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Magnetic Set from Betty Lukens Review and Giveaway

Thank-you BettyLukens for sending us the "Colors and Counting Magnetic Set,"  "Birthday Party Magnetic Set," and the "Fun on the Farm Magnetic Set.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.    As my four year old gets ready to head to preschool these sets have come in handy to review many skills such as colors, numbers, following directions, and imagination fun.   My son seemed to enjoy mixing the colored animals to be a part of the farm scene.   I always like to encourage my kids to play with their toys they way they want to rather then be overbearing and only let them play with one set at a time... yes it does require more clean up but it helps them learn organization when they help with that clean up.   I also found that using folders to hold all sets works great.   The pieces all fit on the scenery sheet so once that is folded and in a folder it is easy to transport and not lose pieces.   These magnetic

Summer Road Trip- Day 3

Day 3- Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis Brother-Jason, me, Sister-Kelly This bridge is ranked the #2 romantic spot in the Minneapolis area.   My brother took his wedding pictures here and while there I saw a couple photographers doing engagements photos!   I love the city in the background of these pictures.  First we walked the entire bridge taking pictures, seeing big fish below, seeing the water Dam falls, and at the end got some shaved ice for the kiddos!  The temperatures were super humid so we were sweaty!  Sister in Law-Kelly and I After walking the bridge we went on a trail and waded in the water.   The bridge we walked is in the background.   It is a great path for walking or biking.  I have many more pictures I could have shown of the family but I will save them for a later day to post them when I am missing family.  :) Brother- Jason, Me, Dad-Barney, and sister-Kelly After our hot and humid walk here we met up with my mom's side of

Summer Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 Minnihaha Falls -  Minnesota It was a great day to explore a new park for me.  I grew up only an hour from this park so it is sad to say this was my first time there.    The waterfall is beautiful and the trails are fun with roughly 10 bridges to cross over.  Most of the trails were easy with only a couple spots that increased in danger.   I enjoyed many of the stone bridges!  There was even a spot to wade in the water after crossing one bridge.   The park has a splash pad, two different kids parks, a restaurant, "Sea Salt" and rentals for different bikes.  There was also some gardens, historical houses, and some art statues.   My kids loved the splash pad and I loved the trails and waterfall.   I would have loved to rent one of the bicycles but since we did not see them till later it was too late in the day to rent one.   We had a picnic so I can't say if the "Sea Salt" restaurant is tasty but the smells were good as

Summer Road Trip with my Little Loves Day 1

2015 Minnesota and Wisconsin Trip These two kiddos got read for a 6 hour drive to visit family with smiles and excitement!  (The way there it was calm... the drive home we were all a little tired and I know I raised my voice a couple times... I'm working on it!) We arrived in my small hometown and took a walk.  First we went to the main landmark that I remember spending many hours at as a child, the windmill.   There was a creek behind it that I would go catch crayfish often with other friends.  We continued on our walk to the cemetery to see the flowers my dad planted at my mom's grave.  It is important for me to take my kids there so they know they can ask questions about there grandma or I can just tell them a new story every time.   Over the last few months I have realized the passing of my mom at the age of 18 has shaped my thinking quite a bit.   I am always trying to plan more and more activities for my kids and take a ton of pictures and ultimate

Happy Fourth of July Photo Booth Fun

We set up a photo booth on the 3rd of July during the First Friday fun here in our town.  We also gave out free smores and met a lot of new people.   Say Cheese... Say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!   Titus and Selah Justus and Titus Kalli and I Katy and I Hannah and Kalli Aubrey and Donavan Me and Jenna Anthony and I Kimberly and Selah There were several people stopping and having fun and get their picture taken.  I did here from some people that "I'm too old to do this."  I thought that was a terrible excuse... photo booth is super fun no matter how old.   I think I will set up another photo booth at another First Friday event later this year!  


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3 New Canyon Bakehouse Products Review and Giveaway

Canyon Bakehouse has released three new products!!  I was very excited to have all three products sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review and the same three products to giveaway to one lucky reader!   (Find the giveaway at the bottom of this post.)  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.   The three new products include:   Everything Bagels, Plain Bagels and Brownies.  Similar to their  existing gluten-free breads , the new brownies and bagels are made with 100% whole grains and have a taste and texture just like “real” bagels and brownies.  ·           Made with 100% whole grains and real food ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, organic agave and eggs. ·           No artificial additives and fillers. ·           Certified Gluten-Free and do not contain dairy, soy or nuts. ·           No GMOs.  "Toasted or straight from the bag. Smothered in cream cheese or topped with an egg. Now, the only hard thing

Knee High by the Fourth of July... long gone saying!

When I grew up in Wisconsin the saying always was, "Knew high by the Fourth of July" in regards to the corn growth.   I now live in Iowa so I am not sure how tall the corn is in Wisconsin but the old saying is completely thrown out.   Yes I know I am short...under 5 feet tall but this corn is still ginormous.   So is this because of GMO's?   Fertilizers? Whats the deal?