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Time to register for Soccer Camp!

Week-long soccer- specific training programs geared for the athlete looking to amplify their game. These camps take your players to the next level, teaching them to play without fear, unlocking advanced street skills. Core+ camps accelerates a player's learning and assists them to produce better performance on the field. This camp also focuses on the psychological & philosophical combined aspects to create an atmosphere which fosters creative player development. With the combination of 3v3 inflatable fields, music and coaches that can inspire and motivate young players, you will not find another camp like this! For a complete list of camps visit -

The Complete Guide to 1970s Home Design

  Perhaps you still consider the 1970s to be the most amazing period in your life thus far and want to recreate the seventies aesthetic in your own home? Instead, maybe you were simply not around in the 1970s but have fallen in love with the bell-bottom-wielding images and love disco more than any other kind of music, and want to experience the 1970s through your home décor. Either way, you have definitely clicked on the right article because here is the complete guide to 1970s home design.  Crochet, Macrame & Fringing  Firstly, from now on, if you are considering buying an item of home decor or a throw, cushion, or other soft furnishing, if it shows no sign of crochet or macrame and no whisper of a fringe, then it simply is not fit for your new 1970s themed décor.  All three finishing styles were present on every fabric, textile, and cushion in the 1970s. The beauty is that there has recently been a surge in designer and high-street stores producing such products, even local busi

"His Only Son" Movie Review and Giveaway #HisOnlySon #AngelStudios #OldTestament #film #Easter #Easterfilm #faithgram #christianmovie

What a wonderful couple of months we have had in the media with Christian films!   I have enjoyed the Chosen series and have watched The Jesus Revolution and now I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at His Only Son!     Did you know that His Only Son is the first ever movie to use crowdfunding to get a theatrical release!!   Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for using your money to support Christian films!   This film partnered with Angel Studios  and crowdfunded over $1, 235,000 for this release!   The more seats sold the more theaters it will go to and more screenings at the theater.    Hollywood spends millions on each film they make but His Only Son had a budget of $250,000!   This movie currently is set to release on March 31st and at 1200 theaters nation wide.    This timely release is just in time for EASTER!   This film is probably one of the most impactful Easter films in this generation.  You have the opportunity to spend Easter weekend watching this phenomenal