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Mother's Day Gift Idea- You Are Loved Journal #youareloved #scripturewritingjournal #scripturewriting #godsword #journaling #biblejournaling #biblejournal #biblejournalinglife #scripturecards #biblicalaffirmations #spiritualaffirmations #womensbiblestudy #warnerchristianresources

About You Are Loved Journal:  In a noisy world where we’re constantly bombarded by negative messages, the  You Are Loved Collection  delivers a much-needed dose of encouragement and soul-affirming messages from God’s heart to yours. Beautiful floral images set the background for the  4x4 Scripture Card Set , featuring affirmations and scriptures from God’s Word for each week of the year. A matching  Scripture Writing Journal  complements the card set, with room to write scriptures and affirmations along with space to reflect and record daily thoughts. Purchase this gift set now for Mother's Day HERE!   I am a mom and I love gifts like this!   Journaling and my quiet time is so vital to a successful day!  It is a discipline but a great one and worth the sacrifice of waking up at 5am to get a good quality time with Jesus!  My Review: I enjoy scripture affirmations and with the notecards and journal you are set!   So far I have been going through each affirmation but each notecard is

A Quick Guide For Hosting A Dinner With Friends

  Hosting friends or family for dinner in your home is a wonderful thing. It is a way to further your bonds and create new friendships all while enjoying a delicious meal together. Sometimes life is busy, and you need some help figuring out what to do so you can have the benefit of spending time with your loved ones instead of running around planning, preparing, and serving. Here is a quick guide to getting things done quickly and with minimal fuss or frustration. Image Credit Serve a Delicious and Easy Meal When having people over to your home for a meal together, you want to serve them good food, but you also want to make it easy on yourself. In order to do just that, it is best to select recipes that are not time-consuming and can be prepared in advance. This creamy dill sauce for salmon is the perfect way to elevate your usual fish dish. Gather all of the pans, cooking implements, and ingredients and get started. This amazing dill sauce can be made earlier in the day or the day be

NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids Review #biblesforkids #nirv #zonderkidz

  Features of this Bible Include: This Bible is designed for kids aged 4-8 and it has only one column per page and no chapter verse numbers.  The translation is written at a thrid grade reading level.  This was designed to help remove distractions for young readers.  This Bible contains over 750 colored illustrations and included time line and many colored maps.    My Review: I enjoyed the one column per page but I do feel they could have used a bigger font on the page.   The pictures are nice and bright and spread out all over.  It was a bit hard for me to get past not having the numbers by each verse.  It makes sense for those little readers so they are not distracted but yet I must be so custom to it that it confused me not having the numbers.  They do however, have a heading that says what chunk of scriptures is in the paragraph.  However if this Bible is brought to Sunday school or church it could become a bit more frustrating to find the exact scripture.   This Bible is great for