7 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Cosmetics

When it comes to saving money on the day to day necessities, makeup and toiletries are often one of the areas where the biggest savings can be made. If you find yourself needing to adjust your monthly budget then the following words of advice will help you to cut down on your cosmetics spending.

Finish What You Have

When times are good, and we aren’t doing any penny pinching we often end up buying more makeup than we need, usually because we decide that we don’t like or have grown bored with what we have.
Before you go out and buy any more makeup search your home for any usable products and make sure that they are finished before you buy anything new.

Switch Brands

Next time you go out makeup shopping have a look at the different brands that are available, cheaper items aren’t always inferior and sometimes you can get the same results from a cheaper product. The thing is you won’t know unless you try!

Buy in Bulk

Once you’ve identified your preferred brands and items you can then look online and often find sources to make bulk purchases. By buying many at once you can often save a considerable amount of money you spend on each individual item, you won’t even have to worry about restocking for a while.

Look for Free Samples

Free samples are always great, and the good news is that free samples of cosmetics are particularly easy to come by. Most department stores will have free samples to try around their makeup counter and you can ask the staff there for their recommendations on saving money.
Again, the internet is an excellent source for free cosmetic samples, for example, Sample Stuff offers free Covergirl samples.

Use Sparingly

Another simple and effective tip for saving money on your cosmetics is to simply use less than you normally would. Experiment and find out how you can make your cosmetic products last for as long as possible.

Try Before You Buy

Many stores won’t allow you to return the cosmetic product once they’ve left the premises, there’s nothing worse than running out of makeup and, in our haste to replace it, buying a shade that we haven’t tried before and discovering that it doesn’t suit us at all.
A lot of stores will let you try out the products by applying a small amount to the skin to check the color, try to avoid products that you aren’t sure about, ask your friends if they have any that you can try if you are considering buying something new.

Stock Up When It’s Cheap

Whenever you find your preferred cosmetics on sale for a significantly reduced price be sure to take advantage of it and stock up while you can.

Buying makeup and other cosmetics is an unavoidable expense for most women, the costs of looking our best can quickly mount and before we know it we are inundated with half-finished makeup kits and, yet we are still buying more. If your habit is getting expensive, then consider the tips on this list to help you save money.


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