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How to Improve the Neglected Areas of Your Home

If you are extremely proud of your home, it is likely that you spend a lot of time making sure that it looks its best. You may have a stylish kitchen, a stunning living space, and a luxurious bedroom; but what about the other areas of your home? Is every part of your property up to scratch, or is there still room for improvement? If you are unsure, you will need to read on. Below are four typically neglected areas of your home and how to include them in your interior design scheme. Your garage Although it is important for your garage to be a practical space, there is no reason for it to be lacking in style and sophistication. Make sure that your garage is an extension of your interior design scheme. Don’t leave the walls bare. Instead, paint them with light reflecting colors that will open the space. You should also invest in a high-quality flooring that is functional and hardwearing but not at the cost of its aesthetics. At, you can find garage floors to be prou…

Saving Sight- A cure is in sight! #FFBAMD

I don't know about you but anytime I hear of a cure coming for any disease or condition I get excited!   Thank you, Jesus, for bringing new options and answers to many people.  
Did you know that nearly 10 million Americans go blind due to AMD or Age-related macular degeneration?   So you can understand my excitement above with hearing there is a cure coming soon!  I personally have worked with people who have lost some or all of their sight.  I could never imagine not being able to see my families faces again or the beautiful creation outdoors.  
Help spread the news, A Cure is in Sight. Listen to these Radio PSA’s below about AMD from a Grandmother’s perspective. This year’s campaign is, ‘Driving Research & SAVING SIGHT!’ Foundation Fighting Blindness is offering a free educational packet on AMD and it can be downloaded from this link.   The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a non-profit organization, has provided funding for research on cures for blindness, specifically AMD, sinc…

Preparing For The Holiday Season - Your Ultimate Guide

The holiday season is coming up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all collide over the period of three months, which is fantastic for your celebratory spirit, but horrible for your wallet. It’s likely that these three months will stretch your finances to such a degree as to cause worry. In these instances, wise financial decision making is often the best course of action. Not only this, but preparing in the right way. If you begin now, you’ll be able to meet the demands of these holiday periods with much more ability and encouragement, compared to how you’re feeling now.
Here are some tips to getting started:
While Halloween is just around the corner, the other two major seasonal events are a little way off. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your finances now. The further ahead you think about these, the better planned you will be. Many people neglect to budget at this point in time, and as a result, they need to rely on loans both short and long-term t…

5 Reasons to Try Plexus

5 great reasons to start your journey to a healthier you with Plexus:
✅1. Do you take a multivitamin? -Choose Plexus #XFactor instead of whatever drug store vitamin you're taking. -The aloe in XFactor helps your body absorb all the nutrients up to 300% more. Not only will you FEEL the vitamins working, you'll see a difference in your skin, hair and nails… really! -PLUS: The aloe soothes your intestinal track. So if vitamins normally burn or irritate your stomach, this will be an added benefit that you'll love. (We can take these first thing in the morning & on an empty stomach even!) And now we offer #xFactorPlus, with an added PREbiotic! More awesomeness! ✅2. Do you take a probiotic? -Swap your next bottle for #Probio5. -Similar to some other probiotics, ProBio5 loads your intestinal tract with good bacteria. -PLUS: In addition to best quality probiotics, ProBio5 contains antifungals and enzymes to break down yeast overgrowth… important, because if you don't kill th…

Book Review and Giveaway: "Jesus Always" 365 Devotions for kids

Yes, the first thing you need to make sure you do is go and enter the giveaway for this great devotional book!  GO HERE, but please come back and read my review!  

Publisher's Description From the bestselling author of Jesus Calling® Embrace the true meaning of Joy with the young believers in your life in Sarah Young’s newest 365-day devotional, Jesus Always: 365 Devotions for Kids. In Sarah Young’s newest 365-day devotional for kids, Jesus Always: 365 Devotionsfor Kids, she focuses on the biblical teaching of the joy we can experience at any time and in all circumstances. With Scripture and new personal reflections, the #1 bestselling author brings Jesus’ message of joy—for today and every day—to children. Adapted from the bestselling Jesus Always, each day’s devotion has the same theme as the adult version, as well as written-out Scriptures. It is a great choice for families to read and discuss during devotional time together. Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to th…

