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Author Spotlight: Robin Carrol

About the Book:   Sam Sanderson is an independent, resourceful, high-tech cheerleader. She dreams of becoming an award-winning journalist like her mother, and so she’s always looking for articles she can publish in her middle-school paper (where she secretly hopes to become editor). And with a police officer for a father, Sam is in no short supply for writing material. It seemed like the perfect opportunity. When an explosive device is found in the local theater, Sam gets the lead on this developing and controversial story---controversial because the movie theater has recently come under attack by a renowned, outspoken atheist for allowing a local church to show Christian movies. Sam’s police-officer father happens to be heading the investigation, and Sam can’t resist doing some sleuthing of her own with the help of her best friend Makayla’s techno-genius. But when Sam’s theories end up being printed in the school paper, she lands in big trouble---and danger! About the Author: Ro

Current Trend

Anyone else have a son or daughter who has this many rainbow loom bracelets on their arm?   I am starting to have a love-hate relationship for these little bracelets.   I know it is the trend right now and soon it will leave but I think it is time to set a limit on how many bracelets my daughter can wear at a time.   My daughter has even made a necklace!  Only one and only one allowed!  ;) We did enjoy making bracelet Valentines and giving one to each of her classmates.  

"The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith" Book Review

At school, on the playground, and especially with what they see on TV, a child’s understanding of faith and God will be tested. It can be difficult to explain faith to children on a level they can understand. So Papa and Mama enlist some help from Preacher Brown in The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith.    Brother and Sister love science. But when their friend Ferdy Factual shares his opinions about God creating the universe, the cubs are confused. A trip to see Preacher Brown helps them understand the meaning of faith. Using the example of Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Preacher Brown helps the cubs understand that faith in God is trusting in his love. Young readers will be able to identify with the cubs’ questions about faith and God’s love. The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith is ideal for storytime with little ones and can be used as a resource for parents and educators who wish to address the subject of faith with young children. This title complies with Common Core Standards: C

Taking pictures to keep the memories!

I always take pictures of the artwork my kids make so I can go back and relive the memory of when they made it or gave it to me.   I seldom keep the actual products they make due to wanting a clutter free house so taking a picture is easy and clutter free.   Thank-you to my sweet daughter for this adorable bunny.  :)  WE LOVE YOU!  

Releasing on February 25th- "Pirates, A Super Hero, and a Mess Detective, A VeggieTales I Can Read" Book Review

It’s time for another helping of VeggieTales I Can Read fun with  Pirates, A Super Hero, and a Mess Detective ! Young readers will learn practical life lessons  and early reading skills with this exciting VeggieTales I Can Read book.   In this 3 in 1 bind-up of VeggieTales I Can Reads, Junior learns that even pirates have to go to school, the town of Bumblyburg takes an angry mud bath, and Larry forgets to listen … again! Young readers follow their favorite Veggie friends in easy-to-read stories that help teach early reading skills as well as sound morals and Bible-based life lessons. Books included in this title are:  Pirate in Training ,  LarryBoy and the Mudslingers , and  Listen Up, Larry .    Pirates, A Super Hero, and a Mess Detective  is a level one I Can Read book. This level is geared toward readers who are beginning to decode words and sentences.The stories in this bind-up help promote recognition of familiar words. The Common Core Standards classifications for Pira

Toopy and Binoo

Toopy and Binoo is an animated series that has become succsessful in Canada and is now available for US audiences!   Disclosure: I received Toopy and Binoo products in exchange for a post about the show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.    Here is a video and there are plenty more to find on their youtube channel.   My kids have watched several episodes with several laughs in each show.  The show keeps the attention very well of my 2.5 year old and 6 year old.   Here are some more facts you should know about Toopy and Binoo and how to find them.      Toopy and Binoo™ is an animated series that follows the adventures of Toopy, a tall, funny and friendly mouse, and his best friend Binoo, a tiny, clever and lovable white cat. Little ones and their families laugh out loud as the charming and endearing friends explore their colorful, whimsical world. Binoo, always logical and perceptive, is the perfect sidekick for Toopy and his vivid imaginat


Last week, Sunday, my hubby and I played a game of two on two and came out victorious.   I was the lone female whom the other team did not believe I could play.  In fact one said I would not be able to box him out nor score a point.  Well, by the end of the second game he humbled his heart and admitted that I was a great ball player.  :)  Feels good, but honestly it was just nice being on the court and playing a real game of pick up basketball.   I love getting a good sweat going during a fun game.   Go get your sweat on! 

