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How high is your gas??

So awhile back I did a post on gas prices but I am curious again.  WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR GAS. Last week it was $3.99, couple days ago it was $4.04, today I saw it was $4.12.  I am in Wisconsin... let me know where you are and what you are paying and if you recently filled up how much did it cost. Also, how are you cutting back to pay for gas?  Looking for good ideas.  We are not going to make the drive out to Long Island this summer.  :(

Baby Shower= I'm BLESSED

My church family gave Titus and I a shower last night.  I had a lot of fun and felt so blessed and loved.  God sure has placed us in a loving community of believers.  We got enough money to purchase our crib... :), lots of diapers, wipes, bath supplies, some clothes, bath toys, crib toy, and 2 handmade blankets.  Titus sure has lots of stuff.  My daughter even got a present too... she felt so blessed. The food was yummy, the games were a hoot!  Here are a couple pictures from the evening! Food is a must! Wrestle Rissa is another must.   Yay for being BLESSED The Diaper Game Pin n Rice game... She was so good. Aww So cute! My lil man so happy YAY FOR TITUS!   Handsome lil guy!

Princess fun

I think I mentioned it before but instead of your normal candy Easter basket my hubby and I decided to buy one big gift for my daughter.  A week before Easter Target had the princess doll set on sale so we purchased it!  My daughter loves it so so much!

And the winner's are...

First winner is:    JC  said... Shared on FB@tcarolinep Jessiekatie S and Second winner is June  said... I follow on GFC junerlisle @ gmail . com Please look for an email and respond with your mailing address so I can send you your prize!  CONGRATS and thanks to those who participated in my first giveaway. I started my 2nd giveaway and there is only one entry so far!!   SO CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!! If I do not get a response from them a new winner will be selected from!  THANKS

5 Questions Friday

1.  If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?    hmmm...This is tough because part of me wants a sweet sporty car and part of me wants a nice SUV.  I think I would go with an SUV. Not sure which one... one that is good on gas mileage unless that does not matter either.   2.  What was your worst first date ever?    Worst date ever???  I think it would be a movie date at a friends house and we ended up breaking up that evening.  It was for the best! 3.   How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?    Too young... I was a teen i think 16.       4. W hen was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?    Years... I just do online banking.  5.  If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?    I dont think I would do a "wanted" ad.  I might ask my hubby for help if I did.  

Worship Wednesday- A lil LATE

Might not be much of a worship song but I like the message of forgiveness!  Very sad but touching lyrics! 7x70 Chris August CLICK HERE TO WATCH Read Chris August's testimony: Matthew 18:21-22 Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.” 7x70 was the last song I wrote for my album. We were 2 days away from tracking when my producer, Ed Cash told me he felt I still needed a personal song for my record. Unaware of my family background, he asked me to go home that night and write about what hurt me as I was growing up. I wrote the first verse of 7x70 later that evening. After playing my idea for him the following morning, he looked over to me with tears in his eyes and said, "this song has to be on your record and it has to be about forgiveness." This was the last thing I wanted to hear and have to go thro

You wish you had these dance moves...cute daughter!

My darling daughter showing her dance moves!  LOL, I happened to tape her on the dance where the lady fell!   MY CUTIE!!!  She is a star... with Dancing with the Stars!

Thankful Thursday's

Praising HIM this week for: 1. HE IS RISEN!  Easter was fantastic! 2. Loosing the weight from pregnancy... now need to start firming up! 3. Found a great deal on pants at Goodwill!  :) 4. Friends and family still loving on us and inviting us over for dinner.   5. I have a baby shower on Friday!   YIPPEEE!!! 

Help the Tornado victims...

Are you looking for a good place to make a donation for the tornado victims from last night? Here is a great ministry that is organize help.   CLICK HERE Best thing is always prayer!  KEEP PRAYING!!!

