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The 3 year old stole my phone...

Pretty sure this guy will know everything electronics before he is 5!   He took my phone and took oh about 50 pictures in only about 2 minutes.   I came back to the room and got my phone and wow he took several "selfies" and then lots of random things in the room.   I got a very good chuckle from this because I mean look at those cheeks!!  He is too cute not to smile and laugh with!  

Canyon Bakehouse Review and Giveaway

Thank you Canyon Bakehouse for sending me products to conduct my review.  I was not paid for my review and all opinions are 100% mine.  The products I got include the 7-Grain , Cinnamon Raisin , Rosemary and Thyme Fo caccia , and the Hamburger Buns.    One lucky winner will win the same combination of breads!     I was excited to use the Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia on during our Easter meal. The bread was yummy during our meal!   As we were eating the bread we did decide that the bread was great with our ham but it would be even better with steak!  My children gobbled up the Cinnamon Raisin bread within a couple days.   I think I only got a couple pieces of it but what I did get I loved. I know many people have not tried gluten free bread and assume it has no flavor but I tell you this bread tastes yummy!   I enjoyed sharing a piece of the Cinnamon Raisin bread to my friend who has a wheat allergy!   Print a $1.00 off coupon by going HERE .   7-Grain

Kiss My Face- 4 in 1 Moisture Shave Review

Winter is over... which means it's time to shave your legs to get ready for shorts, dresses, swim suites!  Let me just say that I do shave during the winter so don't think I have these nasty legs!   So what do you use when you shave?   Shaving cream?   Soap?   Water?  Recently I have been reading more and educating myself on using more products that are natural and not filled with icky chemicals.   The more I learn the more I am searching to find products that are safe.  I was thrilled to review Kiss My Face 4 in 1 Moisture Shave contains zero parabens, phthalates, or artificial ingredients. Thank you Kiss My Face for sending product to review in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.   I have used the Kiss My Face 4 times so far.  My favorite scent is the Key Lime.  The moisture shave provides a close shave and I can safely say I have not had any razor rash since using this.  I have only used the p

Making Friends After A Big Move

Well, it has been 10 months since we moved out of Wisconsin into Iowa!   10 months that has gone extremely fast!   My kids have both made some new friends and my daughter loves her new school.    Moving can be frightening for kids so here are some easy to do steps: 1. Make sure you only speak about the move with excitement and keep it positive!  (hopefully this is naturally the case) 2.  Tell them as soon as you know so they have time to adjust to the idea.  3.  Let them be involved with the entire process-looking for a place to live- timeline for move- packing up!    4. Plan a time/date/party for your kids to say good bye to friends.   Exchange information to stay in touch.  5. Once you arrive have fun exploring your new area!   Take one day a week to go and find a new adventure- be a tourist in your new hometown and surrounding areas.   6.  Visit and tour the school as soon as possible. 7.  PRAY through it all!  

Mrs. Fields Mother's Day Giveaway

"We are born of love, love is our mother...."   That sums up in a nutshell why Mother's Day is such a special day.  I know that as every year passes, I am more grateful for my mother.  And unfortunately she isn't around these day for me to let her know.  I'm glad that while she was alive, I did some pretty great things for her on Mother's Day.  I feel like she knew how much I loved and appreciated her.    This year A GAL NEEDS... is excited to partner up with Mrs. Fields Cookies, along Vanessa from 2 Dorks In Love   and offer up the wonderful possibility of giving your mother a gift package full of those wonderful cookies, whose delightful aromas have been wafting through kitchens for over 35 years! We are reviewing and also giving away The Mother's Day Delights Sampler , a delectable and veritable smorgasbord of the most delicious cookies you could ever imagine all in one place!    The package arrives with 36 assorted Nibblers® bite-sized cookies,

Children's Church Easy Easter Craft

Jesus died for me... and YOU!  This is a great way to tie in Good Friday or Easter with the kids.    All you need is painters tape and paper.   We used crayons but paint or markers will work too!  

