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Practicing numbers with Hopscotch

It was another hot and humid day.  Majority of the day was spent being lazy and staying indoors but when the sun started to set it cooled down a bit and we headed out on the patio to enjoy some fresh air.  My hubby has the whole week off so today started our "staycation."   We started the "staycation" with some good ole chalky fun! First I made a hopscotch for my daughter and we had a lot of fun reviewing numbers and then hoping on one leg then both legs.  I was reinforcing which leg was her right and her left.  Lots of good little lessons were added to our outside fun today. Then daddy's artsy side kicked in and he drew a nice picture. Then Selah and I drew a butterfly together.  :) 

Straw Painting and making homemade wrapping paper

All you need is some paint, paper, and a few straws.  Cut the ends of the straws to get an effect when you paint.   Yep, this is my really old and nasty pan that is now for art! :)  Pretty artwork!  I think I will let these dry and use them as wrapping paper!  :)  She had a lot of fun.  Concentrating so hard on the project.   Notice the tongue was starting to pop out again...just like her daddy.  

Trampoline=Fun Exercise!

We went to one of our teens from Fuse birthday parties this evening.  They had a trampoline so my daughter got to enjoy jumping on it and me too, you know I'm a big kid!  :)  I was ready to kick the kids out and jump by my self to get a better workout cause it was so so much fun.  I loved it!  :)  We left the party and in the car Selah asked her dad if we could get a trampoline!  :)  It was adorable.  I  wish we could but we live in an apartment, so no outside toys that cant be brought back in. 

Yes I still make my husband...

KILL spiders when I see them.  Yesterday I spotted a dandy long legs and told my hubby to come kill it. He came it and did it but first made fun when he noticed it was just a dandy long legs.  Then a couple hours later I spotted another spider but this time it was a really icky one!!!!  So I had to get my hubby again to kill it.   YES, I am that girl that hates spiders!!!  I am THANKFUL my hubby will come in and kill them!  Actually I am more thankful that he was home so he could do and I didn't have

5 Questions Friday

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?     Sure!  If a husband and wife want to celebrate many years together and throw another party and renew vows go for it!  :)  I think it is romantic and fun!   2. What sound/s annoy you the most?    Lets see, I think some whistling is really annoying but yet I love to whistle.  Of course the shivers down the back scratching on a chalk board!  EEEK 3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids? Totally unfair question because I have one girl and one boy.  I could not imagine life without either of them!!! 4. Do you believe in alternative medicine? I believe in praying even before any medication!!!   5. Would you take a family member's children and raise them if they needed it? YES!  I love children and I think I raise my own children very well and would want to be there for my family.  Every situation is different but I think we would say yes.  

My lil Prince with his Princess's

We had a play date this morning with The Secret Life of a Mother and her 2 girls.  Her youngest daughter has autism so go check out her page and friend her!  The girls got all the pretty princess dresses on but they said they needed a prince.  Titus of course is very "prince" like!  It was adorable to see the girls and a crown on lil Titus. Goofy Face time... Too much love for the Prince!

4 Month Dr. appointment

Titus had his 4 month old check up this week.  He did a good job and got a couple shots.  He was sore and a little cranky but still a good boy.  He is healthy and happy and growing well. His weight seemed lower then I thought it would be but he had not eaten in a while.  So here were his stats: weight 13lbs 13 ounces which put him in the 25.75% height 26 inches which put him in the 78.8% Head 43 cm which put him in the 69.88 %... lower % then last times 100%!  LOL Overall he is a healthy and happy boy.

JCPenney $10 off $25 Coupon in store or online

I love it when JCPenney's offers this coupon.  It is also really nice when you can order online and ship free to store.  :)   CLICK here to print this coupon.    

Thankful Thursday's

I have to get this in before I go to bed. :)   This week I am praising God for: 1. The teens having a good time at camp last week and very happy my hubby is back home.  :) 2. Grandma Bethann came to visit...YAY!  We had a great visit! 3. I went to the gym to day to workout!  YAY 4. I was featured and I co-hosted my first blog hop today, thanks ladies.  It was a fun blog day. 5. Sleep...cause I know God is going to bless me with great sleep tonight!  :)  AMEN What are you praising God for this week?

Learning numbers and counting fun

Today I gout out Selah's number puzzle and we worked on identifying each number.  After she did that I got out a yummy snack, yogurt covered raisins, and I had her counting them out next to the number she grabbed.  She did very well but sometimes she seemed to get lazy and just grab them and say the number instead of counting them one by one.  I think she will ask to do this again and next time I can make it more difficult too.  If she was older we could work on adding and subtracting too! :)   I enjoyed our little lesson today!  How are you teaching numbers and counting? 

