Popcorn Art

I love to mix it up in our art time and add a whole new experience with some sensory fun.  Yesterday we sure had some fun popping popcorn but also shaking it in a bag with food coloring to dye it.  After we made several colors the kids made their art.  

Here is what you will need:
air popper
white popcorn
food coloring
zip-lock bags
construction paper

To allow your young kids a full sensory experience let them help add the popcorn and watch it pop.  My lil man sure had fun watching the popcorn popping.  My popcorn popper does make a lot of noise so be cautious for any of those little sensitive ears.  My Tman was smiling and pointing and ready to dig into the fun, I am pretty sure he dug in and ate a few pieces of popcorn.

After the popcorn is all popped you will need to take two cups of the popped popcorn and put it in the zip-lock back.  Then add two tablespoons of water and 5-7 drops of food coloring.  Zip the bag up and let the little ones shake it up till the popcorn is covered and repeat with each additional color desired.  This activity is fun for all ages!!  My toddler  and preschooler loved it!

I separated all the colors and then got the paper and glue out.  The kids got to pick and choose what ever color popcorn they wanted. 

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