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2015 Merry Christmas

What games did you play on Christmas?   We played Blokus and Risk.   My kids actually did very well with Blokus and my son did play Risk with us and did really well... until he just kept going to war with everyone.    We kept our tradition and did Happy Birthday Jesus pancakes.   This year the pancakes were carrot cake pancakes and they were tasty.  Before you ask me what the recipe is... it was a cake box.   Yes, I used a carrot cake box mix to make the pancakes.   It worked great and it was super easy!   These two monkeys were still super excited for the Build a Olaf and a sled even though we have been getting rain and no snow.   It will be here soon we hope!   This crew enjoyed Christmas together.  We still have more Christmas gatherings to go to and will update more on those fun days too.   Family is so important and Jesus is the reason for the season.   What traditions do you have to keep Christ the center of Christmas?  
The  Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids, NIV  includes the complete New International Version (NIV) of the Bible along with devotions, prayers, and highlighted verses to help kids pray and listen for God’s answers to their prayers. Features include: Presentation page for personalization and gift giving. Devotions about people who prayed and listened to God such as Abraham, Hannah, and Job. The Lord's Prayer explained for kids. The "hand" prayer model to help kids remember to pray for others and themselves. Highlighted verses great for memorization and meditation. Book introductions explain what each book of the Bible is about. Prayer journaling pages with space to record personal prayers and answers to prayer. Reading plans. Complete text of the New International Version (NIV). Complete text of the New International Version (NIV). My Review: This Bible is a fun one for kids.  I love all the features and the pretty colors that are scattered thro

Book Review- "Think, Act, Be like Jesus"

This 90-Day devotional, written by Oak Hills Church pastor Randy Frazee, is part of the church-wide Believe campaign and encourages children to follow the footsteps of Jesus. Think, Act, Be Like Jesus; A Believe Devotional for Kids shares the message that the more you believe, the more Jesus can change you from the inside out to become the best person you can be. My Review: Thank you Zondervan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.   "Think, Act, Be like Jesus is a 90 day devotional geared at kids in the tween age unless you as the parent read through the devotional with younger children.   The devotionals still have pictures, scripture, application, and prayer.    The book is broken into three categories- Think like Jesus, Act like Jesus, and Be like Jesus.   Our goal should be growing closer to him and becoming like him.   Think of it like you start to model and s

Crazy December Weather

How can we be having a tornado on December 23rd?  This is not normal for Iowa!   Thankfully we were all safe and sound!

Coworkers and Fun

Merry Christmas!! We sure had some fun leading up to our Christmas break!   This is my 2nd grade team and as awkward as this picture we sure have a great team!

Book Review: "Little Love Letters from God"

What child does not love to receive mail? What if that child could receive, open and read his or her own personal mail from God? The Little Love Letters from God board book will invite them to do just that! Accompanying each of the eight stories in this unique children’s Bible is a very special and encouraging letter tucked away in its own lift-the-flap envelope. With a padded cover for little hands, Little Love Letters from God introduces children to God’s Word with eight of the most popular Bible stories—including creation, Noah’s ark, the birth of Jesus and more. Following each story the child will find his or her own letter from God. Children will love the excitement of opening the letters and parents will love how each letter elaborates on the Bible story being told. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Wonderful Words To You will accompany each story and letter. Much more than a mere memory verse, each carefully chosen promise will be God’s very own personal words

The Top 3 Children's Catalogues

Looking For Children's Clothing?  These Are The Top 3 Children's Catalogs! Did you know you could spread the cost of children's clothing when you open an account with a UK catalog company? Or that items can be delivered straight to your door? If you're looking for the best children's catalogs, you've come to the right place! Here's a list of the top 3 children's catalogs that specialize in clothing, including tips on how to open a new credit account which you can use to pay monthly or weekly on clothing . 1. JD Williams JD Williams is famous for its wide range of women's clothing, but they also cater to children too. The pay-monthly catalogue has children's clothing in various styles and flexible credit options that will enable you to budget effectively. JD Williams have over 2 million customers and 25 years retail experience, making them one of the most popular catalogue companies in the country. You can log into your personal ac

