Guest Post: Best Things to Do on a Niagara Falls Vacation

When we think of Niagara Falls, it’s easy to only think of large falls and honeymoons, but 

there’s so much more to this iconic travel destination. The beautiful landscape, relatively 

close proximity to east coast cities and Canada, and romantic aura are great reasons to 

visit Niagara Falls, whether you’re on your honeymoon or just on an adventure. Here are 

just a few of the many draws Niagara Falls offers to adventure-seekers: 


Niagara Falls has many theaters, both live-action and film. Plan to take an evening 

during your vacation to have some down-time soaking in the great entertainment 

these options provide. If you’ve never seen a live-action show, now’s the time to take 

advantage of Niagara’s theaters and talented residents. Prior to your vacation, spend 

some time researching the shows that are available. Really, any of them will probably 

be great. Who can beat the magic of live actors, costumes, sets, and an engaged 

audience? Check out special promotions during the time you will be travelling to save 

some money. Dinner theater is also a wonderful experience that will fill you with both 

delicious food and joy.


Niagara Falls offers many comfortable, luxurious options for accommodations – some 

are even right on the falls, like Sheraton on the falls hotel. Niagara Falls is used to 

welcoming people from all different parts of the U.S. and world, so their hospitality 

is outstanding. Tourism is a huge industry there, and they want to keep the tourists 

coming back to fuel their local economy. You benefit, because your vacation can be 

its most fun and relaxing with great service from the places you visit. Plan some time 

into your vacation to enjoy the place you’re staying through resting, dining in one of the 

restaurants, or enjoying the amenities your hotel offers.

Enjoy the Water 

Niagara Falls obviously has some natural water attractions that you don’t want to miss. 

While we wouldn’t recommend going over the falls in a barrel, Niagara Falls also offers 

a few different fun water parks for the thrill-seeker. No matter what the season, you 

can enjoy a nice vacation in the water. Best of all, you can visit the waterparks several 

times if you’re traveling with children. Bring a camera, because you’ll want to capture 

the fun and beautiful moments with your family or significant other on your Niagara Falls 


About the Author: Betsy Smith is a travel writer who enjoys the many things Niagara 

Falls has to offer.


Emi said…
When we went to Niagara Falls we visited Martin's Fantasy Island on the NY side and Marineland on the Canadian side. Fantasy Island is more of what you would expect at a traditional theme park but they also had the Silver Comet roller coaster. Marineland had huge pathways and animals living in large open areas plus it had the Dragon Mountain roller coaster.