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Harlem Globetrotters- A night of Fun! Save 20%

  If you only came here for the discount code then there ya go!  Save 20% at checkout with the code: USFAM!   I will admit that prices seem very costly in my opinion so hopefully this 20% off will really help you.   I was blessed to be able to promote this discount and post about my experience to get free tickets for my family.   I am not sure our budget would be able to afford the tickets... family of four and ticket prices we got were over a $100 each ticket... so it can make for a pricey night.   Then add in if you get snacks, a ball, or a jersey you could spend a hefty paycheck in one evening of fun.    With that said, my family did have a good time.   We saw good talent, we had lots of laughs, we cheered, and we enjoyed watching with each other.   Some would say the Harlem Globetrotters are like the equivalent of WWE but with basketball.   There is a storyline within the game, which helps get the crowd going and cheering.   My 11 year old had the most fun!   He was standing up and

The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Study: A Guide for Parents

  Study habits are one of the most important things to teach your children. A good study habit will help them in school and beyond. This blog post will discuss some tips on how to get your kids to study and develop a good study habit! via Pexels 1) Make a Schedule Making a schedule is one of the best ways to ensure that your child is studying and developing good study habits. Creating a schedule will allow you to keep track of when your child is studying and what they are focusing on. It will also help them plan their time more effectively so that they can have enough time for all their activities. When creating a schedule, make sure it's realistic for your child's lifestyle and age. It should have enough breaks for rest and play so that your child doesn't get overwhelmed. Additionally, make sure there is flexibility for unexpected events or days off from school. It can be helpful to establish daily routines such as setting aside a regular time each day for your child to d