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Christmas Decorating

I finally have a big window to display my big tree!  The picture never is as good as in person but I love my tree and I wanted to share it with you.  There are several messages on the tree which include- hope, love, peace, and joy The kids each get their own 3 foot tree in their room.  I like to give them a tree simply because my big tree in the living room is the way I want it... I know I am selfish but I like to still have them create ornaments each year but instead of making it on my tree it goes on their tree.  I'm kinda a theme girl and so my tree is gold, silver, and red, it would look too strange to see the kids blue painted snowflakes, or purple salt dough creations.  Anyone else do the same thing?  I captured this shot after I tucked lil man in bed.  I absolutely love the lighting in it.  I love falling asleep looking at the Christmas tree lights.   We still have to find a place to hang our stockings so the kids decided they would wear them i

Hooler the Handheld Cooler- Review and Giveaway

About the Hooler:       THE HOUSING The housing of the Hooler is made of an inner and outer shell, each composed of polypropylene. The shells are welded together to maximize insulation and eliminate sweat. Being double insulated prevents the transfer of heat from the sun and your hand to your drink. THE FUNCTIONALITY The functionality of the Hooler is simple. Add ice and cold water into the cup, place your beverage directly into the ice and water, then seal the ring around your beverage. Adding enough cold water to completely submerge your drink is encouraged. If there is water above the seal after you close it, just dump the excess water before opening your drink.  THE SEAL The seal is made of durable silicone that allows the Hooler to function with most cans and bottles. As you twist the ring into the threads of the Hooler, the seal compresses around your beverage, creating a leak free housing unit for your   THE MERIT The merit of the Hooler, aside fr

Popcorn Turkey Bags and a Movie

                           HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you all are enjoying your family and your food and what ever activities you are planning for your day.   One activity my kids and I created were little "thankful" turkey bags that we filled with popcorn to enjoy while we watched a movie.  My kids wrote what they were thankful for on each feather of the turkey.   I obviously helped my 2 year old with parts of his turkey but my 6 year old daughter created her turkey by herself.  :) 

Redemption Creations Review

About Redemption Creations: R edemption Creations, Inc. seeks to be the foremost brand of stylish and contemporary religious-themed home accents and lifestyle accessories that donates 10% of each month's pre-tax profit to a religious institution which helps the poor and needy of its community. Our customers’ limitless desire to affirm their faith and passion for spirituality was the seed that led Redemption Creations to make religious-based objects of beauty and purpose. These quality products are crafted with admiration for present-day trends in style and design, the utmost attention to detail, and the desire to make regular reminders of God's love. Passion is the driving force behind any great brand. Redemption Creations is passionate about supporting religious institutions actively serving those less fortunate. To bolster funds for desperately needed services, Redemption Creations will allocate 10% of each month’s pre-tax profit to one such program. Insti

How to Practice the Fry Word

I was browsing a teacher catalog and saw a neat item for working on spelling words.  I did not want to blow my budget on the one item so I did my best to recreate it.   We are working on the Fry Word list this year.  I took two sentence strips and laminated them with four different steps for practice.  1. Say it  2. Build it (I got the letters off of for under $3...and they are adorable and wood with magnets on back)  3. write it and lastly 4. use it in a sentence.  The sentence strips are dray erasable once laminated so this is a wonderful center to keep students busy for a few minutes while practicing their spelling.    

$299 Riiviva Microderm Kit Giveaway from Riiviva

Have you heard of Riiviva? Here is a great video that will explain more about the Microderm kit: Riiviva Microderm is the first handheld rechargeable microdermabrasion device for home use. By using the same principles of a professional microdermabrasion system, Riiviva Microderm utilizes tips made with precisely placed diamond tips, variable suction settings, and a unique filtering system. The combination of using suction and diamond tips that are interchangeable with professional microdermabrasion machines is what gives you professional results at home. What are the benefits of a Riiviva Microderm treatment? Riiviva Microderm offers a less expensive, more convenient, alternative to microdermabrasion treatments performed in a clinic or salon, and the reasonable price and ease of use can help you turn back the clock. For total skin rejuvenation, the dual-action system of stainless steel diamond tips and vacuu

Kindergarten Artwrok

My daughter comes home from school every day now with some sort of art work with words.  Each and every day I am impressed at how much more she is spelling each day.  :)   She is a great phonetic speller too.  She has a passion for drawing, coloring, and writing and I hope I can continue to encourage her.   Love you Sweetie!!    

Artsi- Plusheez Review and Giveaway

      About:         Plusheez® Pals Bella Ages 6+ Bella is the Plusheez® pal who is always a hoot. Use the special stylus and Pop in the Plush to create an awesome owl. No sewing required! Contents: 150+ pieces, 1 stylus, 1 pillow My Review: Thank you Artsi for sending me your new Plusheez product to conduct my review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are mine.   I had a 6 year old who happily sat down and completed her Plusheez in one sitting and only about 40 minutes.  Once she had completed she wanted to do another one.  She has kept the box for her Owl Plushee and created a nice little home for her.  My daughter has been playing with this new toy with extra caution.  I believe she is more protective over this toy because she had a hand in creating it/decorating it!  She has this sense of ownership and pride.   When we opened the packaged I showed my daughter how to push the plush in the owl and after one example she was o

Colorful Turkey's

2013 Turkey Time!  2013 is a year of transitions and adjustments but we have so much to be Praising God about!   I hope you all enjoy time with your families and eat with lots of fun and laughter after.   These turkeys only took me a couple minutes to prepare and the kids enjoyed personalizing them.   I did not have paper plates so I used white construction paper for the base of the project.  

Babee and Me Holiday Giveaway- 40 baby/kids/mom prizes

I am so thrilled to bring this amazing and packed giveaway to my readers.  I have not personally reviewed each of these items but I am willing to bet you all would enjoy each and every prize.  GOOD LUCK!  If you are a mother or know a mom then make sure you share this awesome giveaway with her.   The Babee & Me Holiday Giveaway is here! 40 brands have come together to give you a chance to win unique, innovative gifts for baby, kids and even mom! Well over $1,000 in prizes will be awarded to ONE WINNER! Wowza! And everyone who enters will get something special after the giveaway as a thank you. The Babee & Me Spring Giveaway Event had over 84,000 entries...let's see if we can double this or more! The giveaway begins November 19th and will end December 17th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter… the more points you earn the better chance you have to win! Please share with friends and family and good luck! Participating