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First Bonfire of the summer

On Sunday night we went to a friends house for grilling out and a bonfire.  It was our first bonfire of the season and I hope there are many more through the rest of the summer.  I was hoping to have smores but I was too lazy to go to the store to get the graham crackers and chocolate.  My friend had just made brownies and I brought the jumbo marshmallows.   Take a fresh out of the oven brownie and then roast a marshmallow and eat them together... AMAZING!  :) SO YUMMY! What are your favorite things to roast on the fire?  Looking for new ideas.  :)

Hey mama's got a question

So my baby is 2 months old and I got my period already!  I am so bummed.  When I had my daughter I did not get my period for like 8 months!  I feel like I just quit bleeding and now i get my monthly already.  I am breast feeding so I was hoping that would help slow down it from returning but NO! What is normal?   When did you get your monthly again after having kids??

Church on Saturday night!

Today was our last Sunday morning service as our church transitions to Saturday Night church next weekend.  I am excited for this change.  Praying it goes smoothly. Do any of you go to Saturday Night church? We will be doing church at 7pm. I love going out of the "normal" and trying something new to reach more people!

Carnival fun!

We have a carnival in town and we went yesterday and had some fun.  I even resisted the urge to gobble up some cotton candy.  I LOVE IT... I am tempted to go back just to buy some.  Don't know how much will power I have as the carnival is there through tomorrow.  Must remain strong!!  "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." We were blessed by stranger while at the carnival.  We walked around to see the rides and how many tickets it would be to go on and calculate how much it would cost just to go on one ride.  (carnivals are too expensive.)  While we were walking a lady approached us and gave us these coupons that allowed us to go on 4 rides for only $5.00!  A great deal since it cost $1.00 per ticket and all the rides were 3 to 5 tickets making them too expensive!  So Selah was able to go on 3 rides and I went on one ride with her.  :) We also let her play the goldfish game and kinda thankfully we did no win a goldfish.  LOL!  It was a great day with family and with

Marriage is great and weddings are fun.

As mentioned before we went to a wedding yesterday.  One of our youth leaders got married.  We just love this family... a big one it is with 8 kids!  :)  This was the 2nd child of theirs to get married and it was a beautiful day for them. I did not get a picture of the bride and terrible am I? Here is a family picture of us at the reception: and here is a picture of the cutest 2 kids you will ever see:

The stories from Joplin are pulling on my heart!

There are a ton of stories emerging from the tornado in Joplin.  Some are amazing survival stories and others are incredibly sad. I was just watching a video on about a husband who sacrificed himself to save his wife.  It hit me so hard because I know I have a husband who would do the exact same thing!  I am blessed to have a brave man and so was this lady. Here is the link to the video The wife appears to be very strong and able to talk to this reporter. I am sure there will be more and more stories that will touch us all.

Just learned to ride her bike!

Selah just learned how to ride her bike and now she is unstoppable!  :)  I am glad she loves it! We did a quick video to show her papa who lives far away!  WE MISS YOU PAPA FLOYD!  Enjoy the video.

First 3D movie... Kung Fu Panda 2

Last night the family and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  I was daring to bring Titus who is only 2 months old but we were blessed and he slept through the whole thing.  :)  My husband has been looking forward to this movie so we all went.  It was a first for me and my daughter to watch a 3D movie.  Selah kept her glasses on the whole time and she looked super cute! The movie was adorable and fun but for my 3.5 year old there were a few scary parts but she seemed just fine through it all.  She covered her eyes once but it was only for a couple seconds and was right back to watching.  So we discussed it all at the end and she seemed just fine.  It was rated PG and she is usually just a G rating watcher.   I enjoyed the funny parts of the movie and thankful that it was clean humor.  It seems that more and more kid movies are adding part of adult humor and I find it distasteful!  KEEP it CLEAN since it is a kid movie so I was very happy Kung Fu Panda was clean.   When the movie star

Tonights prayers with my 3 year old...

We pray every night with my daughter and my heart melts every time I hear her pray for me, her dad, and her brother.  She has such a genuine spirit and a heart of passion for prayer.  AMEN!  I pray in continues to grow and grow her hunger and thirst to pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father!  Today we were at a wedding so Anthony and I both were praying that the newlyweds would be blessed and that they would continue to put Christ in the center of their relationship.  :)  My husband went on to pray for Selah's future husband and then Selah in her adorable 3 year old voice said "Yes LORD" (not just once but 3 times!)  I loved it!  So I think she is very excited to get married some day! :)  Lord, please don't let her grow up to fast though... and help Anthony and I to cherish every minute of raising her!    Teaching my daughter how to pray and the power of prayer is so important to me but important for her.  Another thing I have done is have her pray for an

Thankful Thursday's

Time to share my list of what I am PRAISING GOD for this week. 1. Getting more energy and having motivation to workout! 2. Titus is 2 months old and happy and health! 3. Sunshine! 4. Yummy chicken I made this evening. 5. friends who are encouraging 6. Family able to come visit and watch Selah's dance recital!  

