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Its fun being a KID! (Activity List)

Do you have children?  Need some fresh ideas to create some fun, learning, and great memories?  Then take some time going through this list and click on the links to see each activity.  Have fun with your little ones as they grow up too quick.

GLOW STICK FUN- Our Dollar Tree carries packs of 5 glow sticks!!  I stock up every time we go! 
  Orbeez beads and Glow Stick Sensory Fun
  Glow Sticks in Balloons
  Glow Stick Noodle Bowling

Numbers, Shapes, Patterns, or Color Learning
  Drawing Patterns
  Sticker I Spy game
  Cookie Cutter Prints
  Shapes and Colors
  Dyed Noodles
  Dyed Beans
  Shape Book
  Colors colors- Beans and Noodles
  Numbers and Bingo Dotters
  Hopscotch and Numbers
  Cereal Rainbow
  Rainbow Necklace
  Somewhere over the Rainbow
  No Mess Finger Painting and Color Mixing
  Bubble Pop Hopscotch
  Number Bath
  Fast Food Fun

Alphabet Lesson's
  Alphabet Tile Lesson
  Letter Writing with Salt
  Letter painting with homemade puffy paint
  SH- Sound (Shark) 
  Sensory Alphabet Search
  Letter Review
  Shaving Cream Letter Writing
  S- Squirrel 
  Letter Painting with Dyed Salt
  F- Fish
  F- Frog
  Colorful Name Mosaic
  Pool Noodle Sight Words
  Spoon Letter Matching

Fall Ideas
  Fall Leaf Wreath
  Toilet Paper Roll Apple Tree
  Leaves are Falling

Winter Ideas
  Inside Snowman
  Marshmallow Snowman
  Coffee Filter Snow Flakes
  Marshmallow Igloo
  DIY Painted Hair Clips

Outside Ideas
  Beat the Heat with Ice Cube Painting
  Colorful Bubble Prints
  Water Balloons in Winter
  Dino Dig
  Water Guns
  Liquid Chalk Spray
  Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk
  Shadow Dancing
  Stay Cool Water Play
  Ice Play
  Sponge Water Bombs
  Messy Water Balloons
  Bubble Snakes
  Oil and Food Coloring in Pool
  Ball Pit and Pool Fun

Science and Sensory Activities
  Salt and Ice Extravaganza 
  Secret Messages
  Apple Cutting and Prints
  Dancing Milk Experiment 
 Pipe Cleaners- Toddler Fun
 Bubble Pop hopscotch
 Cool Whip Finger Painting
  Bubble Bath Ball Blast 
  Popcorn Art
  Goo Bath

Days of the Week
 Learning with Underwear

Holiday Ideas
Valentines Day
  Valentine Love Tree
  Toilet Paper Roll Valentine Heart Printing
  Tie Dye Hearts
  Valentine Snow Globes
  Valentine Love Bugs
  Valentine Heart Craft
  I love you Sew much
 I love you to pieces

Martin Lurther King Jr.
  I Have a Dream

St. Patricks Day
  Green Pancakes
  Rainbow Necklace
 Toddler Rainbow Craft
  Leprechaun Treats

 Glowing Easter Egg Hunt 
 Kool-Aid Egg Dying 
Easter Sensory Bath
Easter Deviled Eggs
Nail Polish Easter Eggs

  Ginger Bread House
  Christmas Star Ornament
  Christmas Tree
  Christmas Play-Doh- HOMEMADE 
  Christmas Ball Ornament
  Golf Ball Candy Cane Painting
  Thumb Print Christmas Card
  Pom-Pom Christmas Tree
  DIY Christmas Jewelry 
  DIY Crayon Melted Ornaments
  DIY Ornament Headband

  Turkey Hand Prints
  Turkey Hats
 Cookie Cutter Turkeys and Food Coloring Pens
  Thanksgiving Placemats

  Melted Crayon Pumpkin
  Spider Webs
  Ghost Feet
  Baby Food Jar Pumpkin
  Paper Plate Pumpkin
  Painting Pumpkins and Pinecones
  Ripped Pumpkins
  Cotton Ball Ghosts
  Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin
  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Pumpkin
  Toilet Paper Tube Monsters

4th of July
  Firework Art

Food Ideas
  Painted Popcorn
  Toast Painting
  Indoor Smores
  Pop Rocks-Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow
  Chocolate Dipped Preztels
  Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree's 

Other Crafts and Fun
  Recyclables turns to Princess Castle
  Bubble Wrap Jumping
  Bath Tub Painting
  Cotton Candy Card
  Noodle Necklace
  Stickers and Coloring
  Painting with any tools
  Straw Painting
  Crayon Melting
  Paper Plate Hats
  Imagination Play with Daddy
  Window Cling
  No Mess Finger Painting
  Balloon Ball- Pool Noodle
  Daddy getting Inked
  Toddler Fun with Baby Food Jar Caps
 Father's Day- You can Fix Anything

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas:
 Evangelize with Chalk Messages
Driving and Learning Signs
Chalk Paint
Color game
Animal Pose
Flower Girl
Name Photo Shoot
Squirt the Letter Game
Body Tracing
Glitter Chalk Paint

Glitter rings
Opening Ceremonies
Play-Doh Olympic Rings
Plunger Olympic Craft

I am a piece of God's team
3-D Rainbow

Special Dates:
Smores Night with my lil lady

30 Day Play Challenge- Try it!!!  :)
  Day 1: Write a Mission Statement
  Day 2: Build a Fort
  Day 3: Block Challenge 
  Day 4: Island Playing
  Day 5 and 6: Play Doh and Family time
  Day 7  and 8: Mega Floor Doodles and Water Fun
  Day 9: Sensory Fun
  Day 10: Mixing Concoctions
  Day 11: Play outside
  Day 12:  MIA... I will find it!
  Day 13: Sticky Art
  Day 14: Act out a Story
  Day 15: Play with Junk
  Day 16:  Go on a Hunt
  Day 17:  Reading Tent
  Day 18:  In the Kitchen
  Day 19:  Music Fun
  Day 20: Painting
  Day 21: MIA... I will find it!
  Day 22:  Investigate
  Day 23: Printing
  Day 24: Get on the Floor
  Day 25:  Big World Play
  Day 26:  Play in a Box
  Day 27:  Dress Up
  Day 28: Make something for Someone
  Day 29:  Role Play
  Day 30:  Keep Playing

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