Mothers day giveaway!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!  What a great gift for a mom or soon to be mom.   ***THIS IS THE PATTERN*** Here is how to enter the giveaway! 1. Subscribe to the blog:  Praises of a Wife and Mommy  through Google Friend Connect 2. Follow and like  Praises of a Wife and Mommy on Facebook 3. Share Praises of a Wife and Mommy with your facebook or twitter friends. (share link) (Daily entries)  4. Follow Praises of a Wife and Mommy on Twitter (@apesjoy)  5. Follow by email subscription 6. Blog about this giveaway and post the link. (daily entries)  7. Follow through Network Blog 8. Grab my button and place on your blog. (bonus: 2 entries) 9.  Blog about the giveaway directing them back to my blog. (share the link) (bonus: 2 entries) 10.  Tell me who will use it.  (you, a friend, a relative)   *****Please make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry. Please also make sure you include your name and contact email address.****** The giveaway is open to US residents on

Welcome home sign/video

This was my daughter making a welcome home sign for her brother the day before he was born. :)

Thank you 1+1+1=1

I am so excited that  1+1+1=1 blog  has created this beautiful princess pack!  Now my daughter is still a bit young to do a few of the activities but I still love it a lot!  I love the fact that she has incorporated GOD!  God views us and our daughters as princess's.  We are daughters to the most high KING!  YAY! I hope you all download your free copy of the princess pack to teach your little girls that being a princess is fun but past all the glitz and glam to teach them how GOD VIEWS US!  We are the apple to his eye!  HOW GREAT! Click here to visit 1+1+1=1 blog   and get your FREE princess pack


I am curious???? What is your favorite Diaper brand? Pampers Huggies Target Luvs Walgreens Parents Choice Cloth-what brand of cloth ETC ETC With my daughter I bought a lot of Parents choice but with Lil Titus I am loving Pampers and I have gotten really good deals on Amazon and Walgreens!  This week I will be going to Target to get a good deal on diapers too!  :)  YAY!  

Easter Pictures!

YAY!  Jesus is RISEN!  Here are a few pictures from our Easter Sunday.  

1 month old

1MONTH OLD!!!  Time sure went FAST! Titus was not to happy at the moment.    Still showing a grumpy face.  


Good Friday

What do you and yours do for Good Friday?  Go to a church service?  Stay home?  Have family over?  Read scripture?  Watch Passion of Christ? Tonight my family will be heading out to a meal at one of our church families house.  There we will do some scripture reading and fellowship.  I am really looking forward to it. I HEART JESUS

5 Questions Friday and other hops

The Questions 1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?     I am looking to start some new traditions.  We do Easter Eggs, we go to church on Sunday and we do an egg hunt there.   2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?     Depends if I have long enough time I love hot bath's.   3. Can you  parallel  park and if so when is the last time you did it?     Yes, but I get nervous!  I dont remember the last time I needed to do it.   4.  What is your  favorite  Easter candy?    The malted eggs.  5.  Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the  holiday?     Focus on what Jesus did!  

Easter Traditions?

I am curious... Does your family have any neat Easter Traditions?   I am looking for some new traditions to do with my family.  This year we are doing a simple Easter with just the four of us.  Our family lives far away so with GAS prices and a new born we have decided to stay home.  On Sunday we will head to church for service and a Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  :) I have decided that we are going to eat ribs, bake beans, corn bread, steak fries, and ice cream.  (Non traditional Easter meal)   We already decorated Easter Eggs!  Tomorrow evening we will be heading out to a Good Friday Meal with some people from church.  I am looking forward to the evening.  :) Good God, Good Friends, and I am sure Good food!  :)  So what do you do for Easter.  How do you keep Christ in the center.  How do you teach your young children about the Cross and resurrection?   I saw a cute idea for Resurrection Rolls... they seem super neat!  Click HERE to see it 

Thankful Thursday's

Here is what I am THANKING God for this week: 1. My friends who have been taking my 3 year old and letting me get some good rest.  2.  My husband for taking me out on Sunday evening.  I LOVE HIM 3. My 2 kids... it is still strange saying my 2 kids.  I LOVE THEM BOTH SO SO MUCH! 4.  The snow melted quickly after a strange April snow storm! 5. EASTER-JESUS thank you for dying for me.  

