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Spiral Bible Review and GIVEAWAY

  About the Spiral Bible: The Bible as a notebook As a spiral bound notebook, the Bible pages lay completely flat so you can read, study, take notes, color, or draw. The pages are 8.5 x 11 with double-wide margins, a large font, and durable white notebook paper. When you read and study in our notebooks, it helps you focus, concentrate, and permeate in God’s living Word. Many products for many readers The Spiral Bible™ is currently available in multiple translations including the King James Version (KJV), the World English Bible (WEB), the American Standard Version (ASV, New Testament) and the Bible in Basic English (BBE, Genesis & Exodus) for kids. We offer the entire Bible in 5 separate volumes including a complete New Testament notebook, and the Old Testament divided into 4 notebooks. The entire Bible as a spiral bound notebook is more than 1,600 printed pages, which is why we’ve divided the Bible into separate notebooks. My Review: YES and Amen!   A bible that is like a notebook

Life Council Bible Review

First impression is fantastic... I love the white clean look.  When you open it up you are greeted with a bright green color on the cover.    The Life Council Bible is filled with hard to discuss topics with biblical references to get truth before opinion.  I have read a couple articles and they are written very well and it was valuable for me to dig into the scripture references.   I am considering getting my chaplaincy certificate so I am going to hang on to this Bible as I think it will be beneficial for me in that role.   I also love the word study feature!   I love to get to understand the words and what the root is.  There are several word studies of words to learn through this Bible. Be sure to consider this Bible when you are looking for a new one.