Guest Post: Conceive a Child on a Short Stay in Spain

Relocating to Spain for work or a change in lifestyle is something that some couples consider. Experiencing new cultures, traditions and ways of life is invigorating. This is a way to experience life in a new life.

While on a short stay in Spain, experience the night life, enjoy the outdoors and explore. This is also a good time to consider getting help with fertility issues. Conceiving while abroad is something that happens for many couples given the advancements in treatment options.

Temporary Residency in Spain
Create a budget that will allow you to take up temporary residency in Spain. If you do not plan to work while abroad, ensure that you have the funds to live comfortably. The cost of living is much different than in your native country.
Select a comfortable villa or apartment to call home. Consider paying for the entire cost of the residence up front. This will reduce financial stress. 

Learn where the best markets and dining establishments are that will save you money. This leaves room in the budget for entertainment. 

Visiting for Work Purposes
If you are visiting for work purposes, make time to enjoy the food, culture and activities in Spain. All work and no play creates stress and displeasure. You can still work hard while abroad while making time for personal ventures. 

It is a good idea to ask the company you work for to aid with living expenses. What this will do is allow you to have a bit of financial freedom. It will also ensure that your experience abroad will be completely worth it.

Get Help with Infertility
Your time in Spain can be for multiple purposes. If you and your spouse have had difficulties conceiving, why not try to make it a reality while in a different location?
The insurance that you carry may not cover the procedures or treatments. This is an important fact to consider. What you can do is speak to a physician about the cost of fertility treatment in Spain.

Some will offer better rates for those that are visiting or there specifically for the treatments. Try to plan ahead for this by saving as much money as possible. Doctors in Spain are known for having high success rates of over 50-percent.

The same procedures and treatments are used. It is simply the advice given with the combination of medications prescribed that can make conception in Spain more likely. Many doctors refrain from experimenting with hormone combinations and follow the black and white outline given as a standard.

Finding a physician that looks outside of the lines is likely the one that will find success for you and your partner.

Relax and De-stress
Spain is beautiful with its architecture, landscape and overall appeal. The food is romantic and it is the ideal place to unwind and forget about reality for a while.

Take the time in Spain to de-stress by getting active with some activities such as:

Biking through cities
Taking a cooking class
Scheduling a guided tour
Riding on a Gondola down the water
Trying new foods
Learning the language
All of these things add value to your life.

As you can see, there is a lot to experience in Spain. Take it all in and make some memories. If you are able to conceive and fulfill your dreams of having a family, that is an added bonus.

Consider all of the reasons to travel to Spain, whether it is for a lifestyle change, business or simply for pleasure. Each element of your visit has value and it is up to you to make the most of your time in this beautiful country.


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