Best Romantic Comedies for Valentine’s Day

Even if you don’t currently have a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re keeping it light and sweet, you can’t go wrong with celebrating by watching some romantic comedies together. Create a spread of the best Valentine’s snacks – chocolate kisses, red wine, strawberries, heart-shaped cookies – and watch a few of the best films ever to entertain and inspire. They don’t have to be films with deep meaning and life-changing truth. Some of the best romantic movies ever made are light-hearted and happy. Here are a few favorites: When Harry Met Sally It may seem obvious, but  When Harry Met Sally  is such an enduring, classic film that it’s still a must-see around Valentine’s Day. Excellent writing, great acting, a believable plot, and unforgettable characters make this film a classic. The scenes with elderly couples sharing their stories are just one of the things that make this film unique, entertaining, and unf

Happy Valentines Day

It was a fun year to make Valentines for my daughter.  She loves her rainbow bloom so creating a bracelet for all her classmates was a fun task for her.  I also got into the fun and made bracelets for my students.  I got the free printable from 30 Handmade Days so go print yours today.   I also got some great Valentines from my students!  :)

Illustrator Spotlight- "101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation"

101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation brings together 101 of the most well-known and beloved Bible stories. Written for young independent readers and with colorful artwork, this storybook Bible is sure to become a favorite. Each story is one page in length and features a picture depicting the main character or event of the story. Both story and artwork can also provide perfect springboards for further family or child and parent discussion of the rest of the story and its impact on our faith. Illustrator Spotlight Dan Andreasen’s bio: Dan Andreasen is a New York Times bestselling illustrator who has created artwork for more than fifty picture books. He has also written and illustrated seven others with a style that has been described by Kirkus as "cunning and clever." He is the author and illustrator of The Giant of Seville, which School Library Journal called in a starred review "a stand out package." Dan is the illustrator of two of t

The Feel Good Giveaway

Are you ready to feel good?! The Feel Good Giveaway is giving away 34 AMAZING prizes to one lucky winner, chosen on  March 1st . As a thank you, everyone who enters will get something special. Enter here and the more points you earn, the bigger the chance to win!   http:// feel-good-2014/

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder Review

The Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder utilizes a powerful eco-friendly ceramic gears and a space-saving design that combines salt and pepper chambers in one grinder. The Ozeri Duo boasts high quality stainless steel and an ergonomic non-slip grip for ease of use. The removable lid includes a slider to provide easy access to the salt and pepper chambers while minimizing spillage common to other products. The Ozeri Duo Ultra also features two adjustable knobs that precisely adjust the grind to your liking. My Review: I was not paid for this review.  I was given this product to review in exchange for an honest review.  So far this grinder is great.  I enjoy fresh pepper and salt and so does my food.  :)   I asked my husband to load the pepper and salt in the chambers and he did a good job but it does warn you to be-careful so you do not mix them in the wrong chambers.  We did get a couple pieces of the sea salt in the pepper chamber.  The directions are very clear, you n

Isabella's Cookies- Perfect for Valentines Day

About Isabella's Cookies: Here is a message from the founder, Jennifer Palmer: I fell in love with baking as a little girl and always thrived on the happiness brought to others by my cookies. In 2001, I founded Isabella's Cookie Company with that same spirit and a mission to satisfy the world with my fresh baked cookie creations. My treats are made with no preservatives and only the purest and freshest, all natural ingredients. My Isabella's Original cookies include fresh farm butter & eggs, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, extra creamy peanut butter chips and semi-sweet chocolate. I look forward to creating more new and unique cookie combinations that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Thank-you Isabella's Cookies for sending me the Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet (Vegan) cookies to sample.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.   We had company at our house when I opened the cookies up and they were gone by the n