The Stray- Movie Review

The Stray tells the inspiring true story of a stray dog, “Pluto,” who appears from out of nowhere just in time to save a family that is falling apart. Pluto is not only a guard dog – he’s a guardian angel. Sometimes help comes in the most unlikely forms. Sometimes prayers are answered in the most unlikely ways. Sometimes one dog can change everything. Written, and directed by Mitch Davis (The Other Side of Heaven), the movie releases in select markets nationwide October 6, 2017.
Make sure you head HERE and go enter to win 4 tickets to see The Stray!
My Review Who likes a good family/drama movie? I have to admit I usually don't bring my kids to these types of movies but this time as I watched the trailer I knew my daughter would love a good dog movie. With that said I don't think the movie was appropriate for my son. He may be more sensitive than other 6-year-olds. He was on my lap during a few season after the lightning struck and when the bear came…

Tea of the Day: Caramelized Pear

Tasting Notes: Fruity, Round, Sweet This delectable dessert infusion is sweet and flavorful with notes of honey, caramel, and freshly baked pear.
My Review: I have to laugh at myself.  I guess I read caramel and pear and was caught off guard when I only tasted pear and not any caramel.  Then my husband made sure to remind me and my friend that the flavor is "caramelized pear" which does not mean caramel and pear but rather they cooked the pear as caramelized pear simply is the cooking of the pear.   After a few giggles at myself, I really think the description is right on.  It is a cooked pear type of flavor and I like it!  I mean I had to get over the disappointment of no caramel but once I understood better I was very satisfied with this tea.  

Little Smiles: Curing Your Child's Fright of Dentists

You’ll be looking a long time before you find someone who actually enjoys visiting the dentist. While it’s something intrusive and uncomfortable about the whole process, we know very well that it needs to be done - kind of like spending half our monthly income on paying rent.

Image link: Pexels
Your children, on the other hand, don’t feel the same sense of relief of having something over and done with, and the thought of going to the dentist can be a lot scarier to some children than others. Make the hour a bit easier for them, as well as your dentist, by using these handy tips for helping them overcome their fright.
They’ll smile a lot brighter afterward, that’s for sure.
Start early
The sooner you get your children to the dentist, the better. Not just because they’ll be able to take care of any dental problems immediately, although this is also an excellent reason, but because it’s easier for them to get used to it when they start young.
Start the annual visits at around age one or when …

4 ways to be prepared for big changes to your family life

In life, it is impossible to know what waits around the corner. That is why it is important to plan for every eventuality. This is especially true if you are raising a young family. Instead of being caught out, you should have a variety of backup plans in place. When you are formulating your plans, you will need to think about the wellbeing of your children. Big disruptions to their childhood could have a lasting impact, so it is vital that you take an effective approach. If you are concerned about the future, you will need to read on. Below are four ways to be prepared for big changes to your family life. Welcoming a new family member One of the most common changes to family life is the introduction of a new family member. If you decide to expand your household, it is important that everyone is prepared. This is especially true when you are dealing with your first child. If you have a number of children, they will have a clearer idea of what is to come. They will also have more experi…

Royal Tea- Pecan Pie

It is the fall season and with our church opening a tea shop in our small town I think it will be appropriate to do some taste testings and let you in on all the goodness... O' these teas, YUM!!   So we opened the online store yesterday We do not have our doors open for business yet since we are still in the paperwork stages; and that takes longer than anticipated, so we will open with the online store right now. 
So what is the mission of Royal Tea?   It is so exciting I just want to shout it out... we love people and want to do a better job at showing it.  Here is the actual mission:  "We partner with you to change the world! Or at least someones world! Funds raised through Royal-Tea go to feeding starving children, giving them educations and clothes; Rescuing Women from sex trafficking and giving them jobs and educations; Supporting missionary work locally and globally; and serving as a resource to local events and initiatives. The Staff Volunteers! The staff…

How to Enjoy Your Backyard during Fall

How to Enjoy Your Backyard during Fall Even though the summer’s officially over, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in the house. Actually, the fall is the best season to spend some time outdoors: it’s less humid, no allergens, no bugs and the colors are amazing. So, don’t give up on your backyard just yet! However, there are some tips and tricks you can do to make your garden even more beautiful and comfortable during fall. Let’s take a look.   Make it cozy and warmDon’t put your outdoor furniture in the storage just yet, especially if it’s under a roof. The only thing you need to do is copy many European restaurants: take out some blankets, pillows and a heat lamp or a fire pit, and voila! Now you can stay warm and cozy while you chill outside with your friends and family. Besides keeping you warm, fire pits and heat lamps also provide some extra light, and colorful blankets make for a nice decorative touch. Also, don’t forget to make some mulled wine to keep you warm long in…