Another Birth Story... with a FIRE ALARM!

It is time to read a birth story from I am not Superwoman!  This is a great story but make sure to visit her site too click here .   As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun...Well lets just say the time is about 9 or so months ago...and there I lay, in all my glory, on a steel table with tons of lights shining on me...Ready to meet the newest addition to our family...And lo and behold....the fire alarm goes off.... Time Flies Not once... Not twice... But three times within about a 10 minute time period as I was getting prepped for my Cesarean section in the Operating Room. As I laid there, I contemplated what I could do, which after much thought and consideration was pretty much nothing since I was NUMB from the belly down...Hello!  In all of my grogginess, I looked over at the staff nurse and said, "Should we be concerned?"   She assured me that it was a drill and that everything was ok but of course with it happening 3 times within a 10 minute per

Worship Wednesday

This is the song that my daughter's ballet class will be dancing too.  :)

Wordless Wednesday and other hops.

So last night I told her we could eat some of the eggs we made and she got so emotional and was sad cause she did not want to eat them.  It was kinda cute and quite funny.   Here are some hops for the day!

Glad we did not get as much as first predicted!

I am really trying to stay positive since we just got more snow last night.  Atleast I know it will melt quickly.  At first we were hearing predictions of up to 10 inches.  I think we really only got about 2 inches.  :)  I know south of us was hit a lot harder! I AM READY for spring!  On my fridge I have our paperwork all filled out for our summer pass to the water park... dreaming of the day when we get to go use it!  :)

My 3 favorite people!!

Titus has a bit of a angry face here!  I love each of them so much! 

Meet Me Monday

Questions: 1.  Caesar Salad or Garden Salad? The salad I prefer is spinach, walnut, strawberries, and feta cheese.  2.  Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th? No, not interested and my church is throwing me a baby shower!  :) 3.  Last thing you spent lots of money on? My hubby bought a motorcycle.  4.  Window seat or aisle seat? If I am sitting with people I know Window seat, but if it is just me then Aisle seat so I can get up to use the bathroom. 5.  Do you know your blood type? Yes, I am O Negative!  

Buttons pushed... to tears

So I know my daughter has been adjusting to sharing attention with her 3 week old brother.   Tonight was a very rough night for my hubby and myself. IT was time to get ready for bed and my daughter just got an attitude!  She was not listening and she first starting crying because she was not able to finish watching her movie.  Then she was also mad because she said she needed a night snack because she thinks a smoothie is a drink and not a snack.  AFter finally getting her ready for bed she told me she had bad dreams and wanted her little tent that is over bed off.  After we took it off she lost it because she said she did not want it off.  BACK N FORTH ROUND N ROUND we went. We did not let her win the battle but I sure felt terrible and started crying tonight!  I love my daughter so much but I will not tolerate her being rude and disobedient or even playing mind games. Anyone have any motivation for me?

Monday Hops!

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Do you think??

Do you think that one day we will find a cure for cancer?  Diabetes?  Alzheimer's?  ETC ETC? If you think so, which cure will come first? I pick Cancer to be cured... more detailed I pray that Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia will be cured.  My mom passed away from it in October of 2002.  I really miss her and have been thinking about her a lot.  I keep thinking about what she would say to me after having baby boy.  Would she give him a nickname? What would she have said to me? So who do you know that has/had any of these crummy diseases?

Quick and Easy Easter Treat

I made these with my daughter this evening after a friend facebook messaged me the idea.  My daughter had fun putting the M&M's on...she might have over did it but it was fun!  So it is made just like Rice Krispie treats but rather then using Rice Krispies you use chow mein noodles.