong and healthy friendship. Don’t let it come at the expense of your own health, but for those you love, being there in times of trouble can be extremely valued.