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Fashion Mission: Shopping for a Tall or Short Fram

If you love wearing fashionable clothing but happen to be really tall or short, looking for ensembles may be challenging. It’s frustrating if you have an upcoming event to attend and you’re struggling to come up with something to wear. Instead of feeling like you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to finding silhouettes that fit you and that you adore, here are some tips on what to look for. It may take some altering of clothing and thinking outside the box, but when you’re done shopping you’ll feel like you have many more options to select from your wardrobe. 
If You’re Really Tall, Find Appropriate Sites OnlineDid you know that there are sites online that make clothing available to really tall people? G&L Clothing is one company online that you can shop for big and tall clothing. When you find a company that specializes in  big and tall clothing and footwear that fits you well, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to find clothing that not only fits you, but clothing …

Book Review: Love Letters from God Bible Stories

About the Book:
What child does not love to receive mail?   What if that child could receive, open and read his or her own personal mail from God? Love Letters from God, written by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp, will invite them to do just that!  Accompanying each story in this unique children's Bible is a very special and encouraging letter, each tucked away in its own lift-th flap envelope, just for them.  

Written for children ages four to eight, Love Letters from God includes eighteen of the most popular Bible stories- nine from the Old Testament and nine from the New testament.   Following each story the child will find his or her own letter from God.   Children will love the excitement of opening the letters and parents will love how each letter elaborates on the Bible story being told.  
About the Author:
Although Glenys Nellist lives in Michigan, USA, she was born and raised in a little village in northern England. 
Her introduction to evangelism began as a c…

Fulcrum Gallery- Canvas art REVIEW

Have Faith, Give Hope, and Be Love has been our saying at church and thanks to Fulcrum Gallery I have this great canvas art put up at church to continue to remind our church family HAVE FAITH, GIVE HOPE, and BE LOVE.  
A huge thank-you to Fulcrum Gallery for sending me this piece in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.
My review: I was given a budget to pick out an item for review.  The site is not very friendly for the cell phone so use your computer!   Once I was on my computer it was much easier to click around and look at all the different choices of art.  
After figuring out what picture I wanted I had some options for wrapping the canvas on the frame.   It was easy to pick and choose because it offered pictures to guide you.   
I have never purchased art online and it was a bit hard to determine what I wanted without first being able to touch and feel it and really see the details but it all worked out very well.   
I love the

Beth Moore Simulcast

Raise your hand if you had the opportunity to attend the Beth Moore Simulcast?   She said there were 190,000 women attending so I'm going to venture that one of my fans was listening too???  Anyone?
The first Beth Moore Simulcast I went to was about 5 years ago.  I went and absolutely loved it and can say without a doubt she inspired me to start this blog... in fact the verse I chose for my blog banner is Proverbs 31:25-26 because she used that verse for the weekend.   It truly helped my perspective for myself!  
So what spoke to me the most this session?   The Identity Declaration!!  

When the worship team got up and sang this song in a bluesy way I had goosebumps!   I am going to get this printed out and truly try to memorize it.   Who wants to hold me accountable to memorize it?
So how have you been getting fed?  How is your devo life?  Where are you making time for Jesus in your life?  

Kidecals Review

Thank you Kidecals for sending me product in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine. 
Kidecal is a user friendly site that is fun and eye catching and truly catches your eye and for me personally want to go and get organized and get labels for everything!  
With school starting I thought it would be the best time to get some labels for school.   As a special education teacher I have the capability of working with anyone in grades K-5 so I first got labels for binders for each grade level.  

Look at that fun color and chevron pattern!   They look fantastic on my binders for each grade level!  :) The site is so easy to use and personalize your labels to what you want them to say! 
The other labels I picked out were chalkboard labels!   HOW FUN!   I can use them for all sorts of things from my kids rooms to cabinets to kitchen items to bathroom items!  :) 

Application is easy and the labels are waterproof!   The quality seem…

Book Review- Blessed are the Peacmakers

Yep, another Berenstain Bear book... because you know I love and so do my kids! 
This summer in children's church we walked through the fruits of the spirit so this book was very nice to have to go along with it.  
About the book: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.” Matthew 5:9 In this new Berenstain Bears 8x8 book, Blessed are the Peacemakers , Brother and Sister have a wide circle of friends at Bear Country School and they get along with pretty much everyone. But not all their friends get along with each other. Too Tall and his bullying gang, for instance, are often in conflict with Cousin Fred, Ferdy Factual, and their friends. So what happens when the cubs all need to work together on the annual school play? Brother and Sister have to decide whether they should “mind their own business” or get involved as peacemakers and try to calm the troubled waters.'
My Review: I think I have reviewed a half dozen or so of the Berenstain Bear series and eve…

When the view is threatened....