Easter 2014 Recap

April 20, 2014- My kids woke up excited and very quickly found their Easter baskets.   I was impressed with my daughter since she found her basket much faster then I anticipated.  It was in the washer and as soon as she walked in the room she opened the door and found it.   My kids did not have any candy in their basket this year.   (We did an egg hunt at church last week so they have plenty from last weekend)  This year my daughter go two Frozen books and an Easter Dress.   My son got Batman socks and Lego's!  They both loved them!   After having fun with my children it was time to get ready for church!   This year our church had some snacks for fellowship and did baptisms during Easter service... it was truly a great time.     The weather was amazing- 81 degrees!   We got adorable family pictures taken outside!  We went to the park and played and also ate a yummy meal.   Happy Easter from our family to yours!  

Shaving Cream Eggs- 2 years in a row!

This year for egg decorating we did not try any new ideas.  I know that sounds off for me but to be honest with my semester of grad classes and work I have had zero time for fun planning.   So compare our shaving cream eggs from last year HERE .   I think our eggs this year look much more vibrant!   I did use a different method- muffin tin and more food coloring!  :)  I also let them sit for several minutes before wiping away the extra saving cream.  

Crazy Easter Eggs

Had a little fun with my students creating this simple but crazy Easter Egg craft.   I should have taken a better picture to contrast the egg away from the white wall so I apologize for that.   I like how one of the eggs was crisscross and the other was straight lines.   Both provided bright colors to our classroom which is needed with these dreary rainy days.   The folding of the stripes of paper was challenging with fine motor for my students but it is a great way to practice.  

River Walk

We had our first 80 degree day last weekend and I am craving for more heat and sun since the weather went back to cold.   The nice weather is coming back though, I just checked the forecast and Easter Sunday will be in the 70's!  :) So on the first day of 80 degrees we went on a walk on the riverfront a couple times.   We enjoyed throwing rocks in the river and soaking up as much sun as possible since we are all pasty white!   These are my munchkins and they add so much joy to the family!  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  xoxoxoxo

Ozeri ZK13-5PW Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection- Review

Disclaimer:  I received the Ozeri Kitchen Scale in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.   The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale features a Microban antimicrobial product the prevents the growth of stain and odor- causing bacteria- the only kitchen scale with this technology.  It has two buttons- which are more like touch screen and four precision sensors.   The blue screen is backlit and precise tare button makes the scale super easy to use.  The scale does use two lithium batteries.   What I like about this scale is the scale will automatically turn off after two minutes of not being used!   I am always forgetting to turn things off but I hate wasting batteries so this feature is perfect for people like me... forgetful!  :) We have had the scale for about two weeks and it has been perfect for measuring our food into appropriate portion sizes.  We eat smoothies almost daily and this scale makes it easy to

2014 Selfie

Do you have the confidence to take a selfie and post it on social media?    This year I turned 30 so I might not fit in the trends with the teens and young 20's but I was determined to try to take a selfie and post it on social media.    There is always that vulnerability I have with putting a close up picture of myself out there but after a dozen or so pics I finally picked this one and put it on instagram and facebook.    It's so easy to take your phone is times of boredom and take some pictures but the dreaded selfies were and far and few between... I mean I have kids to take pictures of!  So what is really behind a selfie?   Some say it's bad as it shows selfishness, others say it creates drama. More than 31 million Instagram photos have been hashtagged #slefie!!!  Another shocking stat 91% of teens have posted a selfie of themselves online.  Wowzers... that is a ton!!  So I myself took several shots before finally liking the above image en

He was begging to paint my nails... silly boy!

I was having a mommy-daughter moment painting our nails when my 3 year old son was so jealous.   So I gave in and let him paint my nails!   Yep I am that daring but he was so thrilled to join the fun!    What are some crazy things you have let your kids do?

