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Bye Bye Elementary School

Yes!   I will admit it... I cried at the little parade tonight to send the 6th graders to Middle School.   I only did because Selah started to get teary eyed.   I loved that her elementary school went through 6th grade!  I feel like I was able to keep an extra year of childhood!   God is using her!  I so blessed to be her mom.  

Mom and daughter time

Covid-19 is allowing us more creative and relax time!   Not only have we done masks but Selah has given me facials and hand massages.  I have the best daughter ever!  As silly as we look I also feel very pretty here!   

Mom's Day 2020

Creativity during Covid-19 is going great in this family.   Titus and Anthony created a stone necklace for me and I love the raw stone so much!  I also had a yummy breakfast made by my daughter!   Then they spoiled me all day and even decorated the window.   

How To Be Healthy Every Day

Forming healthy habits is essential. The more healthy choices we make in our day-to-day lives, the easier it is to be healthy overall. As the saying goes, small choices add up to big changes. That said, when it comes to forming a new routine, getting started is notoriously difficult. As such, it is good to do a little every day until the habit is completely ingrained. Here are some ways to do it. Exercise Exercising every day is crucial, and it may surprise you just how little you need to do – as long as it really is a regular occurrence – to see any difference. Not only will you be able to see the difference, but you will also feel it too, feeling healthier, happier, and freer in your movements. If you’re unsure how to get started, you can simply go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood, a run in the park, check out The Club Fitness facilities , or go swimming. It’s important to realize that you might not feel like exercising every day, but once you get started, you’ll enjoy it.

Sidewalk Chalk- Stain Glass Look

A little painters tape and chalk and you can create a masterpiece!    We eventual broke the chalk up in baggies and added water and then used a paintbrush to make it go faster.  

Hot Rock Crayon Painting

Be safe with this one!  My kids have been around a camp fire so much so they understand safety.  They are also 12 and 9 so they are older!   We put some rocks in the fire and heated them up for about 10 minutes.   Carefully we removed them from the fire and used crayons to decorate them.   They were melting very quickly and since crayons are wax they should last awhile! 

Water + Dandelions = Loads of Fun

All you need: Dandelions Bucket of Water Have the kids collect dandelions the bigger the better!   Then take the head of the dandelion off.  Then just like string cheese peel layers of the stem and place them in the bucket of water.   Enjoy watching them curl up!   This kept my kids busy for at least and hour! That is saying a lot because they are 12 and 9! 

Wild Cat Den Park

Covid-19 is actually bringing so many more people back to nature! We haven't been to this park before but we had a great day.  We were on so many trails and saw some great beauty.  There was a little river/stream and huge rock structures, big trees, and so much more!  I loved hearing all the bird chirping!