4 years ago- 4 birthday reviews

So hard to believe my lil girl is 4!!!  


This was such a joyful day for daddy and I!  You surprised us with and early arrival (4 weeks)!  Mommy's water broke at school while teaching!  You were a good baby and mommy loved to sing and cuddle with you every day!

Happy 1st Birthday! 2008
You had a special cake all to your self as we thought you had an allergy but you were healed from it!!  :)   We had a fish theme at this party and it was at a park near the river.  You were growing up so fast, just learning to walk!   

Happy 2nd Birthday-2009

 Butterflies were the theme and you had a lot of fun when we went outside to play.  We had recently just moved and you had already made several new friends that came to your party.  You were starting to talk talk talk learning new words each day.  

Happy 3rd Birthday-2010

This was your first "princess" themed party.  You looked stunning in your purple dress which matched your dolly who you named Belle.  Your personality really started to pop out here as you would let us know what you liked and disliked.  

Happy 4th Birthday- 2011

"Tangled" is your favorite movie with Princess Rapunzel.  You sing and dance to all her songs and you have been talking about your party all week because you had so much fun.  You had a big year as you became a big sister, what an amazing big sister you are.  You love to hold your brother and you help mommy with changing your brother by throwing his diapers away and you get burp rags for me often.  What a great little servant heart you have! 

Dear Selah, 
Mommy, Daddy, and your baby brother love you so much.  I feel so blessed that God has entrusted me to raise you.  You are growing up to be a beautiful person inside and out and you teach me many lessons as each day passes.  I continue to pray for you daily.  I pray that your heart would continue to grow in love with our Heavenly Maker, I pray for your future and I even pray for your future husband.  I ask for guidance often but you truly are a good girl and you make mommy and daddy proud.  This last year I had so much fun doing crafts, having our shopping dates, cuddle times, and water park adventures.  I am looking forward to this next year and I trust and know you will continue to grow in love with Christ and walk the straight and narrow path!  

Love, hugs and kisses, 



Amy said…
What a sweet letter <3 You are one blessed family!