My lil man rolled over today for the first time!  :)  He is growing up so fast!  He was on his back and went to his tummy! :) Then he got really mad on his tummy but did not figure out yet how to roll back over.

Love my lil guy!  :) He will be 4 months on Sunday!


Cami said…
AWWW. This post made me smile :)

I'm visiting from the Bee Friendly Friday Blog Hop - hope you follow back! Nice to "meet" you! ox

<3-Cami from Serendipitious Life
Mommybug77 said…
He is just a bit younger than my Madison. She was born on March 4th & growing like a weed.
Savannah said…
Good for him! My little guy was born the same day and he mastered that skill a couple of weeks ago, now i can't keep him on his back! You'll be chasing him soon enough!
:) He rolled over again this morning. :)