Yes, that is a sunrise progression of pictures and yes I did take the pictures while sitting on my deck.   I have been very blessed to have a wonderful view since moving to Iowa.   
Sadly, my view is going to get built on...:(   I have already cried some tears and questioned it but deep down there is nothing I can do to fight it.   I do not own the land across the street so it makes sense that the city would want to build on it and make some money off it. 
You see the reason I really struggled with this news is first my view will be limited but also because the distillery wants to expand and because a new brewery wants to build.  
In many states there are laws that prohibit an alcohol establishment to be within so many feet of a church, daycare, or school.   Sadly, my community  does not hold that rule or regulation because there is a daycare a couple doors down and my church right across the street from this distillery and soon to be brewery.  
I have been praying for my miracle and I kn…

Ice Cream Tour #13- Baskin Robins

I can't believe how late I am at posting this post... we ate here back in August and I am finally posting!   Life get's busy when your a teacher and August hits.  

The two kids both enjoyed their picks!   My son again asked for chocolate! The sizes were way to big for two small children so next time we really need to ask about kid sizes and try to save some money! 

My choice again had peanut butter!!  Keeping with the theme to make sure I can evaluate the similar tastes.  I was not a fan of the whip cream on top but I didn't realize it came so next time I would ask them to hold it.  Prices seemed a little bit higher but overall the ice cream was yummy! 

Breakfast on the Go-

I just finished a giveaway for Canyon Bakehouse that you can read all about by clicking here.  I was also lucky enough to hold a giveaway but sorry fans it has already come to a close.  
Anyway, one of the products they sent me to review was the gluten free cinnamon raisin bread.   
So imagine toasted cinnamon raisin bread topped off with sweet potato pecan spread!  Yes, it is heavenly tasting!   
I found that spread at a local canning company and I promise you I will keep them in business!  :) 

Zucchini Pizza

Is your mouth watering from that picture?   I hope so because mine is and I know I have leftovers in the fridge and as I type this I am tempted to sneak in the kitchen and warm more up.   I mean it might be close to 10 p.m but its mainly veggies so no big deal, right? 
I was blessed my a co-worker who brought some huge zucchini's into work to share.  She grew some huge ones and I was excited to try a new recipe after another co-worker said "mini zucchini piazzas!"   
So let me share how easy this was:
1. slice the zucchini 2. melt some butter and garlic salt and put on sliced zucchini 3. back at 375* for 5 minutes 4. take out of oven and put on pizza toppings (I used sauce, onion,peppers, mushroom, and cheese.) 5. Bake at 375* for 20-30 minutes.   
EASY!   I would do a few things different after doing it that way.   First I would grab some paper towels and try to soak some of the natural zucchini juices since they were very runny, and I would consider grilling them rather then b…

Soothie Suckers Review and Giveaway

About Soothie SuckersIn the course of a year, individuals in the United States suffer 1 billion colds.  Children suffer, on average, five to nine colds annually although it would not be unusual for a younger child to suffer up to 12 colds per year. Over-the-­counter and prescription drugs are being called into question due to overuse and regular recalls.  Consumer concerns continue to escalate regarding the long-term use of these chemical-laden products with children.  Soothie Suckers provides safe, convenient options for the millions of consumers demanding natural solutions. Soothie Suckers provides great tasting, pre-­measured herbal remedies formatted for children.  These proprietary herbal formulas are packaged in ice pop pouches and come in two natural flavors (grape and orange) for daily or seasonal consumption.  These first formulas help support the immune system and the upper respiratory system.

Are you like me?  Have you been hoping to find more natural ways to support you chi…

Back to School Breakfast Ideas and GIVEAWAY

After years of practice most moms have the healthy lunch routine down.  But what about back to school breakfast?  The kids need a nutritious meal that’s tasty and filling enough to provide focus and energy for the long school day.  You need something that’s fast, easy, and mom-approved. Plus many moms also need gluten-free options. 
Canyon Bakehouse provides gluten free breads that taste and feel like “real” bread. Made with 100% whole grains for energy and nutrients, the breads are baked with ingredients you can pronounce and find in your own kitchen, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic agave syrup and eggs.
Pair Canyon Bakehouse with protein in the morning for a satiating breakfast that provides sustained energy and brain power for a productive and fun day at school.  Try these gluten-free breakfast ideas: ·Cinnamon Raisin bread with almond butter or peanut butter.  Canyon’sTip: choose all-natural nut butters to avoid harmful trans fats.  ·Mountain White cheese and avocado sandwich…