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One Word to Describe your Family in 2019

My son was given an art assignment to pick one word to describe his families 2019 year.   He chose "GOD."   This makes me super happy!   It truly is what my family is doing each day!  Making God the center of our family is vital and this was a pat on the back for me knowing we are doing it!   How would you describe your 2019 year?  
COLOR STREET NAILS -  Nail it with Selah and April are looking to build more customers!   This season we have had tons of people stop and ask us about our nails!   WE love that we can do our nails in the comfort of our homes, that it is much cheaper then the salon, the product is made here in America, and let me not forget that it is 95% dry so no smudges and no dry time!   AMAZING!    Ask us any questions!   We also ship out samples!  Just message us! 

Happy Birthday Jesus Pancakes

The tradition continues with pancakes to celebrate Jesus birth!    This year I went with a sheet cake for pancakes!   This allowed us three different types of pancakes.   1. Peanut butter and banana 2. Blueberry and cream cheese 3. Chocolate Chip I think Blueberry was the overall winner!   My bananas needed to be a bit sweeter so that type didn't have much flavor.  

Oh Candle Light Service and Christmas Jammies!

There is something about Christmas pajamas and cuddles that I LOVE!   I know Christmas pajamas can get pricey so I was excited in my late shopping time to find these two at Gordmans the Saturday before Christmas!   They were also a great price!   Do you go to a Candle Light Service?   We have one each Christmas Eve and singing with the candle light sure makes it feel more like Christmas!  

You make my life MERRY and BRIGHT

Easiest Christmas card ever!  Did this with several different age groups!   It is easy, not to messy, and fun!   Plus some kids could make more then one to send more love to their family!   I did this activity at church and school! 

Christmas Program at Riverside

I am so thankful for the leaders who planned the Christmas program this year!   What a wonderful way to Celebrate Jesus!   I enjoyed the songs and the production very much!  

"Faith Forward Family Devotional" Book Review and Giveaway

​ABOUT THE BOOK ​ Raise faith-filled kids who know, love, and live for God.  Patrick and Ruth Schwenk have written 100 devotions for families to do together, at your own pace. Each devotion includes: A Bible passage—from Genesis to Revelation Teaching applicable for kids of any age A key idea to learn and remember about God Questions designed to spark family discussion Guided prayer for the entire family Grow closer to your kids as they grow closer to God in  Faith Forward Family Devotional . AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE MY REVIEW Do you value that quality time on the couch cuddling and chatting with your kids?   Haven't made that a priority yet?  Start today!   Get everyone ready for bed and cuddle up while you go through a Bible Devotion like "Faith Forward Family Devotion" book!   This book covers many different biblical topics that make you think while answering the questions.   There is always a guided prayer too that I think is always im

Book Review: " A Very Fiona Christmas"

About the Book: A follow-up to the  New York Times  bestselling  Fiona the Hippo  picture book comes  A Very Fiona Christmas! It’s Fiona the hippo’s very first Christmas, and the zoo is sparkling with holiday spirit. When the adorable little hippo asks her friends, “What’s Christmas?” they set out to show her all the wonders and excitement of the season. With each new experience Fiona lets out a snort, wiggles her ears, and asks, “Is THIS Christmas?” Amidst the snow, twinkling lights, mistletoe, and stockings, Fiona ends up meeting a new friend at the zoo who helps her discover the true meaning of the holiday: Love. Snuggle up with your little ones and join Fiona and her adorable animal friends for a heartwarming holiday romp through the zoo.  A Very Fiona Christmas : Stars the one and only Fiona the hippo, the worldwide internet sensation and star of the Cincinnati Zoo, who through her spunk and fighting spirit overcame all odds when she was born six weeks premature F

Book Review- "A Christmas Gift for Santa- A Bedtime Book"

About the Book: The Christmas story you  haven’t  read: What happens after Santa Claus delivers all the Christmas presents to boys and girls around the world? Is there a gift waiting for Santa at the North Pole? Cuddle up with your little ones and follow the journey through Santa’s Workshop in search of Santa’s Christmas present.  With bright and whimsical illustrations, this new take on the Christmas story is sure to become the newest addition to your holiday reading tradition—especially at bedtime! Has Mrs. Claus forgotten Santa on Christmas Eve? He searches and searches their cozy North Pole home until he finds homemade gifts waiting for him next to a beautiful handwritten note. But what does it say? This sweet Christmas book, written by J. Theron Elkins and illustrated by Ag Jatkowska, will become a holiday favorite as children cuddle up with their parents to read this wonderful story of love and gratitude before they close their eyes to go to sleep. As his eyes slowl

How to make the most of your "me time" when your child is at kindergarten

As a parent with a toddler, you no doubt gain some relief when your child goes to kindergarten. Those few hours alone allow you to enjoy some much needed, not to mention deserved, "me time". While your child enjoys playing with other children, playing games and generally being creative, you can finally focus on yourself and do something that you want to do. Being a parent is stressful regardless of your children's age, but it is generally accepted as being harder with toddlers. If you had trouble conceiving and had to get some help from a fertility clinic such as First Fertility , you will have undergone a great deal of stress before your child was even born. If you fit into this category, then you, especially, will need to take some time out and recharge your batteries. You will find that this is not only beneficial for you but also your family, so don't feel that you are being selfish. What is "me time"? "Me time" is an essential time that you n

The Benefits Of Organic Baby Products

The joy that comes with the arrival of a newborn in the family is boundless. Better still, becoming a mom for the first time. As parenthood begins to roll out, you realize that there’s quite a lot to be done to make the little one as comfortable as possible. Apart from keeping the baby’s hunger pangs on the check, you’ve got to think about what they’ll put on, and whether it’s safe on their delicate skin. And of course, skin rash is the last thing you’d want to see on the little one’s skin. So, you better get it right when it comes to their clothes. The safest clothes for a baby are usually ones made from organic fabrics such as cotton. Here’s why you should consider organic children's clothes for your little one. Easily Available As more and more people realize the benefits of organic clothing, organic clothes have become more available. It’s no longer difficult to find organic clothes as it were a decade ago. Almost every baby shop now is selling this type of clothing. Even tho

Selah's Decade Challenge!

OH the changes!