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Hopeless Parents

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight I love my parents. They are wonderful people and I am lucky to have them as parents. However, when it comes to anything regarding modern technology, they are hopeless. My mother called me once to tell me the computer was broken. She proceeded to tell me the screen was black and none of the buttons were working. When I asked if she had turned it on, her response was “you have to turn it on”. This at least gives you an idea of how clueless they are. Well, last week their satellite went out or so they thought. Now, I am not an  expert satellite  technician, but by listening to my mom describe the problem it was a simple fix. She told me the lights on the box were not working and the power button was not either. To be honest, I was impressed that she tried the power button. I asked her if it was plugged in and she told me yes immediately. When I finally talked her into checking, the problem was fixed. Apparently she unplugged it to vacuum and never p

Bubble Wrap popping

We had a lot of fun dancing and jumping while popping this bubble wrap!  :)   Hop on one leg, jumping jacks, dance party!  You name it and it was super fun to get crazy. 

Leaves are falling- Craft

We had another fun craft today at the YMCA.  First I read a story, "The Leaves are Falling One by One."    The story is actually sung to the tune of "The Ants go Marching."  Before I read the story to the group I asked the kids what season we were in then we walked to the window and looked for at the colors that the leaves had changed.   After the story they got to create their own tree with leaves falling off.  Very simple and easy steps. 1. Trace hands (it is your tree) 2. Color tree and add any other details such as a sun, grass, or flowers. 3. Use an ink pad and fingers to add leaves on the tree's or falling off the tree.  Here is Selah's tree...yes she traced it on her own and it appears as if she only has 4 fingers but I promise she does have all 5. :) 

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few things I am Thankful for!  Thank-you Jesus for each and every blessing you shower me with. 1. My hubby as he knows how to cheer me up the best. 2. Hearing from friends that I have not seen or hear from in a long time. 3. Yummy sugar cookies with loads of frosting.  :) 4. A great See you at the Pole year and post rally.  :)  Keep praying for your schools. 5. The sunshine we got yesterday and the beautiful fall colors! What are you thankful for today?

Wonder Women...LOL

I have no idea how this happened???  I was only sweeping and then snap I broke my broom.  So my new name is Wonder Women!  LOL  I guess I will be shopping for a new broom tomorrow.  :) 

Worship Wednesday: 10th Avenue North

LOVE IS HERE!   :)  His love satisfies!  :) 

See you at the pole 2011: Converge

Today was "See you at the Pole."  Did you take the time to go pray at your flag pole?  We have several schools in the area and my husband headed out early this morning to go pray with the students.   This program is unique as it is all student run.  Students meet outside at the flag pole and pray for their school, peers, community, and in general for God to show up in mighty ways over the school year.  For some student's it is  a challenge to stand up for their faith and for other's they have so much boldness to proclaim how much they love Jesus! Here are some facts on See you at the Pole: How did See You at the Pole™ start? See You at the Pole™ was inspired by the initiative of student in one youth group in Burleson, Texas, early in 1990. The teenagers felt led to go and pray at night at several area schools during a weekend youth group retreat. They had a profound time of prayer, and their experience was shared with thousands of other youth from across Texas in

Guest Post: Charity, The Pure Love of Christ

I was reading this post from Rise Above Your Limits   and I knew I wanted to have her guest post this on my blog.   Charity, The Pure Love Of Christ A few years ago, I was profoundly effected by an experience I had concerning Charity.  Living near me, was a young mother who had just had a new baby.  Having been in this same situation several times myself,  I was well acquainted with the struggle that can come from adjusting to life with a new baby.  I had made dinner for her and her husband and went to deliver it to her home, with the intent of offering to do some house cleaning for her while I was there.   As I entered her home, it was a disaster, clothes, and stuff were all over the floor and a pile of dirty dishes were in the sink. I was so grateful for the opportunity to help someone who so obviously needed some help. She took one look at me and the tray of food I'd brought and with a sound of anger in her voice told me she didn't need my food nor my help...s

Shark- Sh sh sh sound

Since I work at the YMCA in the mini care we sometimes to little fun lesson crafts!  :) We did this cute shark thing so Selah decided our letter this week should be "S" and also since her name starts with the letter "S."  We are also working on the "sh" sound since we are doing shark but also we will do "S".     We should have a few more "S" things to share later this week.  :)  For this activity we read "Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea" and we already had these 5 cute sharks so I handed them out to my little helpers.  The book has some fun motions that the kids could use their shark and act out.   Before we read the story we sang the song "Slippery Fish."  Here are the lyrics: (make a fish with hands together)Slippery fish, slippery fish swimming in the water Slippery fish, slippery fish, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp  It was eaten by a...  (move hands around like you have 8 tentacles)Octopus,  Octopus, swimming in th

Wordless Wednesday

Coming Up on Praises of a Wife and Mommy

Hi Everyone, I am in shock that this is the last week of September.  Time is going so fast!  So I wanted to give you an update on some things that are coming up on Praises of a Wife and Mommy. First the giveaway for an awesome Pilates DVD will be ending on Friday!  Make sure you get your entry in!  :) Currently I am reading and will be doing a review shortly on 2 different books.  So keep your eyes peeled for 2 new giveaways to start soon.  :)  One book is a great book for mom's of daughters!  :)  So excited to share it with you. I will also be having some quest posts soon too.  If you feel you have something you would like to share here on Praises of a Wife and Mommy please send me and email to   or comment below.  I will have links back to your site so you can get some new readers too!  :) I am looking for content on parenting, God, encouragement, kids activities. This week we are working on the letter "S" and will be showcasing all

Serve Jail time or go to church for a year

First, I think this is AWESOME! My favorite line was "it is not about incarceration but about restoration."  AMEN!  I hope WISCONSIN can model this idea soon!  God is the answer and I love that this option is there.   What are your thoughts?  

4 years ago- 4 birthday reviews

So hard to believe my lil girl is 4!!!     2007-Birthday This was such a joyful day for daddy and I!  You surprised us with and early arrival (4 weeks)!  Mommy's water broke at school while teaching!  You were a good baby and mommy loved to sing and cuddle with you every day! Happy 1st Birthday! 2008 You had a special cake all to your self as we thought you had an allergy but you were healed from it!!  :)   We had a fish theme at this party and it was at a park near the river.  You were growing up so fast, just learning to walk!    Happy 2nd Birthday-2009  Butterflies were the theme and you had a lot of fun when we went outside to play.  We had recently just moved and you had already made several new friends that came to your party.  You were starting to talk talk talk learning new words each day.   Happy 3rd Birthday-2010 This was your first "princess" themed party.  You looked stunning in your purple dress which matched your dolly who you named Belle.  Your perso