Fun Day at the Fire Station!

We went to a nearby fire station for their open house last week.  It was a good time of touring the different vehicles including a helicopter and the smoke house to learn how to get out of a house safe!  We ate some yummy brats and were there with some good friends of ours.  This department is run by all volunteers!!!  THANKS SO MUCH GUYS N GALS for your service!! Here are some pictures from today. What a pretty fire women!

Worship Wednesday

This weeks Worship Wednesday is Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall!  We sang it at youth group last week.  I really enjoyed it a lot... it is fun but the words are amazing and so true!   2Samuel 22:29   O LORD, you are my lamp. The LORD turns my darkness into light.

Wordless Wednesday

PUDDLE JUMPING!!  Dumping the water out! All done playing in water!

Aftermath of Joplin tornado video

Earlier this week I posted the video that was very dark but you could hear the sounds and people praying to God for mercy and comfort during the JOPLIN F5 tornado.  Here is the video of the aftermath and whats left of the gas station.  THEY ARE BLESSED TO BE ALIVE!  PRAISE GOD FOR HIS MERCY! 

2 Month Stats on lil man

This morning took Titus to his 2 month appointment and he is bigger then I thought! Weight: 11 pounds 11 ounces 50% Height: 22 inches in the 16% Head circumference is the 99% HE IS SO MUCH BIGGER THEN MY DAUGHTER WAS!   :) Everything looks great and he is healthy!  Praise God for Healthy kids!  :)

Wednesday Hodgepodge and other blog hops

1. What is something about living in this country that you value? 'This country'  is whatever country you call home.    That I can WORSHIP JESUS!  2. What is a favorite something you own that is red, white, and/or blue? hmmm... my car is blue and I sure appreciate that! 3. Do you fly a flag at your house on patriotic holidays? Nope 4. What ingredients do you think should be included in a great picnic basket? Bag of chips, carrot sticks, apples or  banana , Sandwiches!  5. What is one interesting piece of trivia you know?  Interesting is of course a relative term.   Your eye shrinks as you get older because you loose some of the Aqueous fluid and Vi vitreous gel!   6. Wednesday, May 24th is National Escargot day...have you ever tried them? Eww or ooh? Nope never...have no desire either! 7. What is one thing you know for sure?  That my mom is in Heaven with JESUS and I will see her and JESUS some day!  8. Insert your own random thought here. I feel hungry but it is too la

Diaper blow out...

I was at an appointment this morning and little man had a very icky diaper blow out!  I went to the bathroom to change him and realized as I was digging in the diaper bag I forgot to take newborn clothes out and put the 0-3 clothes in.  OOPS and not only that I forgot to put some extra bags in to put the icky clothes in.  DARN! So what do you keep in your diaper bag? HERE IS MY LIST: Diapers Wipes Changing pad Diaper cream Hand sanitizer Tide to go CLOTHES THAT FIT!!! Extra bags for dirty clothes Nursing Cover Burp rags Pacifier and soon a few little toys n books Wallet-when I have the diaper bag I don't carry a purse

I love my moby!

So one thing I do is clean our church and to be able to do that with a baby boy I have been using the MOBY so I can easily do the cleaning.  I also have been starting to walk a lot and to go on a long walk with a 3 year old and 2 month old I would need a double stroller but I do not have that so I moby Titus up and push Selah in the stroller and get a great work out!  :) Glad he likes it too:

2 Months old already!

Hard to believe that my little Titus is 2 months old today!!!!!  I have his 2 month check up tomorrow so will update you then on his weight and height.  I know he has grown a lot!  He is finally getting into a schedule and sleeping better at night.  He still is waking up 2-3 times a night to eat but thankfully he is eating and falling back asleep.  The only bad thing is he is waking up and wanting to stay up at around 6 which is too early for me! Got to love those chubby cheeks!!!  :)  XOXO


So Titus is 2 months old today and I have started to hit the gym the last couple weeks and today I got out my Jilian Michaels "Last Chance" workout and a friend and myself got our butts kicked!  :)  We did not even get to the strength training portion.  I enjoy this workout DVD because it is fast paced and circuit training and you use free weights not machines!  :) Tonight is the finale on Biggest Loser... Any predictions on a winner?  I am going to predict Olivia!  SHE HAS BEEN ON FIRE!  Although if Jay can get to final 3 and worked hard he could easily win since he had a lot more weight to lose!  :)  ARE YOU GOING TO BE WATCHING NBC TO SEE WHO WINS??   How about the AT HOME prize?  Who do you think did the best at home?  Austin?  Rulon?  I think it will be a male.  

