When the view is threatened....

Yes, that is a sunrise progression of pictures and yes I did take the pictures while sitting on my deck.   I have been very blessed to have a wonderful view since moving to Iowa.   

Sadly, my view is going to get built on...:(   I have already cried some tears and questioned it but deep down there is nothing I can do to fight it.   I do not own the land across the street so it makes sense that the city would want to build on it and make some money off it. 

You see the reason I really struggled with this news is first my view will be limited but also because the distillery wants to expand and because a new brewery wants to build.  

In many states there are laws that prohibit an alcohol establishment to be within so many feet of a church, daycare, or school.   Sadly, my community  does not hold that rule or regulation because there is a daycare a couple doors down and my church right across the street from this distillery and soon to be brewery.  

I have been praying for my miracle and I know God can do what he needs and wants to do but deep down I feel like God has been telling me to stop being selfish and enjoy the view you have currently and don't take it for granted.   So I wake up every day looking out at the view!   I may have cried several tears and wondered why my view would soon be gone but again God keeps reminding me that I need to just have a thankful heart for the view until it is built upon.  

God is working on my sad heart and putting things into different perspective for me.   


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