Book Review: God's Good News

Book Description “Christianity is Good News. . . . When we open up the Bible it is Good News from cover to cover. It’s the Good News that God loves us.” —Billy Graham No one has brought the Good News to more people than the Reverend Billy Graham, and the people who admire him span all generations. This Bible storybook will be a timeless classic for parents and grandparents to give a new generation of children the Good News; to show them the way to the cross; and to help them begin a lifetime of following Christ. God’s Good News Bible Storybook  is a collection of over 60 favorite Bible stories—including Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Jesus, and the disciples—and each is equipped with a takeaway devotion from Rev. Graham.The takeaways will help children focus on God’s Word, apply it to their lives, and begin walking with God and sharing the Good News from an early age. The striking artwork from Scott Wakefield will help children connect with the timeless Bible stories and messa

2015- 2nd Grade Girls Ornament Exchange

Merry Christmas!   This year we helped host the 2nd grade girls ornament exchange at our church.   We did Christmas around the world and learned a lot about how other countries celebrate Christmas.    We ate yummy snacks, did a few crafts, and even had a pinata.   It was  a great time.  

Aubrey Praying with our Riverside Kids

It is always a pleasure to watch others take the lead at church.   We have been enjoying watching Aubrey grow and lead new ministries over the last couple years.    This particular picture was snapped as he was closing a message he had preached.   It was fun to see all the kids come up to pray with him.   They all look up to him so much!  

The Plans I have for you Devotional and Journal Book Reviews

Part of a new brand in the Zondervan family, The Plans I Have for YOU! is an illustrated 90-day devotional written by bestselling children’s book author Amy Parker and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton, teaching and inspiring kids to dream about their future, to focus on faith, love and joy and recognize that God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us. My Review: This devotional will be perfect for your kids this Christmas!   In this devotional you will find 6 different sections including:  I've got big plans for you, I've given you a purpose, I don't do things small, There's nothing you can't do, Find that one thing, and last What I created you to do.   Each section is very fast to read with scriptures scattered throughout the book.  There are moments to really think and reflect and seek God in prayer.  The ninety days for this devotional will go super fast but while you read you develop a better understand of God's purpose for y

Book Review: "All aboard the Ark"

Sun is high. Rain is coming. God whistles. We come running. All Aboard the Ark pairs simple rhyming text with charming watercolor illustrations in this delightful board book. Perfect for bedtime or any time, this sweet story is told from the point of view of the animals who board the ark. My Review: Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.   I love the pastel colors that are across the pages of this toddler board book.   We have all heard the story of Noah's Ark but this one has a bigger focus on a joyful celebration at the end when God sends a rainbow to promise and show His love.    They rhyming is cute and even if there is some added things that probably didn't happen such as a bath in a wooden tub... but those things sure will get the kiddos giggling.  

Book Review: "May the Faith be with You"

Life in the Spirit isn’t about cushioned pews and easy living—it’s about adventure, risk, daring, and the pursuit of wisdom. It’s about letting the awesome power of God work through you to do things you never thought possible. In this brand-new 180-day devotional, you’ll learn the highest, truest, and most rewarding way to a life of wisdom, apprenticing with the Ultimate Master himself—Jesus Christ. May the Faith Be With You will give you a devotional experience that’s out of this world. My Review: With all the Star Wars craze going around this book is sure to capture those fans with its space looking cover and title.   This book is a juvenile nonfiction book that is sure to stir up some adventure.  This is a must have for any Star Wars Fan in your family!  Zondervan sells this book for $9.99!     Each page is one devotional which includes scripture, master moment, ways of wisdom, use the force- which is a prayer.   Each one only takes a couple minutes to read