AWESOME Freebies!

Here is a picture of the freebies I have gotten the last couple days!  :)  I have to admit I think some of these freebies are great! Magazines include: 2 Whole Living, Living-Martha Stewart, Thriving Family, and Women's Day.  A coupon for a free bag of OreIda fries, a Cliff Zone bar, 3 Adkins bars with info on the Adkins diet and coupons, a SWEET Proglide razor!  :)  WHOO HOO!  :)

Meet me Monday

Questions: 1.  What is your favorite bagel flavor?     I love Onion bagles and apple cinnamon!  :)   2.  If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?     hmmm hotel night with the hubby!  3.  What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?      ummmm I have no idea 4.  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?     both I LOVE ICE CREAM 5.  Are you allergic to anything?    NOPE- Praise GOD

Prayers for Joplin!

This video is very dark but you can hear how intense the tornado was.  You can also hear a calm lady praying seeking God's mercy and comfort!  God was there and protected this group of people!  I got misty eyed listening to this... such a scary moment!

No comment needed...

Love this billboard:

My Lil Ballet Dancer!

My 3.5 year old did an amazing job at her 2 recital's yesterday!  A LOT FOR A 3 year old.  I was so happy she did a great job!  She was super cute trying to stay on her "X" on the floor where her spot was. I think as a mom I enjoyed it so much because she had a smile on her face and was enjoying dancing.  When we got home from the busy day I think I was more exahusted then her as she was asking to do another recital.  So the sweet daddy that she has put in a cd for her to give us one last dance for the night.  It was a special night!  I AM ONE LUCKY MOM! Here are a few pictures that I will treasure! Pretty girl in the mirror After the dance they say and sign their bible verse... my daughter is the first one on the left!  There verse was Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you always... my daughter has that verse down great!    Family picture:  Nana Bethann (Anthony's mom), Papa Barney (my dad) and myself and Anthony.  Family picture!  (my hair got all icky from the r

Sorry for the lack in posts, but....

We have been outside enjoying the sun!  So much that my arms are red... darn sun burn!  I went on an hour and a half walk with Titus in the moby and pushing Selah in the stroller... talk about a good workout!  :)  YAY ME!  I am still super sore from hitting the gym hard on Wednesday, i tell ya those lunges were killers! Tomorrow is the big dance recital day!  Praying Selah does a good job and has fun!  :)

Thankful Thursday's

Here is my list of things I am Praising GOD for this week: 1. PRAYER... it works! 2. Sleep!  There were a few days where I was lacking but I was able to catch up thanks to hubby and a good night last night! 3. Finances... I know the Lord is taking control of them!  I love  having 0 debt! 4. Working out... even though I am super sore today it is for the best! 5. Warm weather!  I love being outside! What are you praising him for?

Baby schedule???

I have not been big on trying to get my almost 8 week old on a schedule but I think it is time to start thinking about it.  The last few nights Titus has been waking up and staying up for at least an hour if not close to 2 hours!  :(  It is always at the worst time too somewhere between 2-4 am... that is when I would really like to sleep!!!  For instance last night he woke up at about 2:30 ate a little bit then was up till about  4:00.  I would try to just lay him down and he did not cry but fuss  n whine.  I gave him his pacifier but he kept losing it.  Eventually I brought him in bed with me and he fell asleep. Any advice?   This mama wants her zzzzzz's!

HOO are you?

1. What type of diamond cut do you like?    I love princess cut!  I heart my wedding ring!  :)  2. If you are married, when is your anniversary? If not, what month would you like to marry in?   June 24th... we are going to celebrate 5 years next month!  YAY!  WOOT WOOT!  3. What were or would you like your wedding colors to be?   Blue and Yellow 4. How many bridesmaids did/would you have in your wedding?    3 5. How long have you been married?  Nearing 5 years!  I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!  

Worship Wednesday: Oh Happy Day

So last night I went into my daughters room and she was singing this song!  :)  We have not heard it in a very long time but she remembered most of the lyrics... so impressed!  It was so cute watching her jump and dance and sing!

Wordless Wednesday

As posted the other day my church had our 2nd annual Biker BLESSING!   My daughter was all about getting her bike blessed to!    Just learning how to pedal!  :)   My favorite bike there... well besides the cute princess bike!  LOL  COOL HUGE BIKE WITH STEERING WHEEL! Starting young!