How high is your gas??

So awhile back I did a post on gas prices but I am curious again.  WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR GAS.

Last week it was $3.99, couple days ago it was $4.04, today I saw it was $4.12.  I am in Wisconsin... let me know where you are and what you are paying and if you recently filled up how much did it cost.

Also, how are you cutting back to pay for gas?  Looking for good ideas.  We are not going to make the drive out to Long Island this summer.  :(


Unknown said…
California- When I filled up 3 days ago it $4.32 a gallon
Savannah said…
Ontario our area it's about 1.25 a about 5$ a gallon...but we live in a rural area, it's more expensive in the city
Savannah said…
pretty much the only time we drive is for hubby's commute..he works about 45 mins away...we try to only go shopping once a that it's warmer out we can walk to the local grocery store and church, etc