Date Night at Comedy Sports

When was your last date night?  I mean a date that was out of the ordinary?  (Not just going on to eat or the usual date nights you do)    I am feeling loved and blessed after a wonderful evening with my man.   We have not had a date like this in awhile!   It started last week when I said we needed a date night and my hubby said he would do all the planning.  :) :) :)   I was very excited and my many delivered an amazing night.    I got home from work on Friday to a spotless house and he already purchased tickets to Comedy Sports.   Check your area if you have one since they have locations all over the United States.  We were in Rock Island and I know they have one in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis area also.   Not going to lie I did not know what kind of comedy we were about to go to and I was a little nervous it was going to get nasty but my husband assured me the show we were going to was advertised for ages 8 to 80!   I am thrilled to report that it was a very family frien

Guest Post: Best Things to Do on a Niagara Falls Vacation

When we think of Niagara Falls, it’s easy to only think of large falls and honeymoons, but  there’s so much more to this iconic travel destination. The beautiful landscape, relatively  close proximity to east coast cities and Canada, and romantic aura are great reasons to  visit Niagara Falls, whether you’re on your honeymoon or just on an adventure. Here are  just a few of the many draws Niagara Falls offers to adventure-seekers:  Theater Niagara Falls has many theaters, both live-action and film. Plan to take an evening  during your vacation to have some down-time soaking in the great entertainment  these options provide. If you’ve never seen a live-action show, now’s the time to take  advantage of Niagara’s theaters and talented residents. Prior to your vacation, spend  some time researching the shows that are available. Really, any of them will probably  be great. Who can beat the magic of live actors, costumes, sets, and an engag

Doll Clothes Superstore Review

We might not have an American Girl doll yet but my daughter still has several baby dolls that she loves playing with.  One fun activity for any girl is to match clothes with their doll.   My daughter was happy when we opened the packaged and she saw it was matching girl doll clothes .  She immediately asked to try her outfit on and soon found her doll.  This set is advertised as American Girl Doll Clothes , but truly if you are like me and have not put that doll on your budget don't worry these outfits will probably fit your doll too.  My daughter has taken this matching outfit and put it on a couple other dolls of hers as well.   Doll Clothes Superstore has a wide variety of doll clothes and several matching girl and doll clothes to browse through.   Make sure you use this coupon code,  "praisesofdcs"  to recieve 10% off your order!  

Guest Post: How to Grill Your Meat without it Losing Flavor

I am ignoring the fact that the ground hog saw his shadow and we are expecting 6 more weeks of winter.  NO WAY!!  I am so over winter, BRING on spring!   With spring truly around the corner I felt this guest post would be great as we prepare our grills! Keeping meat flavorful as it grills is often a challenge. There are a few tricks that you can use to help you  maintain flavorful, juicy meat. You may find a few helpful tools to apply rubs, marinades and keep meat  from losing its natural juices by browsing . Some of the tools used for cheese preparation can  also be used for meats, such as a muddler for tenderizing and a bottle opener that has a flat, wide end,  for pounding meats out to be a little thinner.  Use a Marinade A rub or marinade is the key to adding flavor to meat before it is ready to grill. You can also use an  injector to add additional flavor into the meat. It is best to apply the marinade when the meat is fresh  out

Purex Crystals New Fresh Mountain Breeze Scent Giveaway

You all know I am a huge fan of Purex Crystals and if not you can read my other reviews on them here.   I am still excited to share and encourage you to try Purex Crystals and try the Fresh Mountain Breeze fragrance.  I love it!   I love washing my bedding and using Purex Crystals.  The fragrance typically does last a couple weeks compared to a day or two with other fabric softners.  It makes cuddling and sleeping in even better.   There is a Purex Sweepstakes currently going on so make sure you enter to win a mountain of cash! GO HERE to enter the sweepstakes.  Time to enter the giveaway!  Use the Easy Rafflecopter form below to win a coupon for a free bottle of Purex Crystals.   a Rafflecopter giveaway