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Movie Review- Miracle in East Texas- Win free tickets! #miracleineasttexas #kevinsorbo #samsorbo #sorbostudios

HURRY and go get your TICKETS!   You only have 2 days to see it in theaters.  Also, go try to win your tickets by enter the giveaway HERE ! My Review:  I set the scene with a beautiful charcuterie board of snacks so we were ready to enjoy a new christian film.  This film is based on a true story and I knew there would be a changed heart with a redeeming theme.    As the movie progressed I sensed a little frustration from the two main characters as they lied, cheated, and took advantage of women.   I got even more frustrated that they used scripture with such a gross heart.  I kept watching waiting to see their hearts change.   IT DID!   God did it again- changing stone hard hearts to caring and fleshy humbling hearts.  These two men who were so money and oil hungry were able to surrender it all with the love of Christ.  They truly did have 2 of the biggest oil strikes in the history of Texas.   Forgiveness is a huge theme within the story.   Not only did many women look past the hurt

Ameo Life Review and Giveaway

I had the pleasure of reviewing a few Ameo Life products.   I will include a picture of the four things I was able to review for free in exchange for an honest review.   I absolutely fell in love with the Oatmeal Spice Silver Soap.   The scent of it was amazing and perfect for fall. So I put this soap in the bathroom because that is where I was my hands the most.  So far I have enjoyed  the scent but not sure I have noticed any other benefits of silver yet.  Since skin is our largest organ I know it is so important to use safe ingredients so this soap fits my values!  More about Silver Infused Soaps: Contain only natural organic ingredients and pure essential oils, and are safe for all skin types. Ameo Life silver infused soaps are non-drying, non-irritating, and your skin will love how it feels. Lather the soap on any area of the body, including the scalp. Can be used as a hand or face wash, or in the shower as a part of your daily hygiene routine. Why Fulvic Trace Minerals? Scientist

5 Tips To Avoid Weekend Stress For Busy Moms

 5 Tips To Avoid Weekend Stress For Busy Moms Image Credit Weekends are supposed to be your recovery period after a stressful and physically draining week. Unfortunately, modern weekends are super packed with even more stressful activities for most moms. From attending various outdoor events to taking care of several responsibilities at home, finding time to relax and recover can be very difficult. Before you know it, the weekend is spent, you’ve had little to no rest, and it’s time to face another stressful week ahead feeling drained. This vicious cycle can and should stop. Here are some tips to make your weekends more rejuvenating and stress-free . Decide what a restful weekend looks like for you Sit back and imagine what your perfect weekend should look like. Does it involve spending hours in your bed without disturbance, or is it a mix of productivity and rest? Do you want to head off for a weekend escape away from home? Now, start planning how to make it happen. Of course, you