Christmas Decorating

I finally have a big window to display my big tree!  The picture never is as good as in person but I love my tree and I wanted to share it with you.  There are several messages on the tree which include- hope, love, peace, and joy

The kids each get their own 3 foot tree in their room.  I like to give them a tree simply because my big tree in the living room is the way I want it... I know I am selfish but I like to still have them create ornaments each year but instead of making it on my tree it goes on their tree.  I'm kinda a theme girl and so my tree is gold, silver, and red, it would look too strange to see the kids blue painted snowflakes, or purple salt dough creations.  Anyone else do the same thing? 

I captured this shot after I tucked lil man in bed.  I absolutely love the lighting in it.  I love falling asleep looking at the Christmas tree lights.  

We still have to find a place to hang our stockings so the kids decided they would wear them instead of hang them.  :)