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#laughter  is the best medicine! #teachersofinstagram   #teacherlife  Make someone #laugh   #smile  today.

Dreams are Beautiful

#dreams   #beautiful  this shirt made me smile but also sad. When I see hopelessness it makes me sad as I see a child that is capable and has tons of potential but current circumstances leave them without drive or care. How can I help my students set goals and dreams and work towards them better?! How can we reach kids and encourage them when they feel like they are stuck in a pit? I want them to reach high without fear of failing, and get up when they do fail. I want them to dream big dreams and work hard for them. I want them to know they were made on purpose for a purpose with a purpose.  #beingreal #teacherlife   #teachersofinstagram #latenightthoughts

What are reborn dolls and why are they so popular?

As a parent, you probably know a lot about dolls and toys. It is a completely new world that opens once you get a child. Suddenly, you will know all the manufacturers and product types out there. However, there is one product that is especially intriguing. I am talking about reborn dolls. So what are reborn baby dolls and why are they so popular among some people? Reborn dolls as a toy When people tell you about some great doll, the first thing that comes to your mind “Hey, this is something I might consider buying for my baby girl”. In case of reborn dolls, this isn’t true. Although reborn dolls are dolls per se, they are much more different from your traditional products. These items can be really expensive and they are highly collectible. On top of that, they are a product that is much more popular among adult women than any other group. Due to their price and uniqueness, this is a doll that you should never give to a toddler. That doesn’t mean kids can’t play with it. Still, you h

Every Day

This shirt got me thinking as my day was very busy and I was starting to get the case of the Mondays. Then I was reminded that "today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it!" It really helped me reshape my own stinking thinking to find good parts to my day. More "I get to's" and less "I have to's". So make everyday a good day!  #havefun   #bepositive #teachersofinstagram   #teacherlife   #jesus   #joyful #praisingmom

The Little Things!

I need this reminder often because sometimes I get so task oriented and focused but I know the little interruptions are worth it. The little things in life do matter and add up over time. So my prayer tonight is that I would've more aware and enjoy each small moment and in doing so stay positive! #teachersofinstagram   #teacherlife #motivationalquotes

Be Humble

Today's  #positive  shirt message is one we need to practice more.  #behumble

Book Review: "God's Little Lambs My First Bible"

Book Description God’s Little Lambs, My First Bible is a storybook Bible written just for little ones. With a padded cover that sparkles with glitter, and simple text by Julie Stiegemeyer, children will learn about God’s love through stories such as Noah’s Ark, Jonah, and the Big Fish, and Jesus Loves the Children. With soft brushstrokes and warm colors, Qin Leng provides illustrations readers will love to cuddle up with at bedtime or any time of the day. My Review This padded board book is sure to be a great Easter Basket gift for your little one.  All your typical favorite Bible stories are included in this board book.   The stories are paired with calming pictures to make it a perfect bedtime Bible.   Overall, I think your little one would enjoy this first bible!  They will feel the love of the father each night they hear you read it!   Enjoy that story time!   Thank you Booklook program for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not

Step by Step DIY Air Duct Cleaning

Is your home really clean? When last did you poke your head into an air duct? Which option will you take? Some effort and a day of cleaning, or the risks & disadvantages of living with filthy vents? It’s easy to forget that these crevices need your attention during your annual spring cleaning. You never see them, so most homeowners ignore them.  But a good clean up will cause the interior of your home to have fresher air and can even improve your health. Clean vents also allow the air-conditioning units to work more effectively. So are you ready for a DIY job? Step by Step Tutorial Don’t worry. General cleaning is fairly easy and any homeowner can try this. Ready? What You Need You will need general cleaning items, but remember you also have to remove some panels and components. Gather all the items before you start so you don’t have to call if off in the middle of your project to go to the hardware store. Here’s your shopping list: Vacuum cleaner: Check that it has

Heart of Gold!

#heartofgold yesterday my boss gave everyone an article to read. It stated something that reminded me that my most important job in being a teacher, a mom, and a pastor is finding the gold in each person! It's there!! If we all look through new lenses and see all the capabilities and not just the challenges. Then pullout the good and we will see growth! We will see hearts grasping a new hope! #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #love #motivationalquotes #hope

Why A Career in Therapeutic Care Can Be A Great Choice

There are lots of career paths you can go down if you are interested in working in healthcare, and they all offer very different professional experiences – from analyzing samples in a lab or managing hospital resources to taking care of patients or setting policies. While most people think of doctors and nurses when they think about health care workers, there are hundreds of specialisms, even just within these roles, and then there are all the other careers that support the operations of healthcare facilities too! As you might expect from a field so broad, there is a job to suit just about everyone’s interests and requirements when it comes to working lifestyle. One of the less obvious areas of healthcare that can actually offer fantastic opportunities and a great work life balance is working in fields within therapeutic care. This can mean jobs like being a physical therapist , respiratory therapist, speech therapist, or any other expert therapy discipline. Why Therapeutic Care Jobs

Tips For Staying Sane If You're A Busy Mom

Being a busy mom with a long to-do list is common these days. There’s a lot to get done and always someone who needs your attention. There’s nothing wrong with having a full schedule, but that means you should work harder to make sure you’re staying sane and healthy. There are measures you can put in place that will help you find the balance you desire. All it takes is a little modification of what you’re currently doing and a wiliness to adjust your habits. You’ll be glad you did once you see how much better you’re functioning and that your mood is lifted. Find A Workout Routine that Works for you You should always make time for exercise. It’s a great way to reduce stress and work on your fitness goals. What’s helpful is if you find a solution that fits your lifestyle like work out box and learn what moves you should be doing to stay fit. What works for one person may not be the right answer for you. Find your groove and then stick with it and witness the results for yourself. Activ

100th Day of School

It's official, you are now 100 days smarter!   It is so fun getting the kids excited about their learning.   I got to be all the teacher's favorites as I gave many teachers different 100th Day of School supplies to them from Oriental Trading!  They even thanked me during a staff meeting...I sure was thankful for this blog at that moment!   I gave the kindergarteners some buttons, pencils, and 100 Bingo Dotters, as well as the 100 pattern maker.   First grade got "It's all about 100" keychains and frisbees! 2nd graders got 100-day puzzles, and 100 find and seek posters.  The fun was had by all!  My favorite thing was that the puzzles were not all the same.  They had different colors so the kids loved it!   I also had fun looking at the seek and find page and it was a fun little activity for the kids!