Guest Post: Sophisticated Fashion During the Spring

With the flowers blooming and the sun shining, doesn’t it make you want to seize the day and go on a fashionable adventure? Now that spring has arrived you have a reason to head outdoors and get all dressed up for a fun outing. From spending time with your girlfriends to taking the kids to a movie or friend social, why not take advantage of the nice weather and the new seasonal fashion trends by embracing sophisticated fashion. You’ll look fabulous and will feel your best too in your new ensembles. Graphic Tees are Basics that Create a Smashing Silhouette Graphic tees can be your new bff because they can be used to create any type of stunning outfit by layering a tee-shirt underneath a dress or sweater, wearing your favorite tee with a pair of jeans, and also using a tee as a swimsuit cover up when it’s time to hit the pool or beach. There is a fantastic selection of  graphic tees for gals carried by rue21  that you should check out. Browse the site for graphic tees and you wil

Twirly Girl Dress Review- Coupon Code Within

My daughter's thoughts on her new dress: My Review: What an excited and happy little girl I had after she put on her new unique flower girl dress from TwirlyGirl.  She immediately was spinning in circles and full of giggles and joy.   I imagine any girl would be thrilled to get a toddler flower girl dress or girls flower girl dresses like these .   Like my daughter mentions in her video she loves the colors, the pattern on the front and the obvious reason because of the effect the dress has when she spins.   She even made the comment that she might need  to wear leggings so "boy's can't see her underwear."   Or if it is younger girls wearing their toddler flower girl dresses they would see their diaper.   ;)   My first and foremost goal is to make sure my daughter is comfortable and when we received the package and opened it I was surprised at the stretchy material the dress was made of!   It seems very soft and breathable! My

Guest Post: Fit and Firm: The Importance of a Supportive Top and Sports Bra

As a busy woman and a mom, exercise may seem like it doesn’t have a place in your schedule, but busy moms who do exercise know that it’s vitally important for personal self-care and sanity. Exercise gives you an opportunity to shut your mind off, be away from the children for a time, and work out some stress. Getting started on an exercise program may seem overwhelming or inexpensive, but the truth is that there are only a few key things you need to purchase to get started. You can run outdoors, purchase some workout DVDs, or use internet guides to help you if you don’t want to get a gym membership. One of the most important things you’ll want to purchase is a supportive running top and a  sports bra if it doesn’t have a built in bra already.  The Clymb   offers discounts of up to 70% off retail so you’ll be able to find a quality top there. Here’s why you need the support for your breasts. Stretching of Ligaments Surprisingly, the  sports bra  was only recently invented in 19

Guest Post: Is a Baby Sleeping Bag Ideal? | A Simple Review

Many babies prefer to be nestled in close to mommy during the infant months. It can be very tiring on the arms to have to hold the baby for hours on end. In order to keep baby comfortable, content and quiet, trying a baby sleeping bag might just do the trick. What you want to look at are the size, security and fabric used to construct the sleeping bag.  If you have a fussy baby that wakes easily during transfers and you wish to make it seamless, this is the right concoction for you.  What is a Baby Sleeping Bag? A baby sleeping bag, also called a nap sack, is a lightweight, zippered piece of clothing. It gently fits over baby to make him or her feel secure while sleeping. Some options have straps attached that can come off to carry baby wherever you go. The soft material, which you can read about if you click here , is comforting, soothing and calming for fussy babies. It emulates the feeling of a soft quilt or knitted blanket. When transferring baby from yourself to the c

Guest Post: Conceive a Child on a Short Stay in Spain

Relocating to Spain for work or a change in lifestyle is something that some couples consider. Experiencing new cultures, traditions and ways of life is invigorating. This is a way to experience life in a new life. While on a short stay in Spain, experience the night life, enjoy the outdoors and explore. This is also a good time to consider getting help with fertility issues. Conceiving while abroad is something that happens for many couples given the advancements in treatment options . Temporary Residency in Spain Create a budget that will allow you to take up temporary residency in Spain. If you do not plan to work while abroad, ensure that you have the funds to live comfortably. The cost of living is much different than in your native country. Select a comfortable villa or apartment to call home. Consider paying for the entire cost of the residence up front. This will reduce financial stress.  Learn where the best markets and dining establishments are that will save you mo