Have you heard of the program "Pregnancy without Pounds"

So you all know that I had a baby 4 months ago.  I was able to drop the baby weight within the first couple weeks but I am still needing to firm up now 4 months later.  I step on the scale and the number reads the same as pre baby...Yay, but one thing I still feel fat.  Breastfeeding has helped me loose the weight but at the same time I feel hungry all the time and struggle with the self control to say no to treats. I have been doing some research and came across this product called " Pregnancy without Pounds ."   I wish I would have been able to get this book when I was pregnant!  Click the above link to read more about it.    The first thing I read was " Did you know that over 50% of pregnant women feel fat, unattractive and don’t enjoy their pregnancy?"   Ummm...yes I was one of those women who felt fat and very unattractive.  Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed my belly bump and on occasion I did feel very beautiful even that big. From their website: Pre

Christmas shopping in July! 75% off toys at Target! :)

I went to Target today since I had been hearing 75% off toys!  I got a couple really cool things for my daughter! I got:  Crayola Color Explosion regular priced at 19.99 and paid 4.77! 1 Zhu Zhu pet regular price 5.99 paid 2.50! Zhu Zhu pet ice cream parlor regular price 20.05 and paid 5.02! A shirt for lil man regular price 7.99 and paid 4.00! Then in the dollar section they had some really awesome things for preschool aged kids.  I got 3 different kinds of flash cards, counting puzzle, pencils, fun animal sound cards, dry erase board, coupon booklet! WHAT A great shopping trip!   This picture shows my loot.  I paid $28.69 for all of this good stuff!  Now I have to go hide some presents until Christmas!  There was also this dress up outfit but I put it daughter has several and I have a feeling she will get some for her birthday!

Thursday (Almost Friday!) Blog Hop- Join the fun! Co-Hosting

I am co-Hosting this blog hop!  YAY!  Join in the fun!  :)  Make new friends!  :)   <center><a href="" target="_blank" title="Ramblings of a Christian Mom"><img alt="Ramblings of a Christian Mom" src="" width=125 height=125 /></a></center>

I am featured this week! :)

I am featured this week at: Click here to see all the many links or link up your creative idea for kids and beating the heat wave!  

Learning patterns, shapes, colors

I have been starting to do more preschool activities with my darling, Selah.  Today she was asking me, "mommy can we do preschool, please, please, please."   It was super adorable and of course I found something for her to do. I thought we would work on patterns.  I knew she had been doing very well with drawing circles and she knows all her colors so I thought we could to patterns with different colored circles.  It took her a little time to catch on to the "pattern" but then the light bulb went off.  :) Here is some of her work: How are you teaching patterns, colors, or shapes?  

Science day with milk and food dye.

Today my daughter and I had some fun watching the chemical reactions with milk, food dye, and dish soap.  This was so easy and my daughter was extremely fascinated with it. All you do is: 1. pour milk in a dish or bowl 2. put drops of food coloring in milk 3. add a drop of dish soap on the food coloring 4. observe the colors moving around in the milk. EASY, FUN, and CHEAP! The supplies: Here is a great video of this trick:

Worship Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

First time Selah sat on the potty...this was taken a couple years ago already!!!  Time sure flies!  She was a pro...did #1 and #2 first time she sat on it!  

I have a cute lil elephant and moose!

We were out an about going to all the downtown shops and stopped in one that sold lots of fun things from books to cards to educational things.  We found these adorable little hats so we had to have a little fun.

4 Months Old

Where has the time gone?  Titus turned 4 month's today!  He has a doctor's appointment later this week.  I am excited to see what is weight and height are.  I know he is much bigger then what his sister was at his age.  I am guessing he is near 15 pounds. This made my day... he was sticking his tongue out at me! Spunky little boy!!!   Dear Titus, You have been a huge JOY to this family!  You are so full of life and cute adorable expressions.  You giggle and coo often.  You are not a very good sleeper yet.  In fact you prefer to be in mom n dad's bed.  You usually go to bed at about 8pm and then wake up at 12, 3, 6 and want to stay up around 6am!!!  Mommy is not ready to get up yet so you come into mommy and daddy's bed and you kick and coo at us but then you do fall back asleep till 8am.  You also are a cat napper taking about 3-5 small naps per day.  Mommy is praying that you start sleeping longer!!  You have only had mommy's milk and that keeps you happy!  Mom

Who needs a pacifier???

