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Review and Giveaway: "Tiny Truths"

About the Book With whimsical illustrations and engaging storytelling,  The   Tiny Truths  Illustrated Bible  presents all your favorite stories and diversely represented characters from the Old and New Testaments. It starts at the very beginning with the magnificence of creation and includes Moses parting the Red Sea, Jonah being swallowed by a giant fish, and ultimately the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the rescuing King. Uniquely presented in a way that connects each individual story to the next, this book introduces children to the most important ideas and characters of the Bible while also making clear how everything fits together to tell one big story––the story of God’s love for his children. Kids will want to return to these joyful, memorable stories again and again, building their understanding of God’s Word. And the practical lessons, reminders, and truths found throughout the stories make this an invaluable resource for parents and teachers. The

Three Ways to Save Money While Traveling Abroad

If you are thinking of taking yet another vacation with your family or friends, now is the time that you should start thinking about budgeting when it comes to your travel plans. These are days that all walks of life are affected by the economic crisis and so it is essential that you do a little wise spending even as you enjoy your trip. This holds true most especially when you are travelling abroad. Here are a few tips that will help you to save some of your money so that you don't end up coming home broke. Book Early Many people think that last minute deals are the best but in reality, even though some a beneficial, the best deals can be found when you get online. The holiday parks abroad have some great deals on summer breaks at the moment and families can bag themselves a bargain. By booking early you can also by  more choosy  in what you pick as you have time to make a decision instead of having to choose under pressure, this is likely to save you money in the lon

Easter Nails

Who loves pastel colors and spring and Easter?   This girl does!    Check out the entire Easter line here:

March Madness Manicure!

Basketball READY!   Who is your team?   Will you even watch any games?   You can find the Fire Island Flame orange color and the Hoop there it is basketball clear overlay HERE !   Order today because Color Street nails are 100% polish and if Selah and I can do it so can you!  

Easy Peasy Color Street Application #BeColorful #BeBrilliant #BeColorStreet

I really enjoyed this visual for Color Street Application!   So far Nail it With Selah and April is going great!  We are eager to help you get your nails pretty or sparkly or both!  If we can do it then that means anyone can do it!   Look at the fun Easter Colors!!!!  Which one is your favorite?  Chicks or bunnies? Check all the other designs here!   

Book Review "Jesus Calling"

Book Description Before you charge into the busy day, take a few minutes to equip yourself. Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions for Busy Days brings the warmth and insight that more than 25 million people enjoyed through Jesus Calling® and curates these devotions specifically to prepare you to handle busy days by setting aside your worries and enjoying God's peace. Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions for Busy Days features 50 topical readings from Jesus Calling® combined with relevant Scripture verses on the topics of peace, calm, and perspective. This book is part of a three-book series for teens, each focusing on a felt need. The other two books in the series focus on themes of thankfulness and growing in faith. These books are great for an individual study and make a great set for gift giving. Readers around the world already love how Sarah's words help them connect with Jesus. Now the new Jesus Calling® topical devotionals offer a way to focus even more deeply on the major felt need

Review and Giveaway "God I know You're There"

About the Book: Where is God? Is He real? Look closely and you can see God's touch all over creation. Like the sun, God is warm. Like the stars, God is dazzling. Like the wind, God is all around, everywhere. God, I Know You're There, by bestselling author Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrator Lucy Fleming, reminds children of the nearness and goodness of God. Children will discover that God never leaves their side, even if they can’t see or feel Him. Each page will help children understand the many things in the world we can't see, touch, or hear are just as real as God is. And even if God feels distant, He is real and He is near. My Review: This adorable board book is filled with bright pictures to capture everyone's attention and pull on heartstrings.  My kids agree that the artwork is absolutely stunning and fun!    Each page in this book brings up a new topic of things we can't see or touch like wind, sun, sky, clouds, moon, stars, rainbow, thund