Hey mama's got a question

So my baby is 2 months old and I got my period already!  I am so bummed.  When I had my daughter I did not get my period for like 8 months!  I feel like I just quit bleeding and now i get my monthly already.  I am breast feeding so I was hoping that would help slow down it from returning but NO!

What is normal?   When did you get your monthly again after having kids??


Mine was, thankfully, at least 8 months out with all my kiddos, but I've had friends that have had the same thing happen. Maybe it is a sign your suppose to have another quickly--just teasing. That's probably the last thing on your mind when you have a newborn. :)
Unknown said…
ugh, isnt that just terrible...? after my first, i didnt get it due to b/f-ing and getting back on BC at my 6 week check up. however this time around, alex is now 7 weeks old and it came this week. i went to my check up at 5 weeks. i had a c-section and had problems b/f-ing so am using formula now. maybe that's why? im back on BC so hmm...maybe that's always different just like each pregnancy and delivery, too?
TerinAleah said…
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Unknown said…
I think mine was 1-2 months. I wish it was 8 months! LOL! I don't know what's normal. I'm sure it's whenever your body is ready.
Emily said…
Hmmm, I think it differs for everyone! They say if you're breastfeeding you won't have a period but they also say you will lose weight and I didn't lose a pound,lol!

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