Who needs a pacifier when these play keys do the trick.  

Who needs a pacifier???

Who needs a pacifier when these play keys do the trick.  

Easy indoor smores

I saw this somewhere and I have been waiting to try it! It was very yummy!  I was hoping the chocolate would harden back up but it didn't.   Smores Popcorn SUPER EASY

I'm exhausted!

The hubby has been gone all week and is coming home today!  YAY!!!!!  He has been at camp all week so I imagine he is tired too. I have cold and it needs to go away now!  I think I should just laugh it away but I think I would rather sleep all weekend.  I hate nasal junk! Thanks for your prayers!

5 Questions Friday

1.  If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your  wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V? Well, my hubby has made it clear that he will never get the big V.  It would be a total shocker for us if he did and even bigger if I got pregnant.  We would take it as a blessing!  2.  Best memory about this summer so far. I think the best thing so far is doing kids camp with the whole family.  We are going on vacation soon so I am sure that will be fantastic.  3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets? NOT ENOUGH!   4. H aving  just gone through  TSA , would you rather have a full-body scan or  a pat-down? Full body scan 5.  Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory? One of my close friends growing up was in 4-H and she had a steer that she would show and sell.  One summer I stayed at the fair with her and slept in a tent wit her.

Beating the Heat with BOWLING!

Air conditioning is great, especially at the bowling alley and even better when the bowling is FREE!!!   We have a town festival this weekend and today they offered free bowling all day! :)  YAY!  WE HAD TONS OF FUN!   "Mom, I'm ready!"  Bending over to get a good toss! Down on the ground pushing the ball down.   Watching the bowling ball... she would say "GO GO GO." Before we left I asked her to grab a pair of socks and of course they had to be pink socks to match her pink dress.  Her and her friend cheering the ball all the way down to the pins.  AHHH!  Bowling is fun and is good exercise too.   What are you doing to beat the heat? 


My lil man rolled over today for the first time!  :)  He is growing up so fast!  He was on his back and went to his tummy! :) Then he got really mad on his tummy but did not figure out yet how to roll back over. Love my lil guy!  :) He will be 4 months on Sunday!

Worship Wednesday- A lil LATE

Lord... I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE THE WAY YOU HOLD ME!! My daughter and I always jam and sing out this song in the car!  :)

Jehovah Ori- The Lord is my LIGHT!

I had the opportunity last night to give a message at youth group while my hubby was away.  :)  This was my first time taking the lead and it went fantastic!  :)  Worship was great!!  I did not tell the worship team what I would be sharing about but the songs they picked lined up with my message perfectly!!!  :)  Also during worship I had one boy come up for prayer and was shocked when everything he mentioned he needed for prayer was exactly what my message was going to cover!  GOD YOU CONTINUALLY AMAZE ME!!   I love how things like that happen.  After the message we played a fun game and then we had some ICE CREAM!  :)   It was a fantastic night. So what was my message about???  GOD OF COURSE!  LOL  Here are my notes!  I think they are pretty clear notes!  :) Wish I would have video taped it and then I could have just posted the video...that would have been fun.  :) Oh well, next time I guess.  :) So my message tonight actually is coming from my personal devotional time.   Jehov

Thankful Thursday's

Praising God this week for: 1. My AC in my apartment during this heatwave. 2. The fun crafts I did with my daughter: ice cube painting and puffy paint.  :) 3. The trust I have in God.  He closed one door but I still trust him.! 4. Being able to share a message at youth group... Jehovah Ori=The Lord is my Light! 5. Grandma is coming to visit this weekend!  YAY! What are you praising HIM for?  

Selah singing "Jesus Loves me" to her brother

I know there are many mom's out there that have a warm happy heart when they watch their children playing together.  :)  One day it will warm my heart to see them Worship God together!  Titus did seem to love watching his sister sing to him.  :)   Sorry the video is a bit shaky... I am still a beginner when it comes to video taping!

Beating the Heat with ICE CREAM CONES!

A little frog named, Zac

We arrived home yesterday and were greeted by a little baby frog.  My daughter was so giddy about it and asked to keep him.  Here is a short video clip so you can see her excitement!  :) She did very well when I told her we had to let him go, but late last night she said she could not sleep because it was storming outside and she was worried about Zac.  Her exact words were, "mom, we have to go get Zac because he is very scared of the thunder."  My daughter is so adorable and I love her innocent little mind.

Wordless Wednesday